Why are Scorpios so Dark, Secretive & Mysterious?

Why are Scorpios so Dark, Secretive & Mysterious?


Scorpios are some of the most intriguing zodiac sign of all. You can love them, or you can hate them. But you can never ignore a Scorpio. Whether it is good or bad. The entire package is just admirable. But what is it about them that makes them so interesting? Why are Scorpios so secretive? Do Scorpios like the dark side? Why are Scorpios so mysterious? And do Scorpios like a mystery? These are just some of the questions that people who know someone from this zodiac sign ask me.

So, to put all these and many more questions to rest, here are all the things that make the Scorpios so Dark, Secretive and Mysterious!

1. Their unconscious need for privacy makes them secretive

Many Scorpio men and women don't even realize how much they love privacy. My Scorpio best friend is convinced that she loves having friends she can talk about everything to. Yet, she always finds it difficult to come across such people. The problem is this, she just can't trust anyone fully. Not even me. They just inherently aren't capable of doing so. Such is their need for privacy. Their desire to keep certain things just to themselves.

2. When you try to hide something, you attract more attention

It is this need for privacy and the secrecy that it results in which makes them so mysterious. I mean, it's natural, isn't it? the more you try to hide something the more people want to know about it. And Scorpio women and men fuel this fire through their actions and words. They do things without an explanation. Say confusing things. The people around them just add to the mystery. Telling stories about them which would make anyone curious to know more. And all of this adds to their appeal.

3. Its ruling planet influences a dark side in them

The Scorpio's capacity and desire for revenge are known and feared, far and wide. Their snarky comments which bring people to tears. And worst of all, they don't seem to care about the hurt they cause. At least not when they are intentionally trying to hurt someone. A lot of it has to do with the influence of their ruling planet Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld. Pluto's Greek equivalent is Hades. The elements of death, destruction and an evil streak come with the association. Of course, it is also the force of Pluto that makes them such an invigorating force. After all, the cycle of rebirth begins at death and only after destruction does the world start afresh. But that doesn't make the destruction any less dangerous.

4. They know you more than you know them

Sometimes, Scorpio males and females seem more mysterious and secretive than they actually are. Sometimes, it is all in your head. But why does that happen? Scorpios, when in the best of their moods, can be extremely welcoming. Or when they are trying to manipulate you. in these times, they can worm things out of you that you probably won't normally tell. Or you willingly share things about your life because they seem so trustworthy. Which they are. I am yet to meet a Scorpio native who is not good at keeping secrets. The problem is this: Soon you begin to realize how little you know about your Scorpio friend. And how much they know about you. And this creates a gap which is filled by Scorpio secrecy and mystery. Most of the times, some of the things that you don't know about them, you can just ask. And they will tell you. But you will never find the right moment for it.

5. Their dominating nature adds to the mystery

Would you ask your boss about their sex life? Or some other embarrassing question to the President? Here's why you won't because with respect comes a certain amount of fear. The dominant position of the boss and the President in your life stop you from digging too much. The same thing happens with Scorpio males and females. They have a very dominating personality with which comes a lot of respect and a little bit of fear. This fear stops you from prying too much into their life. This results in your not knowing so much about them. I'm not saying that if you move past the fear you will know everything about them. You will certainly learn more. But never everything. No one ever does. And I guess we shouldn't either. Some things and better left unknown.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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