Why are Leos so Lonely?

Why are Leos so Lonely?


Ambitious, motivated, egoistic and naturally born-leaders, Leos love the glit and glam only when they are happy. When their emotions or gestures aren't reciprocated, they could feel detached, which can be wrongly interpreted. So, why are Leos so lonely? What makes them introverted? Why do Leos act cold, unaffected and distant? How do you know if a Leo is sad?

If a Leo is ignoring you, here is what it means according to astrology:

Leos like being alone

Leo men and women love attention. But they are sensitive to emotions. They hate to experience the pain of having their egos crushed by someone. They will try and be around those who have faith in their abilities and can fuel their aspirations. They are egoists and hence, you'll either find them around those who stroke their egos or they'll become loners by choice. Ruled by the Sun. Leos are too proud of themselves and love showing off their ambitions and achievements. They are ethical beings and expect some conformity to rules as they go about their lives. Being creative individuals, they'll look for motivation. Thus, unless people meet their standards, they'll keep them at a distance.

Leos can be depressed easily

The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign are pretty territorial. They like to protect their spaces aggressively. They have tall ambitions and have a great drive to prove themselves right. They expect loyalty and generosity in return for all that they do for those they care about. If they feel invisible or unattended, they'll consider it an insult. They are pretty much sensitive to how they are treated and with such a high sense of self-esteem they are often frustrated by people who do not meet their standards. So, they'll often distance themselves and keep an uninspiring crowd away.

Leos are so difficult

When the Lion is angered, it could turn into a bitter experience for his opponents. They are intensely emotional and will often hide their pain and strut about as if nothing bothers or moves them. They could be unavailable for a long time unless repeated efforts to prove your worth wins over their heart and they start feeling strongly for you. He is enthusiastic with a lover but if the fire burns out or a monotonous routine kicks in, he might start to withdraw. Thus, pampering his ego regularly and consistently making gestures to spoil him might easily make someone run out of patience.

Leos are so insecure

Leo natives are great observers of human behavior. They like to keep themselves collected so that they prove themselves as responsible decision-makers. They need to feel supported and reassured of the undying love of their family and close ones. They are wary of being attacked or disrespected and hence, they'll continually work towards maintaining some control over their lives and those around them. They are unforgiving when their trust is abused. This is why despite being seemingly confident on the outside, they could often suffer from self-doubts.

Leos are so misunderstood

They don't mean any harm when they crave for your attention and devotion. They are big-hearted and warm. Their royalty is evident in the way they care about someone they are in love with. They just want to feel involved and not neglected by their partner. Their grandeur is child-like and you'll love them hard when you notice their efforts to keep you happy and content. They are inspired to shoulder responsibilities and deliver when they are expected to take charge. So despite being desirous of the limelight, all they truly need is your unquestionable loyalty and he would leave no stone unturned to move mountains for you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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