Why are Scorpios so...? 10 Questions answered!

Why are Scorpios so...? 10 Questions answered!


No one can say with 100% certainty that they know the Scorpios full well. Don’t feel bad about it. Even the Scorpio men and women don’t know their own selves well. Still, ever so often lovers and friends of the Scorpio males and females come to me with questions about their mysterious friends. So, I thought to myself, why not bring all of your frequently asked questions about Scorpio under one roof? The result of that thought is this article. I bring to you Why are Scorpios so...? 10 Questions answered!

1. Why are Scorpios so sensitive?

If you are still wondering, “Are Scorpio sensitive?”, this part will clear things. The sensitivity in Scorpio natives can be attributed to their elemental sign: water. Just as ripples appear in the water at the gentlest touch, so are the Scorpio's emotions. You must have heard that Scorpios are passionate. This is true for all aspects of their life. They feel as passionately as they thrive to succeed. Their feelings and emotions are so deep that even they don’t realize its depth. This makes them react to situations where they can’t make sense of their emotions. What’s different about the Scorpio Zodiac sign from other water signs is their processing. While the Cancer internalizes and Pisces rationalizes. The Scorpio reacts. Violently.

2. Why are Scorpios so cute, attractive and magnetic?

What makes Scorpios attractive? I think there is reverse psychology that comes into play here. It is their aggression that makes them so irresistible. The fact that they are control freaks gives them a unique magnetism. And no one can deny that the personality of a Scorpio is really sexy. The intensity and passion with which they live their life are magnetic. Scorpios are skilled lovers. So, when they know that they have to be cute to attract someone, they will be. Remember that, according to many astrologists, Scorpio is the most powerful Zodiac sign. This means that they are really good at manipulation. Being attracted to a Scorpio man or woman is the same as being attracted to adventure sports. It is the thrill that makes you want to keep going. Even though you are aware of the dangers.

3. Why are Scorpios so secretive?

It is difficult to fathom that someone so strong can be so weak. Confused? So is the Scorpio. Do Scorpios hide their feelings? Yes, that is what makes them so secretive. Because they are afraid. But what are Scorpios afraid of? Scorpios are afraid of being hurt. They have a fear of trusting someone so much that they won't be able to recover from treachery. So, they build walls around their heart. If they don't let anyone in, they can't be hurt. Their fear isn't just a matter of the heart but of intellect too. They fear being outwitted and outmaneuvered. Which is why your Scorpio colleagues will mostly operate mysteriously.

4. Why are Scorpios so hot and intense?

Two words to answer this are passion and commitment. This again is something that can be attributed to their element, water. All water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are extremely passionate. Be it in love or life. Why you find that hot and intense is because these are attractive qualities. These are the characteristics that make Mr Darcy, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Christian Grey and even Tom Riddle (a.k.a. Lord Voldemort), so sexy.

5. Why are Scorpios so jealous and possessive?

Everything about their personality is connected. It is their emotional insecurity that makes the jealous and possessive. The fear of being hurt makes them insecure. And their emotional sensitivity is what triggers the jealousy at the slightest push. This is also the reason why they don’t fall in love easily. Their ruthless ambition also makes them act this way. They have worked hard to build their relationship. If anything stands to threaten it, they can’t help but react violently towards it.

6. Why are Scorpios so vengeful?

You will not come across another Zodiac sign which is as vengeful as Scorpio. A Scorpio probably inspired Choderlos de Laclos to write, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. Scorpios are not good at letting go. If someone hurts them, what affects them more is not doing anything about it. And their first response is to take revenge. It is the shame that arises from being outsmarted that drives them. They believe that they are smart enough to see treachery from miles away. When they are unable to do that, they have to come up with a plan to establish their superiority. And they can get hurt by anything. A Scorpio acquaintance once got hurt because I gave our common friend a gift that she wanted to give.

7. Why are Scorpios so angry and so mean?

This is a two-part answer. First of all, most of the time, Scorpios appear angry and mean when actually they are not. It is their intensity and passion that gives the impression that they are angry. When in reality they just want to get the job done. It is never their intention to intimidate those around them. The second reason is that they can't suffer stupidity or substandard efforts. It angers them when people don't apply logic where it is necessary and obvious. Another situation is when people around them don't seem to be taking things seriously. Scorpios are known to be hard taskmasters. And they aren't leaders who can control their emotions.

8. Why are Scorpios so difficult?

Scorpios have all the abilities required to do well in life. What stops most of them is their inability to overcome their headstrong nature. It is this stubbornness that makes them so difficult. They have a never back down attitude. An attitude that they don’t let go off even when there is no benefit in continuing. Another issue is that Scorpio natives don’t have an open mind. Once they set their beliefs, they will not change them. This closes them up to a difference of opinion or taking an alternate course of action. Scorpios believe that they know what’s right. And when those around them disagree, the Scorpio males and females get angry.

9. Why are Scorpios misunderstood and hated?

There are several reasons for this. First of all, Scorpios don’t try to clear the air. If someone misunderstands them, Scorpios feel that it isn’t their problem. This starts a chain reaction where they come off as arrogant. And the hate cycle begins. Secondly, Scorpios are not the best at realizing their fault. When you don’t know that you are wrong, you will do something that ticks people off. This leads to the Scorpios not being liked. I can write an entire blog on this, but I will end this with one final point. Scorpios are intimidating. People don’t like to be scared or feel lesser than. Of course, they start hating the source of that feeling: the Scorpio.

10. Why are Scorpios attracted to Libras and Virgos?

The 10th most frequently asked question about Scorpios concerns their love life. Scorpios are the most compatible with Virgos and Libras. Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) are most compatible with Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Libra). So, naturally, Scorpios are the most compatible with Libras and Virgos. Water nourishes the earth, and so the water signs nourish the souls of the earth signs. Apart from being great intellectuals, both Libra and Virgo share the same ideals as the Scorpio Zodiac sign. This helps them understand one another. Which in turn helps them get along just fine. All three of these astrological signs believe that trust, honesty, and loyalty are the foundation of all relationships. These shared beliefs and expectations bring them together.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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