How to Know if a Virgo Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Virgo Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


The Virgo man is usually a very reliable and honest person in relationships.

If you notice a Virgo man being flaky and deceitful, it means he is not yet to find his special person and does not wish to settle.

How to know if a Virgo man is playing you or using you?

How to tell if he is not interested in a serious relationship? How does he behave when he is really in love and how does he act when he is not into someone?

Here are 10 clear signs the Virgo man you like is playing mind games with you:

1. Virgos give the silent treatment

If your Virgo man ignores you, is getting cold and distant, it may be a sign that he has lost interest in the relationship and doesn't like you anymore as he used to.

He is the kind of man who does not let out his feelings, fearing that you might start building hopes and put pressure on him.

As he is prone to pessimism, he does build resentment at heart, which may cause suffering and frustration.

2. He is blunt about what he wants

The Virgo man is usually the no nonsense person you will ever meet.

He is honest and straightforward.

He values his time and rather than going round the bush, he tells you clearly that all he is looking for is "good company".

That is nothing more that he can or will promise to you.

3. He demands more space

Does your Virgo man demand alone time?

Does he crave for his comfort zone and refuses to let you in?

This means that he keeps you at a distance and refuses to make you a part of his private life.

4. He keeps you a secret

He stops engaging in activities with you.

He is only around when he needs your help.

He meets you at odd hours as per his convenience and expects you to follow his routine.

He gets controlling because your company benefits him but he doesn't make an effort to claim you publicly.

If that's the case, you should seriously have doubts about his engagement in the relationship.

5. He is excessively critical of you

Does your Virgo man start picking too many faults?

Does he micromanage all that you do?

This is a clear sign he is basically exploiting your niceness of surrendering to him and failing to stand up for yourself.

Rather than helping you, he makes you look unworthy.

6. He gives you mixed signals

The Virgo guy knows what he wants and don't be fooled to think he is confused.

He is the smartest in the room but won't make a loud show of it.

So, he throws questions at you and puts you through mind games to judge your eligibility as his potential mate.

7. He does not plan a future together

He doesn't dream of a family with you and withholds those discussions.

He is not serious about you.

This is evident from his uncaring attitude and stubbornness to keep you as an option.

Virgo men are meticulous planners and if you find them being casual, you are definitely being used.

8. He reaches out only for sex

The men born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are curious and they would do anything to achieve perfection in their skills.

If your Virgo guy is all over you during the intimate moments and acts mean or disinterested outside the private space, it's a sign he is not truly in love and does not have the right intentions for you.

9. He does not make you feel special

When a Virgo man has fallen for a woman, he would buy her gifts or send her thoughtful presents.

He is a provider and makes small but consistent efforts to prove it.

However, if your Virgo guy has never showered you with little acts of kindness, it's a red flag.

10. He hasn't introduced you to his friends and family

Virgo men are dependable and family-oriented.

When he is serious about a girl, he will ensure that his friends and family know about her.

If he has never spoken about them or refuses to let you anywhere close to them, it's an obvious sign he is not really into you.

How to know if a Virgo man is lying?

The Virgo man is a smart manipulator.

He has his way with words wihtout being not too cheesy or flattering.

If he decides to lie and get away with his dark side, he will start building more details in the stories that he talks about thinking he'll make it bullet proof.

However, the eye for details makes him miss out on feasibility of the in for action that he shares and gets caught.

Also, if he gets emotional one fine day and makes desperate attempts for you to believe him, he is trying to hide something from you, as an honest Virgo is generally calm, silent and takes pride in being outright sincere and unambiguous.

He does not use emotions as his shelter to drive home what he believes in.

Do Virgo guys hide their feelings?

Virgo guys are quite adept at hiding their feelings because they struggle to emote and understand someone else's less rational outlook towards life.

They are too occupied processing a plethora of information that they cram their heads with.

Virgos can easily show a lack of concern or discomfort dealing with the intangible.

It's rare for a Virgo male to open up and confide in someone with their darkest secrets unless their trust is won and the other person's worth proven.

So, they are capable of accumulating their true emotions for the longest.

What are the signs that a Virgo man is testing you?

A Virgo man tests someone by posing rhetoric questions.

They verbally trap people in a dilemma in order to observe the responses or reactions.

The Virgo male is a keen observer and often tries to decode body language to judge a person.

Virgo men will test your reciprocity to their actions and in case you fail, they will ensure you have a hard time facing their criticisms and hurtful attacks.


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Maria Alifa


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