Why are Taurus so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons

Why are Taurus so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons


Taurus can often leave you feelings dejected by their superiority complex. They are head strong and a tough exterior makes them misunderstood quite easily. While they may have a solid outlook towards a happily-ever-after, it could lead their partners to feel choked or their individuality dismissed. So, what makes a Taurus hard to date? What makes it difficult to understand a Taurus' personality in love and their emotions? Why is it challenging to win over a Taurus' heart?

Here are 7 reasons why loving a Taurus is so complex:

1. Taurus are difficult

The men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are hard to love because of their stubbornness and explosive rage. When they are rude or mean, you'll hate yourself for being so close to them. They are determined to go after what they like or whatever pleases their senses. You could struggle to make them happy if you do not meet their expectations. They love stability and want someone to walk the path of life with complete devotion. Fiddling with their temper is a bad idea for they could be annoyed when their lover displays erratic behavior which they find hard to trust or rely on.

2. Taurus are jealous

Taurus natives are very protective of their prized possessions. They wouldn't enjoy the sight of their partner getting close to someone else or sharing joyful moments with someone they do not approve of. They are very attached to their lovers so it's a natural tendency among Taureans to hold on to them till the end. Losing their grip over their lover will make them feel powerless and that would anger a partner who hates being tied up. You'll need to give them your undivided attention which is often draining for a companion who has multiple engagements. They need physical presence and long distance could just tick them off.

3. Taurus are clingy

A Taurus male or female would show a very needy side to their personality before their partners. Although they are capable of going after their goals on their own, in relationships they want to do things together. They are insecure of being rejected by their partners. They are scared of being out of sight and out of mind. They'll want to be aware of all that you do and wherever you go. Such conformity could irritate their partner who would expect someone privacy and space in their lives to conduct themselves as they wish.

4. Taurus have a bad temper

Taurus try to keep a strict watch on their temper. They are aware of how aggressive they could get when things don't go their way or sudden changes obstruct the flow of their plans. They appreciate well thought of activities and indecisiveness could cause a sudden flash of their temper to raze their enemies to the ground. They hate being made to chase endlessly and could take things to their heart when the woman they desire plays mind games. They like to avoid a blunt show of their disagreement so that others are spared of their violent rage. This could develop into an unmanageable anger issue that causes discomfort and helplessness in a lover.

5. Taurus are dominant

Taurus natives can be bossy. They expect submission at least in certain matters where they fail to make a compromise. The earthy signs are incredibly uptight and refuse to bow down to someone easily. You could argue all you want but it's inconclusive. They want someone who follows the traditional norms and values and could handle their home-front with ease. They hate chaos. Often a highly free-spirited personality will run the opposite direction for they would wish to guard their freedom and desire for expanding beyond sociocentric patterns of behavior.

6. Taurus are violent

Taurus are extremely loyal which makes them defend what they believe in with all their might. They'll stand up for their lover and often end up showing their misplaced sense of judgement to the embarrassment of their partner. Such madness makes them potentially destructive with a propensity to cause unanticipated harm to those who they perceive as malicious. They hate being someone bitter but when they lose their cool, they may not have enough control of what their anger could do. As a dedicated lover, they want to ensure safety around. So, they won't mind showing their physical might for the sake of their peace.

7. Taurus have high standards

Taurus men are too picky. As ruled by the planet of Venus, they love luxury. If the Taurus is spoiled, they may impose their liking upon you. You could struggle winning over their admiration if you do not satisfy their physical demands. As a sensual sign, they will admire you when you appeal to them thoroughly. They'll look for beauty and aesthetics everywhere. They value their comfort or they could keep sulking till you pay attention to their needs. Such high-maintenance personality traits could cause discomfort to their dates who do not bother much about material things. They would want to look presentable and also expect you to be put together rather than being clumsy or messy.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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