Why are Scorpios so Attractive? 5 Powerful Traits!

Why are Scorpios so Attractive? 5 Powerful Traits!


Common sense would advise you to stay away from a Scorpio. Not to fall in love with them. They walk around with this air about them. As if they were the best. They don't follow the conventional rules of society. And I don't mean it in a good way. These are people who will call your bullshit out in front of all your friends. Or give you a dressing down when they think you are in the wrong. And make it their life's mission to make you pay for any wrong that you have done them, intentional or otherwise. Despite all of this, there's something about that mysterious charm which is so irresistible. So, what makes the Scorpios so attractive?

Here are 5 special qualities and personality traits that make Scorpios so attractive and desirable!

1. Being the most powerful zodiac sign helps

Scorpios are considered by many as the most powerful zodiac sign. They are stronger than all other zodiac signs in almost all aspects of their life. But why are Scorpios so powerful?

They are the most passionate zodiac sign. Their personality exudes a fierce passion for life. And when they talk, they simply mesmerize you with their words. Not that they are wordsmiths. Libras are better at that than Scorpios.

But the emotions which they pour in their words is intoxicating. And it makes you want to give them everything you’ve got. They usually have the most loyal set of friends.

This stems from the fact that they are extremely loyal. To the point where they would die or kill for their loved ones. Isn’t that the kind of passion that we have grown up fantasizing?

How can we forget their rock-solid willpower? Many a woman have fallen in love with the Scorpio male whose strong intentions have made them swoon. It is probably the most powerful characteristic of the Scorpios.

2. Their sexuality is another factor that makes them so irresistible

The attraction that people feel towards Scorpios is always sexual. They simply ooze sexuality and not many can resist that. The only thing to come in the way of that is the onlooker’s own biases. And they live up to the hype too. that’s what grows their fame. So, why are Scorpios so good in bed? You have probably guessed the first reason for this.

Their intense personality is disarming. Remember all those men you see on the screen or read about in books. The men who captivate you with a single appearance. Scorpios are the embodiment of that.

Their strong virility is another contributing factor. Scorpios have the strongest sex drives. Rivaled only by the fire signs. So, naturally, they have perfected the art of pleasure. In fact, you can say that they are probably born with it.

They don’t believe in casual sex, but love-making. For Scorpios, sex isn't just physical. It's spiritual. Now, they might pray at a lot of temples. But their devotion at each is extremely strong.

3. They have the same appeal as Christian Grey

Allow me to be more specific. A lot of people are attracted to authoritative figures. People who make it seem like they have everything under their control.

The question is, do Scorpios like to be in control? They love it. But here’s the catch. Sometimes, Scorpio women love to just let go. Every now and then they like their partners to just take over. But that happens extremely rarely.

This gives them independence which in itself is admirable. This also means that Scorpios like to dominate. Which becomes tricky in the long run. Especially for someone who doesn’t like to be controlled.

4. Their physical appearance

Attraction usually begins with the sense of sight. And Scorpios are 10/10 in this category.

You will not find a Scorpio man or woman who doesn’t take care of their looks. This is what makes them so beautiful. Genes have nothing to do with a Scorpio’s outward appearance. It’s the effort that they put into ensuring they are always top of their game.

They usually pour a lot of effort into their fitness. But appearance isn’t the only reason for that. They are health conscious too. Talk to their friends. A lot of them would give credit for their fitness to their Scorpio friends.

5. Who are Scorpios attracted to?

To attract them, you need to know what are the Scorpios attracted to? Or better yet, who are the Scorpios attracted to?

Leos top this list. They are everything that the Scorpios think they need. While it is important to say here that just because they think they want this, doesn’t mean it is what they need.

The second one on the list is Cancer. Cancers are a more acceptable choice for Scorpios. They fulfill all the criteria that are important for Scorpios. Loyalty, passion, the ability to let the Scorpio dominate.

And we end this with Pisces. Pisces is an almost perfect match for Scorpio. They know just how to control the Scorpio's worst impulses. In fact, they might even make them better.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


Astrologer for 15 years, I have been writing about Zodiac signs, their personalities, their psychology, their relationships, their passionate loves and their compatibility in love.