10 Things a Virgo man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Virgo man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


What is the ideal woman for a Virgo man? What are the qualities a Virgo man likes in a woman? What personality traits of a woman will make him fall in love and which ones will make him go away? What characteristics of a female does a Virgo man admire and which ones does he hate? If you have these questions in mind and want to understand his personality and his expectations, here is a list of 10 things that a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

1. Comfort

The most important trait that a Virgo man is always looking out for in a woman is her ability to love him for who he is. The Virgo man is usually insecure about his body. Being a not so sexual sign, he fears being judged and shamed. To him, the idea of sex is scary unless he has perfect trust in who he is with. In a Taurus female, he find the partner who relaxes him, takes time to connect emotionally and then make love in a way that satisfies them both physically and mentally.

2. Tolerance

The Virgo man cannot stand being tied down and forced to develop some love for something that he absolutely detests. A complete acceptance of his free will and individuality is what he expects from a woman in his life. Being a Fixed Earth sign, the Virgo man has a hard time in trying to adapt himself to changes around him. He is quite rigid with his plans and his beliefs. It impresses him when a female is able to understand his point of view and tactfully make him see the other side of things that he may be missing. This is where a Gemini woman shines in a Virgo man’s life. Even though they have varying communication styles, the Gemini woman are tactful at fitting into different shoes at ease to resolve differences and maintaining harmony.

3. Mutual learning

The Virgo man is an intellectual and a perfectionist of the first order. He wants to be able to explore the endless possibilities that exist on this planet and indulge in all the magic that fuels their quest for knowledge. The Pisces woman is the perfect- co-traveller who shows him a world that lies beyond his reason. His critical nature can be a bit too much to handle but it also shows the Pisces woman a way to make her vision a reality. The Pisces woman, on the other hand, teaches him the importance of belief before reality.

4. Intellect

Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgo men are supremely intelligent. They are on a quest for knowledge. But he is far from being talkative like the sign of Gemini which is ruled by the same planet. In a Scorpio woman, he finds the interest to understand, analyse and respond in the same language. She listens even when he is not speaking and that is a trait which he adores thoroughly about her. When times are harder and there seems no solution, they have a beautiful capacity to adapt and emerge out with the most unique solutions for each other.

5. Reliability

The Virgo man wants a reliable partner in his life. Someone who can make informed decisions without much chaos will be his ultimate choice when he decides to settle down. The Capricorn woman gives him the perfect shoulder to lean on. Both the earth signs share unshakeable values and belief systems which makes them quite decisive and steadfast. Though a mutable sign himself, the Virgo man prefers a woman with a grounded character who is firm, inspires him and is faithful for life.

6. Impatience

The Virgo man is critical. A true perfectionist who will assess and analyse and then make a move. He likes his partner to be patient and make safer choices. To a Virgo man, recklessness is a red flag. The Aries woman comes across as aggressive which to him makes her unappealing. Very shy when it comes to sexual intimacy, the Virgo man needs to feel safe, have enough mental stimulation and longer hours of foreplay to enjoy sex. The Aries and Aquarius woman might dive right in, appear restless, trying to finish off and switch over to another task.

7. Excessive attention

The Virgo man loses confidence in someone who behaves high and mighty like the sun rises and sets on their shoulders. This brings up trust issues and makes them question the motives of the one they interact with. The dominant and royal Leo woman is a seeker of an ego booster in her life which the Virgo man will run away from. He doesn’t want to feed someone’s pride all the time at the cost of feeling insecure and less worthy.

8. Instability

Virgo men are intolerant of those whose words and actions fail to match. It is difficult for them to understand why people can’t arrive at a concrete decision and stick by it. There is no couple like the Virgo male and the Libra female that suffers from an emotional discord due to polar opposite communication styles. This leads to build- up of frustrations that bursts out without a warning to the point of no-return.

9. Irrational Attitude

The Virgo man is highly methodical and objective. He likes to make decisions that have a rational backing. There should be a planned flow to whatever the Virgo man takes up. It is the voice of reason which the Virgo man adheres to, the sign where Venus falls. This is in sharp contrast to how the Libra woman operates, being ruled by the planet Venus. A major discord builds up over time when sadness accumulates and sours the relationship. The highly emotional Cancer sign also scares the Virgo male, the latter having a hard time understanding how practicality can ever take a back seat in someone’s life.

10. Lack of depth

Though Virgo is a sign that looks for a rational explanation to everything that strikes their curiosity, they do have deep- seated emotions that they are willing to show to a partner who takes a sincere interest. The flighty Sagittarius who seldom suffers from emotional attachments acts carefree and aloof. The Virgo man dislikes an uncaring attitude and lack of depth on the part of the Sagittarius female. While the Sagittarius woman is actively pursuing her passions and her long- term vision, the Virgo man may feel left out and unappreciated in the process.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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