Why are Virgos so Hot (and so good in bed)?

Why are Virgos so Hot (and so good in bed)?


As long as a Virgo's partner is dependable and patient, they are selfless givers, eager to make their sex life hot and raging. They are one of the most passionate zodiac signs, especially in a private scene. Are Virgos naturally flirty? What makes Virgos so attractive and so sexy? Why are Virgos so hot and so good in bed? But also so irresistibly charming and alluring?

Here are a few characteristic traits of Virgos which make them so sexually tempting and lust worthy:

Virgos are good kissers

As earth signs, Virgos are really passionate but cautious about who they share their private space with.

Kisses will almost be technically perfect with Virgos as they are so meticulous in their littlest gestures of intimacy. They are slow, soft and passionate kissers, avoiding hurry even when they devour their mates.

Virgos are not aggressive kissers. They would rather build it slow, letting the passion rise as they live in the moment and follow their partner's reactions for the ultimate experience. They are so soft and kind that the magic of their kissing skills is deeply felt.

Virgos are so attractive

The men and women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are usually attractive.

As someone with a love for flawlessness and excellence, Virgo natives pay great attention to their appearances. Trust that their clothes would be perfectly coordinated and detailed. They love clean spaces so good personal hygiene is something that they are so particular about.

Virgo males and females have beautiful bodies and are generally fit. They take such good care of themselves, that it's hard to turn away from them. While Virgos are not the most intuitive signs, they have good knowledge of body language and mold their ways sound a lover accordingly.

Virgos get turned on by verbal foreplay

As excellent communicators, Virgos are aroused by sexual conversation, of course with mutual consent.

They love dirty talking, sexting and flirting. While they may seem pretty guarded in the beginning, as they get to know their partner well, they will unleash their kinks and share their deepest and darkest fantasies.

Unless a Virgo man's or woman's mind is seduced, unless they feel intellectually attracted by someone, they won't be aroused. However, be informed that Virgo natives prefer classy conversations.

Virgos are perfectionists in bed

They are known for their organizational skills. They like things in order and being generous lovers, they'll do anything to satisfy their partner.

Trust a Virgo to read and perfect the most difficult skills to bring your freakiest ideas to reality. They'll explore your body like nobody else has, learn the anatomy, the most erogenous spots so that you enjoy the most pleasurable sexual moments with them.

It's not surprising to find a Virgo man or woman who knows the art of getting a partner into the mood for sex and has complete knowledge of the weirdest sexual ideas that exist.

Virgos show their love in kindness

Virgos are givers in bed. They will never show complacency in showcasing their best self while they make efforts to ensure their partner has the best orgasms ever.

They love being of service both outside and inside the bedroom, sometimes without expectations. That's a major quality of Virgos that makes them so good in bed. They are very supportive of their mate and make patient lovers.

Despite the fact that they struggle to show their emotions or entice someone with their vulnerability, it is their willingness to go the extra mile for their partner in bed which makes them such attractive sexual partners.

Virgos enjoy new experiences in bed

As a mercurial sign, Virgo are remarkably curious. They would like to try and explore everything that piques their interest.

Virgos are adventurous and can take a considerable amount of risk while they test the waters. So, sex with a Virgo man or woman is never monotonous or without the sparks.

They will bring you new toys, accessories, lingerie, lubes, and even trendy contraceptives for that matter as they need to know it all to give you the best experience.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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