10 Things a Virgo Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Virgo Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


The ambitious and witty Virgo woman is reserved and uptight in the matters of the heart. She will exercise extra care while choosing a romantic partner because to her, love is a promise of a lifetime. What does a Virgo woman look for in a man? What qualities does she like and what personality traits attract her? What can make her fall in love? What is her ideal partner?

If you are trying to woo a Virgo woman, here is all you need to know about her likes and dislikes in a man!

1. A man who makes her feel desirable

The Virgo woman is shy. Her mind is constantly at work trying to work things to perfection. Where Venus is at a fall, this is a sign that's disconnected with its sexuality, at least on the face of it. Her obsession with practicality leaves no room for the light-hearted matters of life. So, when she comes across someone who makes her feel beautiful, tells her all that makes her attractive, yearns for her body and introduces her to the whole new world of sexual ecstasy and undaunted acts of lovemaking, she'll be delighted in his company. That's what a Virgo woman wants in a man.

2. A guy who takes it slow

She trusts a man who loves to dive deep and makes time to understand her way of looking at life. She is critical of those who execute plans in haste. She fears being let down when she is being rushed in a relationship. She needs respect from a connection or being alone would be her chosen goal. The Virgo woman may appear quite stiff initially. So, unless she comes across a man who is willing to invest in her beyond pure sexual intimacy, she would maintain a safe distance.

3. One who is responsible

Earth signs are known for their seriousness towards life. They are passionate about work and their future goals. Work means so much to them that they would barely have enough time for leisure and fun. When in love, the Virgo woman expects a mature and reliable man to share a future with. Any hint of confusion, casual behavior, shadiness or indecisiveness will make her all jittery and dissatisfied with the idea of a relationship.

4. Someone who communicates his emotions

The seemingly calm Virgo woman has a hyper-active mind that is constantly at work. Her sense of responsibility is so acute that she'll virtually beat herself down when she fails or falls short of expectations. She suffers from discord with her emotions. She is struggling to understand and emote what she truly wants from a partner. So, someone who fills this lacuna, is willing to understand her silence or decipher love in her actions will win over her.

5. A man who strives to ease her life

She'll take upon herself the burden of the world even when it's not required. She is overworked and exhausted even when she makes it look otherwise. She is a treasure inside even though she projects an uninteresting persona to people around her. Her logic and practicality may seem dull and boring to most. So, she would appreciate a man who can relate to her ideas and ethics. She is looking for an intelligent mate who has the ability to decipher her layers, appreciate her skills and offers her a firm shoulder to share her burdens with.

6. One who takes her for granted

While she keeps a count of every penny she makes, it's only in fear of the difficult times ahead. She is resourceful like all other earth signs. So, she would never be a frivolous spender. She wants to take care of the people she loves. She will give it her all once she has found her ideal match. However, she would hate being neglected, disrespected or abused in any manner. She expects far too much from a romantic relationship but she is willing to give up on her strictness for someone who values her and appreciates the littlest efforts she makes to maintain peace and harmony.

7. A man who decides on impulse

The woman born under the Virgo Zodiac sign is turned off by impulsive behavior. It is difficult for a Virgo female to desire any real satisfaction in the company of a man who acts on instinct. She'll avoid risks and never truly understand what it means to live life on the edge. Any recklessness makes her lose faith and drives her down the judgemental hole. She is very critical of men who fail to stick to routines or finish what they initiated. Change and spontaneity might even drive her crazy for they take away her control. She is firm and resolute. So, when she comes across a man who seems like chaos itself, she'll have a hard time adjusting to such a mess.

8. One who lacks organization

She is a maniac for orderliness. She wants to have things around her tidy and clean. She is borderline obsessed about structure and duty. While she could go overboard with this trait, it's an unchangeable aspect of her life when she expects to be respected. Someone whose energy is scattered, who executes all activities haphazardly and fails to stick to his plans will leave her feeling unsettled and doubtful about any meaningful progression of the relationship.

9. One who is all talk and no work

If a man is all about a crude display of his assets and shallow inside, she'll run in the opposite direction. She hates those who chat endlessly just for the sake of it and fail to materialize anything they promise. She is action-oriented. Unless she meets a man who works hard, earns his bread the right way and makes strides to leave a legacy she'll barely be impressed. Sweet talks and a fake aura does not blind a woman like her. She is always on the lookout for a typical husband-material. So, cheap tricks and cheesiness that's just eyewash will never woo her.

10. A man who fails to promise her a future

She wants a relationship that's far from a part-time affair. She takes life seriously. So, there's barely any time for play. She fears being let down and heart broken. She'll critically evaluate everything about a man before she makes a solid commitment. If someone seeks a one-night stand, she should be the last person on the list. She is guilt-conscious. She expects no ambiguity about tomorrow. She'll be concerned about her image in public. So, she would either be seen with someone who wants to build a family with her or be a maiden her whole life.


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