Virgo Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality

Virgo Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality


I hear a lot of people around me saying they don’t believe in zodiac signs. What they essentially mean is that they don’t believe that zodiac signs have anything to do with our personalities. The most common reason for this disbelief? “We are nothing like what our sun signs are supposed to be”. It’s amazing how easily humans lose faith without even researching something properly. If you are one of those people who don’t feel connected to their sun sign, here is an article that might help explain why you feel more like the Virgo zodiac sign and not like your sun sign.

This is all you need to know about the Virgo Rising Sign and the influence of this ascendant on personality!

What is Ascendant or the Rising Sign?

The natal chart of all human beings is made up of the influence of the various astrological signs when you are born. Your zodiac sign is the sign which is in the House of the Sun at the time of your birth. The Ascendant is the sign that was ascending over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. However, it keeps changing every two hours, which makes the Ascendant sign very sensitive to the time of birth.

Equally important is the fact that the Ascendant sign can sometimes influence our personalities more than the sun sign does. Which is why when trying to understand your personality, the Ascendant sign is as important as the sun sign.

The physical appearance of the Virgo male and female

The easiest way to identify a Virgo man or a Virgo woman is through their eyes. They have the most tranquil eyes. Even in the midst of a problem, they have a wise look about them. It’s the look of someone who is searching for a solution. They have a calming gaze that can put anyone to ease. Which is why despite most of them being introverts, a lot of people share their secrets with them.

They might not be the most robust looking people, but they have a strong built. Virgos aren't very tall either. Most of them are of medium height. Yet, there is something about their personality that commands respect.

They can be very attractive. With soft features, impeccable dressing tastes and a natural air of grace and wisdom makes them very attractive. Much like a Mr Darcy or a Gilbert Blythe. If you think I’m overselling it, but think of that shy girl in your class. That pretty one. Who barely spoke to anyone? But who everyone had a crush on? Yeah, that one. She was a Virgo.

Personality and characteristics of the Virgo

Do you have a difficult time letting things go? Are you always worried about something or the other? Do your loved ones tell you, you need to chill a little? There’s nothing wrong with you. You just have a Virgo personality.

Worrying is the one common characteristic across this zodiac. But Virgo isn't your sun sign, right? Well, it might be your ascendant or rising sign. Still not convinced? I would be surprised if you could be so easy. Let's look at more Virgo characteristics then.

One thing that stands out with them is their love for criticism. Well, it would be unfair to state it like that. It is more their desire for everything to be perfect. They can’t keep their opinion to themselves. Especially when they don’t agree with something or someone.

People with Virgo rising sign tend to be purposeful and determined. Their strong bend towards perfection seeps into their own conscious too. Which is why they tend to be very focused on getting what they want.

Those people whose Virgo rising sign is more powerful than the sun sign can come across as cold or rude. It’s just that they can be a little too sure of themselves. Which not everyone reads as a strength.

The Virgo Ascendant Woman

Maybe you feel very against the nature of your sun sign. If not like the fiery passions of a fire sign. You should at least have the flexibility of a water sign, right?

Instead, you have the shy introvert nature of an earth sign. That’s maybe because your Virgo rising sign is more influential. Paired perfectly, this is the best match one can ask for. Paired poorly, and you get a stubborn, bull-headed woman.

Their surety in their beliefs can make them a little difficult too. They don’t easily accept their mistakes. And always believe that the best way to get things done is by following the instructions set by them. They are especially pushy if you are a loved one.

The Virgo Rising sign woman is an excellent caregiver. Her kids have not looked after. Her family depends on her for everything. She might fall short on her chores. But she never falls short on always being there for her loved ones.

They absolutely hate lies and secrecy. A Virgo female is known by her hatred of lies. Nothing can hurt a relationship with her more than dishonesty.

The Virgo Ascendant Man

If you want to be successful in life, you better hope for a Virgo rising sign.

The men of this rising sign have a strong love for duty. Their work is the most sacred thing to them in the world. And not being able to perform to their fullest is their worst nightmare. This coupled with their love for their family.

Virgo rising men tend to be the most devoted family men. Theirs isn’t the kind of love that Shakespeare wrote about. But theirs is the kind of love that we all need. Strong, consistent, and dependable.

But romance isn’t their cup of tea. They can’t do big romantic gestures like we are told to believe in. They won’t promise the moon and stars to you. But they will start saving now for the big house you want to live in.

Not only do they not do grand demonstrations of their love, but they are also scared of it. You bring that much complexity into his life, and he will run away from you. So, yeah, if a fairy tale romance is your idea of happiness, then he isn’t the man for you. But if you need a man whom you can depend on. You need not look farther.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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