Which Zodiac Sign is the Meanest and has the Worst Temper?

Which Zodiac Sign is the Meanest and has the Worst Temper?


Anger can get the best of people. The reaction to anything that triggers off a particular Zodiac sign can be hard to deal with, especially when they act in extremes. While some have a balanced approach to their anger, there are a few Zodiacs that need a more careful approach when they showcase their irritable nature. Are you wondering how a Zodiac sign reacts when they are rubbed the wrong way? Are you looking for unique solutions to handle each Zodiac when they are angry and burning in rage?

Here are a few pointers of the behavior of the 4 meanest and most temperamental Zodiac signs:

Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

This Zodiac sign finds it the hardest to conceal their anger. Basically it is a full show of everything that affects them all at once. Their anger is evident to everyone around when they are angry. There is nothing they would hold back. Like the other fire dominated elements like Leo and Sagittarius, an Aries is quite vocal and there is no mincing of words when they are angry. You would always find them angry when things don’t go their way, exploding in seconds when you least expect it. There is no timer to their anger bomb which is always lurking in the backdrop, ready to raise its head in the most violent ways.

This fire sign operates in the extremes, not willing to take a mid way approach when dealing with someone who ticked them off. Even though they are quite the big picture people, when angered, the Aries rationality can take a toss and they act quite rash. What happens post the anger burst and the effect their anger has on people and their surroundings will barely affect them. They may take instant decisions to avenge the wrong done to them at a moment’s notice, quite the ones to go on a full fledged war if they wish to impose their strength and might.

So, when you come across an Aries who seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed on an eventful day, it is better to stay away and let them come back when their anger has cooled off on its own. The anger will never linger for time infinity and you can rest assured that once it subsides, they will appreciate your patience and because of the wonderful way they have with words, they will make up for it without an ask.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

Quite the angry characters, this fire sign is quick to react and show someone their place when triggered. As a highly dominating Zodiac, they expect things to go a certain way and when situations go topsy turvy or beyond their line of understanding, they burst out in full flow and force. They will be very loud and mean if you upset them and forgiveness is a long way ahead if an irritation is caused by someone’s stupidity and dimwittedness. They will rarely accept your side of the story and you can be sure its a futile effort to make them see things the way you do. To them, their power and authority reigns supreme. Anything that tries to take away this pride of theirs will have to bear the brunt of their rage. Anger is capable of blinding their benevolent nature and kind heart unfortunately. So, their meanness is quite evident and unbearably harsh.

While the drama will linger if you continue to argue, don’t accept whatever sails their boat just so you could brush everything under the rug. Speak with clarity about what you feel about the situation with grace and integrity in case you haven’t wronged a Leo in a deliberate attempt to do so. Have your facts collected and ready and make sure you take them through the whole of it with patience. The domination of a Leo and their annoying temper can get the best of your mood if in case you are having a bad day as well. Furnish all your proofs and let them decide things for themselves without a passive aggressive stance towards them.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

Unlike the two Zodiac signs mentioned above, a Scorpio will try to hide away their anger until bursting out like a volcano is the only option they are left with. When you are in their direct line of fire, God save you from their wrath. They are quick to hold grudges which can rarely be shrugged off. The intensity of their characters is quite evident in their manipulative, cunning and sly tendencies when they need to have their way and express their ideas and thoughts, often trying to overpower anyone who tries to put them down or messes with them without any rhyme or reason. It takes time to set their fire ablaze but if you press the wrong buttons be prepared to experience their vengeful nature. They will be aggressive and the volatility will get the best of them when they go on an apparent display of their enraged nature.

Like they say, when a Scorpio stings, it stings badly so watch out for it when a Scorpio around you is having a bad day. Remain composed and let their anger subside. You could notice them acting very cold too, staying distant and aloof. The best way you could offer support is by letting them be till they come back to you or furnish them with the correct information that they need to know about when all rationality flies out of the window.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

This sign personifies independence and freedom to be whoever they want to be. The fire sign has a great way with words and can be extremely hard to tackle when they choose to be mean as a reaction to their anger. When they lose it, they show you all of their hatred without a veil. They usually have a happy go lucky demeanor but when angered, they go all guns blazing being nasty and rude. Their choice of words can bleed the ears of those who they choose to lash out at.

However, the best part is once they have vented it all out, they do not take much time to get back to their rational and optimistic self. They are also quick to apologise and make up for their anger if it was misplaced. What triggers them off the most is being lied to or manipulated by someone they have placed all their trust on.

Always give them their space for this sign loves being free and prefers their movements and thoughts being unhindered and without control. While they seem patient and nice at the onset, they also lose it altogether when anger takes over them. However, their meanness shouldn't always be given a free pass and they should apologise genuinely if they have hurt you deeply for something that you had no clue about. Let them know in clear terms what affected you rather than letting it be all the time.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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