Why are Pisces so Good in Bed and so Hot?

Why are Pisces so Good in Bed and so Hot?


Incredibly romantic and sexually enthusiastic, Pisces comes forth with a promise to give you the best sexual experience of your life. Make them fall for you and they'll raise the temperature in no time. What makes Pisces so kinky? What makes Pisces so tempting and irresistible? What makes them so sexually expressive? How do Pisces natives flirt and attract their mates? Why are Pisces so hot and so good in bed?

Here are a few reasons why Pisces seem so lusty and notoriously tempting in bed!

Pisces are freaks

Pisces natives will tempt you to taste the forbidden fruit. A pleasant personality is what makes them so attractive and likeable to the opposite sex. They'll make you escape in the forest of enchantment because they are magical beings who belong to another world. The Pisces woman's imagination is wild and she'll make you experience pure ecstasy. Sex with Pisces women is uninhibited because they perceive it as a merger of souls through physical bodies. They'll follow your lead if you wish to dominate. Their love expresses itself through their sexual acts and such an open show of their sweet and naughty gestures makes them so lovable and desired by the opposite sex.

Pisces are seductive

Pisces men and women may seem shy at the onset but ease them a bit and be consistent around them, they'll unravel their sensual traits. They have deep sexual needs and once you win over them, they would want to make love to you endlessly. They love being touched and kissed. They love being cuddled and passionately held. They can sense your energy from far and emulate your body language to attract your attention. They'll pretend to be innocent as they observe you and understand your true intentions. Once comforted, they'll lure you into bed.

Pisces like role-plays

The Pisces gaze is mesmerizing. Pisces males and females love to please their lovers. They'll adapt different characters and play games with you. They are adorable and beautiful deep within. Sex to them is a pure act of submission. They'll talk dirty to you and give in to your fancies. If you have dreamed of a mind-blowing sex life, the Pisces native will potentially fulfill all your fantasies. They would get lost in your romantic actions. They'll reciprocate to your invitations and tempt you to swim with them into an ultimate orgasmic escape.

Pisces are so mysterious

You'll feel so light when you get dangerously close to the Pisces woman. She is so gentle yet tempting that it's hard to say no to her calls. They are so connected to the otherworldly realm that they just know what your next move would be. They are blind lovers, their selfless acts know no limits. She has an ocean of information hidden in layers. She is unpredictable and will aim to comfort and relax you. She'll get mushy with you and build a strong sexual tension almost effortlessly. This is a wonderful Pisces personality trait that makes them so desirable and sexy.

Pisces are so dreamy

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign seem "lost" despite their physical presence. Good sex is never tiresome to a Pisces man or woman as they love expressing their emotions through physically pleasurable activities. They'll daydream and think about ‘what could be' rather than be present in reality and focus on ‘what is'. They want to connect with the divine or something that can't really explain to non-believers. Pisces love to maintain some sense of exclusivity about themselves no matter how crazy their sex life is. They are so averse to routine and so creative between the sheets, you'll feel like a child and admire how hot they are!

Pisces have hidden talents

An important personality trait that makes Pisces so beautiful is the fact that they are so compassionate and loving. They'll attract you with their heart so open and mind so imaginative. They are delicate and may seem no needy of your physical proximity, you'll hate to part with them. With a million different ideas crossing their minds, they want to explore a whole array of possible positions to make sex so much fun and exciting. With intuitive abilities, they cultivate so many talents it almost seems like they carry forth their learning of so many lifetimes. Your sexual compatibility with the Pisces woman or Pisces man is sure to be one of a kind if you are ready for a ride.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


Astrologer for 15 years, I have been writing about Zodiac signs, their personalities, their psychology, their relationships, their passionate loves and their compatibility in love.