13 Worst Zodiac Couples & Matches Ever

13 Worst Zodiac Couples & Matches Ever


Astrology can help you truly understand deep characteristic traits of Zodiac signs. Regardless of opposing opinions, there is no absolute unchallengeable list of the worst possible Zodiacs as people can always work on issues with patience and understanding. After all, love triumphs all.

Did you wonder if your love match is toxic and would be hard to get along with? Which Zodiac couple is the worst and which signs are bad for each other? What are the most incompatible Zodiac signs and the worst matches? Which Zodiac signs bring out the worst in each other?

Here are 13 worst Zodiac couples that are better off being away being disinterested for good:

1. Worst Zodiac love match for Aries: Cancer

This is a relationship that's built to fall apart sooner or later. The energetic and flamboyant Aries may come across as insensitive and fake to the Cancer native while the Aries may start branding Cancer as too clingy and overly emotional. Both struggle to find an emotional balance and hence, the passion is destined to die in a jiffy, making them the worst astrological compatibility among the other Zodiac signs.

2. Worst Zodiac love match for Taurus: Aquarius

This couple has one of the worst sexual compatibility. While Aquarius is spontaneous, unpredictable and one the move, Taurus is slow, restrictive and traditional which stifles their efforts to make the relationship work. It's a perfect case of aspirational mismatch where Taurus demands stability and Aquarius the polar opposite, detachment and freedom. Trust never builds and hence, they fail to hold the relationship together.

3. Worst Zodiac love match for Gemini: Virgo

While both these signs are mercurial and logically should have no difficulty communicating their needs to each other, it's a difference of their elements which shows up early on. Virgo wants dependability and reliability from their partner while Gemini is wild, ready to explore and satisfy their curiosity which causes misunderstandings and animosity. While they communicate effectively but as their values are dissimilar their understandings never converge. A highly dissatisfying sexual compatibility follows suit.

4. Worst Zodiac love match for Cancer: Gemini

This relationship is doomed right from the beginning as the tender Cancer being emotional and gentle craves for romantic and intimate scenes with their partner while Gemini is outgoing and a social butterfly, never satisfied with a boring or secluded lifestyle. With the unpredictable mood swings of Cancers and impulsiveness of the childish Gemini, a healthy relationship may never blossom as their emotional and physical needs are never satiated with each other.

5. Worst Zodiac love match for Leo: Capricorn

This couple makes it easily to one of the worst sexually compatible matches among the Zodiacs. The conflict in their core values and outlook towards life and hence, rarely reach a point where they could get anywhere close to each other. Leo and Capricorn are dominating individuals and there erupts frequent arguments and irritation as a result of their insecurities and lack of trust.

6. Worst Zodiac love match for Virgo: Aries

The worst Zodiac compatibility between Aries and Virgo shows up in their most basic needs in a relationship. A Virgo being shy and introverted may never come across as sexually attractive to Aries who loves a sexy, bold and vivacious partner to sleep with. Aries is a typical savage who loves it wild, fiery and quick with no patience for love to blossom slow and deep.

7. Worst Zodiac love match for Libra: Virgo

The airy Libra and the earthy Virgo are just not a good match in a relationship as they struggle to keep pace with each other. While Virgo yearns for deep intimacy, Libra is too quick to feel bored with the monotonous routine of Virgo. Libra on the other hand is too fond of a fiery and electric relationship that considers an active and strong sexual bond as a non-negotiable in a relationship. Virgo is too serious and meticulous for the Libra native who struggles to express themselves without judgement.

8. Worst Zodiac love match for Scorpio: Gemini

The sexual connection between a Scorpio and a Gemini is a crazy affair, enough to leave both displeasured and frustrated in no time. While Scorpio is intense, emotionally and physically passionate, fickle Gemini might be in an explorative and experimental mode fighting to settle down and give in their all. They lack a mutually strong emotional reciprocity that draws them close and helps them connect on deepest levels, something that is the cornerstone of a successful relationship with a Scorpio.

9. Worst Zodiac love match for Sagittarius: Scorpio

The free bird Sagittarius and the aggressive Scorpio are a disappointing match that never truly get beyond a one-night-stand, in case that just happens. Scorpio likes to control and lead while Sagittarius is too liberal and nomadic to settle down and lead a traditional life. The latter utterly dreads control and may find Scorpio too intense and toxic to form a happy and ever-lasting relationship with.

10. Worst Zodiac love match for Capricorn: Sagittarius

Sagittarius comes across to a Capricorn as too irresponsible and impulsive to consider it an ideal relationship. While Sagittarius is all about ideas, Capricorn believes in concrete actions which may leave them feeling let down when matters escalate to a breaking point. Capricorn is high on self-esteem and ethics and what seems like fun and play to a Sagittarius may sour their intimacy to the lowest point.

11. Worst Zodiac love match for Aquarius: Virgo

Two dangerously incompatible signs both inside and outside the bedroom. The relationship between an Aquarius and Virgo is a total recipe for disaster. Virgo likes being critical and calling out those they consider hypocritical which does not bode well for the Aquarius native who thrives in uncertainty and spontaneity. Aquarius loves a quick-paced relationship while Virgos are too cautious and easily branded unsexy by Aquarius who in turn seems unrealistic, delusional and chaotic for the Virgo partner.

12. Worst Zodiac love match for Pisces: Leo

The grandeur of Leo and the dreamy character of Pisces calls for major trouble in their couple as both fail to achieve synchronicity in their relationship. While Pisces wants to withdraw and self-indulge, Leo is ready to start something new, lead and craves for compliments. This continuous stroking of ego which Leo demands is excessively draining for Pisces while the latter seems mysterious, illusive and unreal to Leo.

13. Second Worst Zodiac love match for Aries: Pisces

These astrological signs display a lot of fire and energy initially that explodes and leaves behind nothing but a sour palette. They find it a chore to keep their passions alive and sustain for a longer period of time as Pisces cools off quickly and holds on to their idealism and romantic stories, just enough to kill the buzz of the bold and fiery Martian, Aries.


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