Which Zodiac Sign is the Best & Freakiest in Bed?

Which Zodiac Sign is the Best & Freakiest in Bed?


Wondering which Zodiac signs are the best in bed? Which are the freakiest and craziest? Are you a Zodiac enthusiast and have an interest in how the alignment of the stars influence your sexuality? Personality traits of sun signs can offer wonderful insights into how a Zodiac will exhibit their sensuality and explore their partners in bed.

I'm going to reveal you everything about the 5 best and freakiest Zodiac signs in bed ranked in order!

1. Scorpio: the best Zodiac sign in bed and the freakiest

The most sexually charged of all signs, the Scorpio Zodiac sign is sure to sweep you off the floor with their ability to take you on a wonderful sexual journey. The Scorpio male and female could go to the extent of using a partner for sex in the most creative ways often to the point of manipulation. Yes, that’s how dangerously attractive they could appear.

A sexual experience with a Scorpio man or woman can go to the heights of pure ecstasy, transcending your soul to a world you haven't experienced before. If you aren’t a Scorpio native yourself, it might be extremely hard to seduce this Zodiac sign in astrology.

Scorpios have mastered the craft of seduction. They magnetic persona makes them super attractive, often because of their ability to remain mysterious on the face. Just when you thought you have had it all, try being sexually involved with a Scorpio. Pure sexual chemistry is sure to keep the fire alive the longest.

Scorpios take time to trust. So, if you are looking for an emotional connect along with a physical one, give it some time. Sex comes easy to this Zodiac sign but you may often find them emotionally distant, especially if they have had their hearts broken a couple of times.

2. Taurus: the wildest Zodiac sign in bed and most insatiable

This earth sign has an insatiable sexual appetite. Taurus men and women could go on for hours without a speck of exhaustion. They need to feel your touch almost all the time. Physicality defines their persona. Seldom does this sign approve of casual sex because of their highly emotional natures. They can be extremely stubborn and possessive once they set their eyes on someone. There is no rushing in sex with a Taurus male or female. They take time to explore. So, you can count on them to give you the best and longest foreplays if that rocks your boat.

The Taurus sign is highly indulgent. Hence, they would take their own sweet time to enjoy each moment with you. Most commonly possessing great athletic skills, this sign also likes to dominate in bed. However, the needs of the partner will not be ignored if he is emotionally attached to a partner. They love to prove it all in actions rather than charming you with hollow words.

If you love cuddling and caressing, this is the sign that would make you the happiest in bed. They will never be able to keep their hands off you, if they are physically attracted to you. Physical touches and a Taurean go hand in hand. Make the effort to smell heavenly and let their hands explore your soft skin. Your experience will never be short of being heavenly.

3. Aries: the most sexually active Zodiac sign in bed

The carnal instincts of this Zodiac sign is at such a high that every time you indulge, it’s a blast. An Aries man or woman can never do with a partner who isn’t sexually active. Physical intimacy can be the deepest with this sun sign even if it doesn’t last too long.

Each time an Aries interacts on a sexual level with someone, it is a challenge which they would prefer winning at all costs. They are brilliant kissers and love to take control in the bed. Even when they remain with the same partner forever, they will never disappoint you with their sexual prowess.

Excite them with your intellect and keep them on their toes with your unpredictable nature, they will take you on a whole new ride every night. Their desires burn very high but sometimes, too soon too bright. So, please make room for quality time with an Aries so that their interest keeps going the longest.

Aries males and females love spontaneity. So, scheduling sex like its a mechanical routine is a strict No No! They can get pretty aggressive in bed, hence, foreplays and the actual act can get pretty nasty (in a good way!) and dirty with an Aries native.

4. Gemini: the most sexual Zodiac sign with an impulsive sexuality

This Zodiac sign is one of the most impulsive, playful, talkative and intelligent. Prepare yourself to be blown away by this multi faceted personality that will never let any experience turn plain boring for you.

Everything to them is fast paced, you will rarely be able to keep up with them if you aren’t equally fierce in bed. This sign is charming and flirty, the gift of gab is sure to keep you intellectually charged if that is what is a precursor to your sexual experiences.

Sex can never be monotonous with this air sign. Hence, you could accurately call this the most freakiest in bed, given their ability to keep you on your foot with their interest in everything unknown and unexplored in the past.

These free thinkers would never let sex be lousy and boring for their partners, surprising them with a new trick always conjuring up their witty brains. These master flirts could send ripples of excitement down your spine with the lightest touch and sweet nothings they would whisper to you when you least expect it.

5. Leo: the most passionate lover in bed among the Zodiac signs

The King of the Jungle, this fire sign can charge you with their passion just by the aura they exude. Their grand gestures and care for their partners in bed makes them so very attractive and irresistible. Their sexual confidence will excite you each time you indulge. They love taking charge in the bed just like everywhere else, seeking to be the center of your world all the time. Their desirability quotient is far too high, so ignoring them is the hardest.

Do you like going off the path? Get intimate with a Leo male or female and see for yourself how amazingly they ace it each time! However, don’t expect a Leo to be explorative with a wide gamut of positions that exist. They love sticking to the basics, i.e, the missionary and the doggy but even that will be the most pleasurable and exciting with a Leo.

Trust them to take you on a joyful ride, no matter the time or location. Their incredible warmth and kindness will surely stimulate your heart and mind alike. Expect them to make people jealous when they choose to publicly demonstrate their desire for you. The physical appearance of their partners matter so much to them for it reflects on their public image. Floor them with genuine as well as generous compliments and they would shower all their praises for you equally when in bed.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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