What is Virgo's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?

What is Virgo's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?


Ever wondered how a collection of stars can have so much influence on us? I completely understand why astrology can be hard for some people to believe in. After all, if someone told me that some rocks and balls of gas light years away from me dictated who I am, I wouldn't believe it either. But stars are not all that zodiac signs are about. The celestial bodies, closer to home, have a much stronger impact on us. The planets that we grew up memorizing are the ones who dictate our zodiac signs to have the influence that they do. All of this might seem like a stretch to the Virgo reading this. And I'm sure you have donned the hat of a critic. But how about I tell you about your ruling planet and let you take it from there? Here's all about what is Virgo's ruling planet and its meaning in astrology!

What is a ruling planet?

Like I said earlier, it might make more sense that the celestial bodies closer to home have a stronger influence on us. And that is how it is. It is the cosmic power of the planets around the earth that influence most of our zodiac signs. A ruling planet is a planet that impacts the nature of a zodiac sign. A zodiac sign is a constellation which is influenced by a planet from our solar system. So, essentially, the ruling planet is the mentor of the zodiac signs.

One might ask what does Mercury in Virgo mean? It means that this planet imbues the zodiac sign with characters and qualities which are then imprinted onto humans born under those signs. Every zodiac sign is governed by a planet that dictates its most prominent features. And in doing so, it dictates who we become. So, if you are a Virgo, whether male or female, here’s how your ruling planet shapes your personality.

What planet is Virgo ruled by?

Virgo shares its ruling planet with the zodiac sign Gemini. Both these zodiac signs are ruled by Mercury, the Roman Messenger God. But beware before you side-line Mercury as simply a messenger. In this God's hands was a great power, capable of ruining and building the world as we know it.

Mercury, or Hermes, as he was called in Greek mythology, is also the God of commerce. The speed of his winged feet allowed him to mediate trade and messages between gods and mortals. Moreover, Mercury is often recognized as the shrewdest of all Gods, who often used his wit and cunning to great advantage. But often, also used it to pull pranks on the unsuspecting and to derive personal benefit by exploiting sourness amongst the Gods.

What does it mean to be ruled by Mercury?

The influence it has over its zodiac sign isn’t that of cunning and trickery. It imbues the people born under its zodiac with subtle diplomacy. Virgos tend to support the ideas and morals that are purported by the masses. This allows them to blend with the crowd and get the job done.

Mercury also makes it possible for Virgos to be adaptable. Given how critical the people of this zodiac tend to be, it would be impossible for them to get along with anyone. But that is not the case. The Virgos that I have met are some of the most popular people in their social circles. All of this is because of the flexible nature that Mercury bestows upon them.

Virgo men and women are some of the most efficient people. My mother is a Virgo, and I am yet to meet another human being as efficient as her. The reason for this is that Mercury has blessed her with the ability to make the most of her resources. Both in terms of the physical resources available, and her abilities.

It is Mercury’s influence that makes the Virgos depend more on intellect than instinct. And why wouldn't it? After all, Mercury is the smartest of all Gods. Mercury is widely known as a trickster. Which might make you wonder if it influences Virgos to be menacing? But think of who else we associate pulling pranks with? Kids.

What Mercury’s trickster behavior gives the Virgo is a child-like enthusiasm and innocence. This combined with the Virgin sign of this zodiac gives them their characteristic freshness. Their cheerful and youthful nature that makes it so easy to trust them. Virgo is probably the only sign that takes all the positives of its ruling planets.

Why is Virgo ruled by Mercury?

So, why does Mercury rule Virgo and Gemini? This starts back when only 6 planets were known to astrologers.

The assignment of ruling planets was based on the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. Consequently, two zodiac signs were assigned the same rulers. Before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all planets shared their rulers with one other. However, a few planets still share a common ruler, like Gemini and Virgo.

It is believed that Mercury imbibes one part of its personality in Gemini and the other in Virgo. In Geminis, the influence of the trickster can be heavily seen. The duality of Gemini has to do with this to a large extent. In Virgos, you see the importance given to intellect. The value of wisdom and higher learning.

Mercury’s retrograde is felt most intensely by the zodiacs it rules. Which us another reason why Virgo is associated with Mercury.

What element sign is Virgo?

Virgo’s element and planet are a great influence on their overall effect.

Virgo is an Earth sign, a group it shares with Capricorn and Taurus. The earth element provides its zodiac signs with tangible qualities. Qualities that they can use towards positive progress.

Earth gives its zodiac signs stability and strength. This allows them to be some of the most balanced people. It also provides them with the ability to work hard.

Virgos derive their emotional strength from Earth. They can maintain the relationships in their life because of this quality. Virgos are known for their ability to create the perfect balance between work and personal life.

Earth represents growth, new beginnings, fertility, and compassion. All the things that affect its zodiacs in one way or the other. The Virgin associated with Virgo is a representation of freshness. And the Virgo's compassion is a consequence of their earth element.


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