Why Sagittarius Can't Let Go? 5 Reasons!

Why Sagittarius Can't Let Go? 5 Reasons!


Sagittarius natives are the philosophers of the zodiac. When they shower their affection towards someone, they see it as an adventure. They love the thrill of dating and pursuing someone hard and hence, cannot give up on their lover easily. So, why does Sagittarius have trouble moving on after a breakup? Why do Sagittarius keep going back to their exes? Can Sagittarius ever leave behind their past?

Here are 5 reasons why Sagittarius men and women find it hard to let go of an old lover:

1. Sagittarius is stubborn

Very positive in their orientation, Sagittarius natives have a bird's eye view of their aims and ambitions. Once they have made up their minds to pursue someone, they'll move mountains to realize their dreams. Such firmness spills over other aspects of life and ends up frustrating them when most things don't unfortunately go their way. If they manage to come across the right partner for themselves, they'll want to hold onto them for life. They are ready to handle difficulties and challenges with their partner, but giving up is not something they have been wired to believe in. This overly dedicated outlook makes them desirable but at the same time unnecessarily clingy.

2. Sagittarius get attached easily

The men and women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign will struggle to cope with their pain when their relationship falls apart. They are optimistic individuals who are ready to take massive risks with their heart. While they have a bad rap for being distant and detached, they are also prone to being deeply involved in their love lives if they come across a potential mate who ticks off all their check-boxes. As they have quite unique needs, they often fail at finding the ideal match to settle down with. They could be egoistic because of the wide gamut of knowledge they possess and this in return spoils their chances because of their pickiness. Thus, when they find ‘the one' they can't let go easily.

3. Sagittarius is selfish

When a Sagittarius man or woman falls hard for someone, they will have trouble accepting defeat in love. The Sagittarius native is confident and spontaneous. They would be done with you if you were dishonest but nonetheless, give you a second chance at making up for the wrongs committed. They do not care what the world thinks of them as long as they are convinced of their moral path. This could be an extreme form of exerting their intellectual superiority or desperation to be right all the time. If he happens to be too full of themselves, the Sagittarius man could turn a blind eye towards your discomforts and expect you to be there at his beck and call. As they are used to your compromising tendencies, they'll make repeated attempts to go back to you and start again.

4. Sagittarius love hard

the Sagittarius males and females love deep and hard. Their entire lives revolve around their partner when they are smitten by their confidence and forward-looking ideas. While this may not be a steady long term behavior because of their innate quest for spirituality and travel, their love is palpable. Their emotions are attached to their egos and like all fire signs, they love to make a show of all they value or believe in. Sagittarius men and women are freaky and is passionate about having crazy sex with an equally hot and sexy woman. Sagittarius will move on if their energies don't match with you and stick to you for eternity when their love for you is unparalleled. They could seem intimidating with their wildness and spontaneity. But that's how they are and they expect to be trusted and respected.

5. Sagittarius end up alone

Sagittarius are bad at relationships because of their self-centered behavior. Their impulsiveness is scary for delicate hearts. They are enriched with knowledge and this makes them mature individuals who are prepared to deal with the worse: loneliness. Sagittarius natives are enthusiastic about life and beyond. They are fired up to conquer the world and gain rich experience through their pursuits. They are also forgiving in nature. So, Sagittarius will keep going back to their exes or wish to make up with their partners no matter how ugly the fights get. While a youth stage can make them highly confident of their social skills or ability to attract multiple partners at the same time, as they near middle age they may start feeling a sense of a loss or fear of missing out on something concrete.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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