When a Virgo Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Virgo Man Wants to Marry You!


The icy cold and sarcastic Virgo man might not seem like the ideal lover. But only a woman who has been in love with him knows the secrets he buried inside him. Just watch him flirt with a woman for 10 minutes and you’ll see how smooth he is. But his natural affinity to flirting doesn’t get in the way of his loyalty. Because once a Virgo man commits, he stands firmly by his wife. It isn’t always easy to be married to a man who cannot stop finding faults. But once you let him have that one, you will have the most reliable partner one can find.

So, has your Virgo man proposed to you? Or would you like him to do it soon? No matter your needs, here is all you need to know about marrying a Virgo man and, as usual, a few personal tips to guide you when a Virgo man wants to marry you!

How do you know when a Virgo man is in love?

Because he flirts so often, it can be difficult to trust him when he says he loves you. To help clear your confusion, here are some signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you.

Only you know his sweet and tender side. The Virgo man is like a chameleon. Around everyone else, he's this chill, often sarcastic, outgoing guy. But when he's alone with his lady love, he is someone else and behaves in a very different way. He's this charming, almost-poetic lover who knows all the right things to say. If you ever wondered why his girlfriends bear him, this is the reason.

He opens up to you. This personality trait is true for all men in love. But with the Virgo man, it's different. As one Virgo guy once told me, "Everyone in my life is at different levels of priority. The woman I love can have the same priority I give myself. But no one is above me." So, if he opens up to you, he has brought you to that level. This also brings us to the third point.

He asks for your advice and helps in all matters. Very rarely does a Virgo man thinks of someone as worthy enough to care for their opinion. But someone standing on the same level as he gets that honour.

He doesn’t criticise you that much or at all. If there’s one thing that’s common to all people born under the Virgo zodiac sign across the board, it is their uncontrollable desire to criticise everyone. But if he’s in love with you, he already thinks that you are perfect. So, very rarely would he have a word or two to say against you.

He insists on being a part of your life. If you know a Virgo male, you know that he couldn’t care less about someone else’s personal life. Unless he has Gemini Moon or Ascendant. But if he insists that you text him every day with details of your entire day’s activities, know that he loves you.

Virgo man in marriage: Is he a good husband?

When a Virgo decides to get married, he wants it all done right.

So, a typical Virgo household is very traditional. He is usually the breadwinner. They only entertain as many guests as are necessary. There is a strong discipline around the household. Everything always looks perfect because he cannot stand it otherwise.

However, it takes one special woman to make him decide to get married. Usually, the Virgo man chooses to pass domestic life. The symbol of this zodiac sign is the Virgin Maid. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they believe it to be the natural order of things.

You will have to work extra hard to keep the romance alive. Once the domestic life begins the Virgo husband forgets the passion he once had. He won’t be the one to initiate the same advances he used to earlier. So, to prevent your marriage from stagnating you will have to pick up the mantel.

He loves to find faults. This is just how the Virgo zodiac sign is as a whole. They love criticising everything around them. Their intention isn't to be mean but it can be really difficult to bear it. However, you will be responsible for keeping this marriage together.

If he’s unhappy in the marriage, there will be infidelity. If you don’t want to be shackled to a man whose loyalty depends on the situation, then think twice before you say yes!

How to get a Virgo man to marry you?

If you are sure that this is the man you want to marry, then good for you. The pros always outweigh the cons when it comes to the Virgo men. Is he not moving fast enough for you? Then there are some tricks to get him to think of marriage fast.

Be his soulmate. This man will only settle for his soulmate and nothing else. You need to know everything that he looks for in a woman and be her. Convince him that no other woman will ever be able to make him as happy as you do.

Show your traditional feminine side to him. The woman of today is breaking out of their traditional stereotypes. He’s not looking for a daily soap stereotype wife either. But he needs to know that you can take care of a household. Fix a good meal. And take care of the family.

Modesty and integrity are very important. He might come across as a playboy. But the truth is that he is a conservative at heart. He will never be able to respect a woman who is ready to jump into the bed. So, don’t feel pressured and move at your own pace when it comes to physical relations.

Ask his views on marriage. Get him to talk about it. See what he feels. Try to change his mind if he’s diametrically opposite to you. But don’t let it turn into an argument. That will most certainly put him off.

Make it sound easy and desirable. One of the reasons why he doesn't want to get married is because it feels so scary. Your job becomes making it sound exciting and fun. Take some pressure off a spectacular proposal off of his shoulders.

When will the Virgo man propose?

You will know when he’s ready to propose when it looks like he is ready to commit. But how do you know that? Here are some common characteristics to Virgo men to look out for which will help.

You have become a priority to him. The Virgo man runs everything by his lady love. He will make you a part of everything in his life. Is he already taking decisions taking their effect on you into consideration? That is a Virgo male ready to commit.

He’s making future plans and you are a part of them. The Virgo man likes to plan in advance. But those are the plans for an individual. When he starts taking his lady love into consideration you know he's in it for the long haul. Does he often ask for your opinions on a matter concerning his future? That's a sign.

He introduces you to his family. He’s a conservative traditionalist, remember? So, obviously, he would never walk down the aisle with someone his family doesn't approve of. If you have met them and are well-liked, the proposal won't be far.


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