Virgo Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Virgo Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


The charming Virgo woman is full of surprises when someone wins her heart and seduces her mind. Great sex to a Virgo woman lies in the details and she will obsessively seek to please her mate untiringly. What does a Virgo woman like and dislike in bed? How to arouse a Virgo woman and please her sexually? Which Zodiac signs are Virgo women attracted to? Why are Virgos so good in bed?

Here is what you need to know about Virgo woman's sexuality, how to please her in bed and what it's like to have sex her as per astrology:

Virgo woman sexuality traits

Virgo is a logical sign that is intellectual and systematic which makes her attractive and desirable. She craves for stability and dependability to express her kinks. They are delicate and have extremely refined taste, hard to satisfy. The Virgo woman is sweet, innocent and charming and has sensitive erogenous zones. She can be aroused easily by soft touches around her waistline and stomach. She knows her body well and could guide her mate impeccably to her pleasure spots. They hate being messy and unorganized as they value precision and impeccable skills.

Their self awareness is pretty high. They love keeping their knowledge to themselves without making a loud show of who they are or the treasure of information they possess. She will focus on the details and being an over achiever she needs to execute her sexual acts with as much skill as is the case with her professional sphere.

What does the Virgo woman like in bed?

One need not be stunned to find a Virgo woman preparing herself with details of sex positions or grooming herself before she gets naked with a man. A perfectionist through and through, she hates mediocrity and lack of drive. They are explorers of their partners body, making serious efforts to touch and follow their reactions to her moves and expressions. No wonder she could read everything available on the internet to make her partner satisfied. As communicative individuals, dirty talking and role plays will definitely find a top spot in her menu.

The women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign need a dependable partner to fall in love madly. They are slow to start and last quite long as they focus on the little details during the foreplay. Kisses are soft and gentle but methodical with Virgos as they focus on techniques more than the feels. They would invest massive time and effort to know their partners' likes and dislikes as pleasing them is first on their agenda. As compassionate souls, they are generous givers who derive real pleasure in making sexual experiences rich and memorable.

Virgo woman and Taurus man in bed

The Virgo woman is all about communications and being practical in every aspect of life, including sex as well. She is eager to learn and understand the needs of the Taurus man who is passionate, intense and blows her mind with his stamina. Being earthy signs they are both sensitive to touches. If Virgo opens up and learns to be flexible, this is surely the best sexual partner she could ask for.

Virgo woman and Virgo man in bed

Virgos need to have all of their criteria met before they hop into a sexual encounter. They could be particular about the lights, the sheets, how the place smells, the colors they sight and everything that could go unnoticed by anybody else. But with a fellow Virgo mate, sex us tender, giving, sensual and satisfying as they can communicate their needs perfectly without resistance or lack of cooperation in bed.

Virgo woman and Capricorn man in bed

These Zodiac signs are naturally attracted to each other as they share a similar thought process and can cope with expectations. The sweet and shy Virgo can open up to the Capricorn man who wins her trust with his sincerity and dependability. In him she finds a genuine man who she can trust with her body. So, surrendering in the bedroom to the charged Capricorn man's needs becomes an easy affair.

Virgo woman and Leo man in bed

Virgos pay attention to their partners. This is what a Playful and creative Leo man asks for from his partner. He enjoys new experiments and she would be willing to perfect ever sex position to make the act lively and interesting. What the Virgo woman should withhold doing is refusal to open up emotionally as the Leo man thrives on passion and values emotions to derive immense satisfaction through his partner.

Virgo woman and Sagittarius man in bed

Deep chemistry and intimacy is what could be lacking in this couple. As Sagittarius tends to focus on the fun aspect of sex, Virgo may be uptight and cautious before she decides to engage sexually. His wildness and free-spirited nature could scare her away. However, a short-term purely sexual affair would not be disappointing between these signs.

Virgo woman and Gemini man in bed

A deep intellectual bond is what blossoms into a sexual relationship between a Virgo woman and a Gemini man. The witty chats they engage in draws them closer as they start to work on their strengths inside the bedroom for a fulfilling pleasurable experience. If they go beyond their superficial practicality and loosen up between the sheets, they would enjoy their sex life with each other.

Virgo woman and Scorpio man in bed

Two secretive signs who observe and indulge share the dirtiest desires to make sex life vibrant. The Virgo woman admires the passion and intensity in the Scorpio man while the latter appreciates her loyalty and devotion to her commitments. The mysterious nature of the Scorpio man will draw in the Virgo woman whose logical mind craves the thrill. The Virgo female stabilizes his consuming need for the dark and is ready to surrender to the power seeking Scorpio male.


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