Why are Scorpios so Hot and so Good in Bed?

Why are Scorpios so Hot and so Good in Bed?


Scorpios lust after power. They are incredibly mysterious and have a manipulative character. Sex is never just a physical act for they emote the most between the sheets. Why are Scorpios so highly attractive and irresistibly hot? What makes Scorpios so good in bed? Why are Scorpios so intimidating and aggressive in love?

Here is why as per astrology Scorpios are so desirable and sexy:

Scorpios are so sexy and sexually attractive

Scorpios are gifted with beautiful physical features and intensely hypnotic eyes. They can attract attention the moment that they walk into a room just by their sheer quietness. They aren't the loud ones who are pompous and attention seeking. However, there is something quite unmissable about the Scorpio man and woman that speaks volumes about their sex appeal.

Scorpios are mysterious and their exclusivity makes them quite a catch among all the other signs of the zodiac. Scorpios are sensual and believe in the power of physical contact. It is so difficult to ignore the aura of a Scorpion as they can invoke the lust of the opposite sex in no time with their flirtatious tendencies.

Scorpios are good kissers

Scorpios are passionate kisses. They can get pretty aggressive even with a kiss. It is hard for a Scorpio man or woman to keep their hands off someone when they are dangerously close. So, there will always be a lot of tongue locking, face licking and biting involved during a kiss with a Scorpio native.

They master the art of sex and pay attention to details. So, kissing as part of foreplay can be extremely intense and explosive with these individuals. No sexual act is ever basic with Scorpios.

Scorpios are hot in bed and like wild sex

Sex with a Scorpio can drive anyone crazy. They are mad hot about passionate sex once they are comfortable around someone they could trust to be naked around. If they notice a long term potential they will reward a partner's loyalty with unbelievably mind-blowing sex that's never monotonous or drab.

Scorpios have incredible knowledge about love making and they would put all their knowledge and experience to use if they love someone with all their heart. They are kinky and naughty and love engaging in playful and dirty conversations with a lover. Uninhibited sexual encounters, indoors or outdoors is their number one talent. So, count on a Scorpio to give you the best sexual experience to remember for life.

Scorpios have a high sex drive

You would be lucky to be in the arms of a Scorpio man or woman as they have such an insatiable sex drive. There is no such thing as too much sex for Scorpios. Never mind the hours, they could go on and on as long as they find a partner who lets them take control and decide the direction or flow of the act.

They often see sex as a spiritual exchange of energy. Being quite picky about their sex partner, when they find the right one, there is an explosion of sexual energy that could leave them high for days. It's hard to find someone so immersed in a sexual act and so giving in a sexual act. Irresistible as they are, Scorpios define sex like no other.

Scorpios maintain a secret sex life

To a Scorpio native, it is not the just goal of orgasms that matters but also the process to the madness assumes great importance. As a Zodiac sign that denotes the genitals, they know it all and in all probability have done it all. They could speak about sex endlessly and pique anyone's interest by their magnetism.

In the process of making love, the Scorpio natives could easily fall crazily in love. This is why a casual affair never ends amicably and goes complex and dirty in the end if one of them shows carelessness. However, Scorpios are mysterious and capable of maintaining privacy about their bedroom affairs, sometimes for life.

Are Scorpios dominant or submissive?

Although Scorpio natives can be flexible or adapt as per the situation demands of them, they are extremely particular about being in charge in their bedroom scenes. They know exactly what they want and have deep knowledge of their bodies to ask for or rather have their desires satisfied exactly the way they want.

Expect a Scorpio to be the most dominant partner you may ever comes across. They will demand and also make you follow them in between the sheets. They don't rush in matters of physical needs. So, they would need someone who is ready to surrender and let them have their way in making love.

Where do Scorpios like to be touched?

As Scorpios denote the genitals they are extremely sensitive down there. If you trace your fingers around the inner corners of their thighs or just below fhe belt over their sex organs you will immediately notice how quickly they get aroused and pull you close.

Does the Scorpio man or woman like to cuddle?

Everything that invokes their sexual instincts, is likeable to the Scorpio man or woman. They love feeling all the feels, especially skin to skin contact is what they would love when their lover is physically close.

Warm tight hugs and kisses which involve slight aggression is how they would approach a sexual contact. Hickeys could also be something they are into as Scorpio natives love to mark or get their territories marked as a gesture of exclusivity in a love affair.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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