Why are Leos so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!

Why are Leos so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!


While Leos flaunt the bright side of their personalities the first time you meet them, they could be cold as ice if triggered or left unappreciated. So, what makes Leos so uncaring, fussy, and hard to love? What makes them so distant? Why are Leos so passive in love and what causes them to be so guarded in love?

If you are interested in a Leo or have been dating one for a while, here are a few traits and weaknesses you need to know about the Leo man's or woman's personality that explain why they are so cold:

1. Leos have an inflated ego

The King of the jungle, Leos have a sense of pride, ingrained so deep in them that they could never shrug it off. They like to believe that they are the number one and there is none in the world just like them. A huge ego drives them forward in life but also makes them appear unapproachable to many. In part, they like the feel of being supreme, one who chooses his company that's nothing short of best. This sense of royalty makes them quite picky about the company they keep. The exalted ego is both a blessing and a curse but Leos roll that way. You can't have them unless you truly deserve them. This is a primary reason why Leos appear cold-hearted and mean to most.

2. Leos will move on quickly

Leo natives strut with such confidence that they garner attention wherever they go. Sometimes, the desperation to be under the spotlight can drive them to do crazy, unfathomable stunts but it is what it is with this mighty zodiac sign. They couldn't care less about those who mock them or are critical of who they are as individuals so they draw boundaries for others. Just like the celestial bodies revolve around the sun, Leos too behave like the sun rises and sets on them. Let's say it's a coping mechanism to protect their tender heart but they'll burn bridges like they never walked across them. So, in all probability, a Leo will appear heartless and nonchalant, even if they don't mean to be that way.

3. Leos are selfish

Leos can often project an image that makes them look conceited. It's all about "I" around Leo men and women and there is nothing more or less. They could easily break ties and pretend like those emotions they displayed earlier never existed. So, they'll seem closed off and guarded unless they consider you a part of the herd. Leos are duty-bound. They like to do what is good for their subjects and if that mandates being haughty, so be it. Yes, they are selfish but often it's in the best interest of those they love and care about. To further that, they'll put on a facade that drives harm away.

4. Leos are intimidating

The stately Leo likes people bowing down before them. Yes, they like their egos stroked and their achievements appreciated. When people cross their lines or behave in a way that annoys them, Leos will let out that mighty roar. They hate being taken for granted or their orders unfollowed. If that requires them to be stern and standoffish, they are ready to do so. Expect curt responses or no response at all from a Leo native when they have been rubbed the wrong way. They wouldn't waste their time being around trivial matters or people who leave them drained. Hence, they give people a cold shoulder to keep out the unproductive and the average.

5. Leos hate competition

The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign believe that they are the best. They like striking terror in the hearts of people even before they've entered a competition. Despite a competitive spirit they hate knowing that they can ever be replaceable. Their silence is a signal that they could feel threatened by your presence or have gone green with jealousy. It could mean that there is something you possess that they don't, and unless they prove their worth and achieve it, they'll continue making you feel unimportant and devalued. So, expect a lack of affection from a Leo man or woman if you outshine them and make them feel a lack.

6. Leos are carefree

Leos are loyal to a fault. So, if they are in love, they will be committed till their last breath. But if they are in a casual dating scene with you, they will not necessarily be dedicated. If he is in a relationship or friends with benefits with you, they will never seem disinterested or not totally into you. They'll build a strong wall around themselves, being careless and uninvolved. They'll avoid being vulnerable before you and even unleash their fury if their niceness is taken advantage of.

7. Leos love being chased

Leos can easily get bored and lose interest in you quickly. Leos like playing the game of love. It is not easy to tame a Leo. They will keep themselves exclusive and pretend like you don't matter, even if they may feel the hots for you initially. They'll test you and ensure you have proven your love till they give in and shower you with unconditional love. As they love the adulation and praise, they'll push you to your limits and also trigger you to know you deserve to be in their life. That could make them stiff, giving away an air of being unaffected by your gestures.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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