Why are Aries so Hot and so Good in Bed?

Why are Aries so Hot and so Good in Bed?


I am not saying this because I am one of them, but Aries are the complete package. I mean, have you ever come across someone who displays so many qualities, emotions and interests? One can never know the full extent of the personality of the Aries. They are just layers and layers of mystery. So, it's no surprise that they can be so hot, so sexy and so good in bed. But also so special and so rare. Aries live life to the fullest. Enjoying each moment with everything that they've got. But that is just part of why Aries are so physically attractive and seductive.

Here's a blog that sheds some light on what makes the Aries so hot and so good in bed!

Why are Aries so sexy, so pretty and so attractive?

For all the drawbacks in their personality, one would think that no one can ever like the Aries. Let alone think of them as hot. But the truth is that Aries, especially the beautiful Aries men, have a lot of admirers.

Their fiery nature attracts a lot of attention. Maybe its Hollywood, or literature, but we are a society that has grown to admire the fiery characters around us. There is just something so charming and sexually attractive about the passionate ones. The ones who don't stand bullshit. This also makes them courageous.

The Aries man or woman doesn't shy away from standing for what is right. An angry, young man with the courage to speak truth to power is everyone's fantasy. Back in the old days, an Aries woman would find it difficult to find herself a suitor. But now, a woman who knows herself and doesn't shy away from speaking her mind will turn on many men.

Despite all this, they have a cool aloofness about them. Which inspires those around them to live in the same plane as them. They are creatures of their own league. An elite league where not everyone is invited. Even those who hate this attitude of theirs are secretly jealous of it.

It can be very difficult to resist a good looking, flirty Aries male or female. Yes, Aries are flirty. And they are proud of it. After all, there are only a few people who can flirt as well as they can. An Aries, male or female, can charm the pants off of anyone.

Their attractive physical appearance only helps their overall hotness and sexyness. Aries women and men don't usually spend a lot of time getting ready. If you go to their house, you will always see them in pyjamas. But when its showtime, they will outshine everyone around them. Aries know how to dress to impress. Add to that their amazing personalities, and no wonder they can be so cute and so hot!

Why are Aries so good in bed?

There are a lot of aspects of the Aries sexuality that contributes to their performance in bed.

Aries natives have a fascination with lovemaking and they bring it to each encounter. Sex intrigues them. They don't look at it as a biological means to procreate. Or as something that simply satisfies their physical needs. To them, sex is mystifying and each time they find out something new about it.

They are the most virile of all Zodiac signs. Their ruler, the Roman god of war, Mars, is also the planet of action and physical desire. And because of that to the sex is largely about pursuit and conquest.

In bed, Aries are impetuous and inventive. They don't shy away from trying new things. In fact, they encourage it. They want to make each time better than the last. And so, sex with an Aries can never be boring. Now, Aries can be selfish about a lot of things, but sexual pleasure is not one of them.

They are as concerned about fulfilling their partner's sexual needs as they are about their own. This is probably the key reason why they are considered to be so good in bed. Sure, their favourite place to be is on top. You can't take that sense of conquest away from them. But a partner who lets them live their sexual fantasies, gets equally, if not doubly, rewarded. They hate to make anything too complicated.

Which is why they bring pure, raw passion to their lovemaking. Like I said earlier, to them, it isn't just about satisfying their urge. It is about exploring something majestic. They bring an innocent passion to the bed which ensnares whomever they share it with.

Who is Aries sexually compatible with?

But despite all the amazing things they are, Aries don't get the same level of satisfaction with everyone. In fact, they are likely to walk out of a sexually unfulfilling relationship. But where there is real love, the Aries will never complain. So, who are the zodiac signs that Aries is sexually compatible with?

Much like the matters of the heart, Aries has the strongest sexual compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius. These fire signs fuel each other's desires and excites one another with the prospect of what's to come next. Leo's energy matches that of the Aries. And so, does their desire. Their sex drive is comparable. Toss in a little flattery and it makes for the most exotic experience that the two of them will ever have. Aries are naturally drawn to the aloof Sagittarius. Their mysterious, adventurous personality captivates them. They get along easily and if there is even an ounce of sexual tension, it won't take long for them to act on it.

Another surprisingly good sexual partner for the Aries is Libra. Being an air sign, Libra and Aries are drawn to each other. But when you see the two of them together you will see a couple of friends. Not lovers. Certainly not two people who would have sex with each other. But it is in the private moments that the sexual tension arises. In DMs or at the off chance that they find themselves alone somewhere. Libra is quite capable of giving Aries the erotic pleasure that they seek. They are perceptive of the Aries needs and desires and deliver at exactly the right time.

Unfortunately, there are a few signs that are generally not as sexually compatible with the Aries as others. Chief among them is Pisces. Just as water douses fire, so do this zodiac sign douses the Aries passion. They don't get along well enough in a romantic setting to pursue their sexual desires. Aries might have casual sex with Pisces, but it would never turn into something serious.


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