Why are Aries so Attractive?

Why are Aries so Attractive?


If you have an Aries friend, sibling or cousin, you are probably thinking who in the world would find them attractive? With all their quirks. Their short-tempers, tantrums, overly excited personality. Lack of filters when it comes to saying what's in their mind and stubbornness. You think you know everything there is to know about them. Which means that you probably haven't seen your Aries friend when she has set her eyes on a man. Or when your Aries cousin knows he is the most eligible bachelor at a party. Or on any other occasion when they have an audience to impress. Aries can be extremely charming and attractive. They are actually in the top 5 most attractive zodiac signs. What makes Aries so special and so unique?

Here are 5 chatacteristics and personality traits that explain why Aries are so attractive!

1. Aries are so pretty and so cute

It doesn't matter what their physical appearance is like, Aries natives will always be considered to be the prettiest and the cutest. That's the thing about babies, right? Unless you are a monster (too harsh?), you will always drool over how cute babies can be! And Aries are the babies of the zodiac cycle. The first sign with which the zodiac cycle begins. Their characteristics resemble those of an infant too. They always find a way to upstage everyone else in a room when it comes to being the cutest. For all their faults, you know that these cute Aries, whether male or female, can melt any heart.

2. Aries are so hot

Just because they are cute does not mean that they cannot tap into their sexy personas when they have too. Most Aries men and women are not known for their cuteness. They are known for their hotness. The thing is that Aries don't usually tap into their virile side much. That is reserved only for special occasions and select viewing. Also, because it is too much work. Any time you find an Aries man or woman who spends too much time on their appearance every day, know that their natal chart has some other sign with more influence. And they don't just look sexy. They act it too. No one can resist an Aries who is out to impress.

3. Aries are so sensitive

But beyond that exterior is a person that not everyone gets to see. People who meet the Aries for the first time come off with the impression that they are only concerned with what's on the surface. Those who try to know them more realize how kind the Aries native can be. Aries are the most sensitive and empathetic of all zodiac signs. Their child-like hearts can't bear to see someone else in sorrow. They know how susceptible they are to being hurt, which is why they try to act tough. But it is very easy to break through the Aries walls.

4. Aries are so smart

I have never met an Aries who would shy away from an intellectual conversation. Such is their love for knowledge and passion for learning. They are usually among the smartest kids in their class at school. They do really well in their careers as well. If it weren't for the fact that they get bored so easily, Aries would rule the world. Anyone who values a smart boyfriend/girlfriend would never turn their back to the Aries. The best thing about them is that they always retain their child-like wonder. So, they are always interested to learn new things. You will never find them too rigid about trying something new.

5. The Aries passion is so electrifying

The men and women born under the Aries Zodiac sign look at life with a wonder that is not shared by many. They understand how precious life is and try their best to live it to the fullest. They can easily get bored because there is just so much to do in life and they hate to spend all of their time on one thing. This is why they are always looking for new adventures. It is this love for life, this passion to live it to the fullest that captivates those around them. The people around them feel energized with their energy which is like a drug. The first try is enough to get addicted.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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