Why are Virgos so Annoying?

Why are Virgos so Annoying?


With the gift of a vivid imagination and an argumentative personality, Virgos spend long hours evaluating and calculating. Obsessively worried and overthinking, Virgos have a dark side that is the source of most of their real-life problems. Are Virgos pretentious and conceited? Do Virgos get mad easily? Why are Virgos so fussy and irritating?

Here is what makes a Virgo so annoying, aggravating, grumpy and hard to date:

1. Virgos are so moody

It is difficult to predict a Virgo's mood as they could be ticked off by the smallest inconveniences. So, one moment they could be calm and poised and the next moment they could crib and nag. Meticulous attention to everything that meets their gaze pushes them into an analytical mode and drives them to judge and reason out. This incessant need to micromanage negatively impacts their moods and spills over to those they vent their feelings.

2. Virgos are insecure and need attention

Virgos are generally shy and introverted. This may cause them to bottle up their emotions and struggle to ask for what they need from a partnership. As insecurities start accumulating, they feel frustrated and this leads to a projection of their fears and disappointments on their loved ones. A fiercely independent lifestyle could make a Virgo hard to get along with as they may suffer from trust issues. They set high expectations on themselves and also those they care about. So, you'll often find them engaging in negative self-talk when they do not achieve their goals or receive what they deserve.

3. Virgos hold grudges

As an earth sign, Virgos are patient, consistent, traditional and hate the idea of sudden changes. It takes them a long time to open up, catch feelings and fall in love. As tiring as it is for a Virgo to find an ideal mate, it is even more difficult to let go and move on after a breakup or separation from a lover. In case your Virgo man or woman is hurt or mistreated, they will struggle to forgive and forget and therefore, may need ages to give love another chance. If a Virgo falls prey to their negativity, they could indulge in irrational fear and self-isolation.

4. Virgos may end up alone and single

With a hawk’s eye for detail, the Virgo man or woman will notice the littlest flaws in people's communication or actions. Such intolerance for mistakes makes Virgos so obnoxious that you'll hate asking for their help or opinions (see the dark side of the Virgo man in a relationship). It's hard to satisfy them and one ends up feeling never good enough for the Virgo. They are also miserly and often demand space to deal with their anxiety or to repress their emotions. They also lack emotions or the ability to emote which leaves their partner feeling dissatisfied or undesired. Thus, Virgos are difficult to love and get along with in a romantic relationship.

5. Virgos are so arrogant

Virgos love showing off their skills which they think are unmatched or unbeatable. It’s not surprising to find a Virgo man ignoring others as if they are unchallengeable. The perfectionist attitude makes Virgos quite dominating and controlling of everybody else’s behaviors. You’ll often find them complaining about what went wrong rather than appreciating what went right. They could often project a conceited nature pretending to have all answers and solutions to problems as they often pride themselves in being critical thinkers. Such a haughty attitude makes them extremely annoying, despicable and difficult to deal with as they are often selfishly closed off to people's perceptions.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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