Why are Capricorns so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!

Why are Capricorns so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!


Saturn ruled Capricorns are generally serious and cold on the outside even though deep inside they do have feelings for the one they care about. But usually Capricorns are withdrawn and detached. So, what makes Capricorns pull away? Why is a Capricorn ignoring you? How do you know if Capricorn has lost interest? How to know if a Capricorn man is done with you? Why are Capricorns so cold and withdrawn?

If the Capricorn man or woman in your life seems difficult to handle and you're struggling to figure out what they truly want, here is what astrology reveals about their emotions. Here are a few facts you should know that explain why Capricorn are cold and emotionally closed off:

1. Capricorns fear the worst in life

The men and women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign have a negative mindset. They are quite pessimistic and have a hard time looking at the bright side of things right away. Because of their unfounded fears and apprehensions, Capricorns seem more rational than emotional. Often negativity clouds their judgment. So, even when they fall in love, they are more practical and action-oriented. They do care about their emotions but they have to fight off logic to figure out their feelings, which often gives them a hard time. Quite the negative thinkers, Capricorns often get so consumed in their dark thoughts that they self-sabotage and often get too hard on themselves.

2. Capricorns want to feel safe

Capricorns are consumed by the obsession to feel safe and secure. They cannot handle the idea of being taken advantage of or their hearts broken. Hence, you will often find a Capricorn male or female keeping their feelings to themselves as they don't want to break down the walls they have created to protect their heart. Being a mature sign, Capricorns are well aware of what life is like. This is why they tend to harden much sooner in life as the drudgery of life never leaves them. As Capricorns learn things the hard way, they give off an air of seriousness.

3. Capricorns do not emote well

The love language of a Capricorn man or woman is more practical than creative. They are amazing providers. So, they will help you with daily chores and run errands for you and ensure you have comfort despite the fact that they might need to do the dirty work to give you the best in life. They cannot structure their emotions well to eloquently speak about it. Hence, they brush off the feelings and dump more work on themselves to numb the pain of being hurt. Since Capricorn natives believe that material needs and sexual too should satisfy the wants in a relationship, they may often shy away from showing what they feel and hence appear cold and emotionally empty.

4. Capricorns don't sugarcoat things

Capricorns say it like it is. They will never go around the bush to soften the impact of their harsh words if you rub them the wrong way. What they say is exactly what they mean. So when a Capricorn male or female is hurt, they will speak without mincing their words. Since Capricorns are upfront about what's on their minds, it is easy for people to misunderstand them as rude and nonchalant.

5. Capricorns are serious about their goals in life

Capricorn men and women are super focused and disciplined about their life goals. They are the workaholics of the zodiac. They don't indulge in merry making jeopardizing their big plans about career and family. No matter how fun-loving they may seem on the outside, they are into dark humor and keep to themselves unless they are required to intervene. Capricorn likes to be a hermit and minds his own business. Their sincerity about work spills to other areas of their lives. Unless they consider a commitment truly worthy of their time and energy, they would keep to themselves and disregard their emotions.

6. Capricorns like routine and structure

Capricorn natives like order. They need stability in life. Hence, you'll seldom find a Capricorn making haphazard plans. They generally have many plans to support themselves so they aren't caught off-guard or need to go with the flow. They like to be in control of their lives, aware and at the top of their game. They draw their boundaries firmly and do not allow breach of the lines they draw for others. Unless they allow someone into their private space, they like to keep it as formal as they possibly can.

7. Capricorns care about their social reputation

Capricorns are serious about how their public image is. They wouldn't let themselves be taken for granted or ridiculed at any point of their lives. This makes them super guarded so they can avoid and prevent people from treating them casually. They exude a powerful reputation wherever they go. Since they build a tall wall to protect themselves from emotional drama, they are often perceived as unfriendly. They work very hard to earn a place in the world and often reach heights because of their perseverance, patience and dedication. Hence, they may often been thought to be distant and stone cold.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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