Why Taurus Can't Let Go? 6 Reasons!

Why Taurus Can't Let Go? 6 Reasons!


The bull sign of the zodiac, the Taurus, is a fixed zodiac, determined to win their lover back at all costs. Taurus natives refuse to accept defeat, putting up a stiff fight to stabilize their love life. Why do Taurus have trouble moving on after a breakup? Why do they keep going back to their exes? How does a Taurus man feel after a breakup and how does he behave when he is hurt by a lover? What makes Taurus so loyal and fixated on a partner?

Here are 6 reasons that explain why Taurus can't let go!

1. Taurus are so strong

The Taurus sign has the Earth as element. This points at their stubborn and dedicated personality. They are committed individuals who stand by their words and will fulfill their commitments at all cost. Once they make a decision, they'll stand headstrong and accomplish their goals with their drive. When they fall in love, they'll surrender themselves with all their heart, totally loyal to their partners regardless of who or what comes around.

2. Taurus are so emotional

Taurus natives are usually projected as aggressive just as the bull represents them. They are tough on the outside but equally soft-headed on the inside. They are the nurturers of the zodiac and when they bear the responsibility of someone's heart, they'll fight for their lover and stand with them through thick and thin. Since they are emotional, it is hard for them to part ways with someone they have devoted themselves to. They'll hold on to the pain and grudges for the longest. It's unacceptable to make peace with neglect, deceit and lies but their commitment is so firm towards someone they love that they don't move on quickly.

3. Taurus are so loyal

Taurus men and women can give a lover unquestionable loyalty and love for a lifetime. They are so caring, tender and kind when they give their hearts to someone or feel strongly for a mate. They feel too much but don't emote verbally. They are patient but once triggered, it's difficult to contain their anger. They are territorial lovers and extremely possessive of a partner. They are in for the long haul when they show an interest in someone. Their loyalty makes them hold on to their emotions for the longest and this is why they struggle to forget

4. Taurus are so jealous

Taurus are so possessive that jealousy is attached to their love for a partner. They find it hard to let go because they never take risks with love. They are slow to fall in love but once they do, it's an eternal love story. They dislike the idea of competition and like to keep their family safe from all predators. If a Taurus is hurt, they cannot forget even if they forgive. What's theirs has to remain theirs. This is why Taurus men and women believe in monogamy. They want to protect their heart from the pain of letting go and keep their lover hooked for a lifetime.

5. The Taurus native is clingy

The Taurus man or woman likes to showcase their love for a partner through romantic gestures. They are extremely physical and when they get closer to someone and become intimately involved, they are further attached. They take immense pleasure in touching and seducing their mate. Sex is a deep expression of the Taurean love and it bonds them strongly to the person they love. It is because they surrender themselves physically and emotionally, they will miss their partners dearly once they breakup. Tauruses will repeatedly try and make contacts with their partner if they part ways.

6. Taurus men and women are egoistic

The men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are determined and egoistic. They hate making compromises with their values and principles and love is priority for them. Despite their materialistic inclinations, Taurus knows the value of a loyal partner. Their egos are attached to the image of a partner. They could place great expectations on their partner making a Taurus very difficult to handle in their love lives. They are wired to be unaccommodating of changes. So, a sudden vacuum that a dedicated partner leaves is difficult for a Taurus male or female to handle. They need security and stability in their life. It's hard to win their trust but when they do, they'll ensure it's not toyed with.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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