Which Zodiac Sign is the Strongest Mentally?

Which Zodiac Sign is the Strongest Mentally?


Life is not a bed of roses. Everyday is a struggle to fight it out and survive in the midst of all the turmoil. Each one of us has an in-built capacity or instinct to save ourselves when a catastrophe strikes. However, some of us tend to be better equipped because of our inherent characters and personality traits. Some Zodiac signs in astrology can handle so much more without breaking down. So, which of the Zodiac signs are the strongest mentally? The following sun signs mentioned here are well known for their brilliantly carved out ways to emerge out on the face of the toughest challenges.

Aries (20th March- 20th April)

This sun sign exudes courage, strength and adventure. They can hardly have a normal day where they do not utilise their truest potential well. This makes them take all the bullets they have to in order to assure themselves that they made the most of the day. They carry immense positivity which those around them feel in their presence. These are the big- picture people who focus on the end goal rather than sulk over the smaller issues. They can handle a high amount of stress and stay in control without losing their cool over others.

An Aries has a penchant for calling the most difficult situations upon themselves They love adventure and the challenge to solve things that others probably cannot. A compulsive habit has trained their minds to involve themselves in difficult tasks and sail out if it very smooth. Though they also tend to be somewhat physically strong too, their mental strength is incomparable.

An Aries is an independent individual, often following their heart regardless of external approvals. They give a damn about others opinions and will take in whatever comes their way with an open heart. They are in fine tune with their natural instincts and follow their impulses, rarely being manipulated by anyone else. Their ability to endure the worst makes them so very attractive and a force to be reckoned with.

Capricorn (22nd December- 20th January)

This Zodiac sign happens to be the most stable in the most difficult or turbulent times. While all of us face certain emotional lows and highs, this sign is pretty much unshakeable when it comes to being grounded in the face of it all. They are rarely the ones who would crush under pressure.

Earth signs tend to be mentally the strongest but Capricorn performs the best among them. Everything may go haywire around them, but you will find them aloof or rather unmoved by external pressures. Their level headedness is the mark of an extremely mature individual you could trust to save the day in the event of a catastrophe. Their rational outlook keeps them composed which helps them logically move through a problem without being emotionally unstable or weak. A Capricorn would never spend much time brooding over issues rather find solutions calmly worry free about glitches here and there. They are the last people in the Zodiac to display a depressed attitude. They love challenges and are ready to work diving right in and never leaving till they reach their desired results. Determination and a persistent demeanor defines their true natures. They would go to any extent to reach the truest of their potential. Not the ones to be easily manipulated, they always find the best way to seek answers and solutions. Count on them to have their facts right when they choose to challenge you.

Taurus (20th April- 20th May)

If you are looking for a calm and composed sign in the Zodiac, this sign definitely steals the show with its serene demeanour, at least on the face of it. Being an earth sign, this Zodiac is already very grounded or rooted, much more level headed than the rest. This sign likes being on its own, taking charge and doing things just the way they like. You’ll find them mostly around natural hotspots, connecting with its home, earth. They do not compete much with people around them.

They are very stubborn and this is quite evident in their logical approach to every task that they undertake. Once they start, they would make every possible effort to reach the finishing line. Their strength lies not only in their mental state but also in their physical realm. They know their own ways to chalk their paths and will never entertain being coerced to follow. Determination to do whatever that comes their way and a practical approach to life is the Taurean way. There is no challenge that a Taurus cannot undertake. Trust their levels of patience and resilience. They will never be triggered to quick, studying a situation well before they express their concern or worse, burst out.

They spend long hours trying to gauge a situation well, so when they commit, they are aware of everything that could go wrong and hence, will stick through till the work is perfectly executed. Quite the chilled personalities, you can rarely go wrong with a Taurean friend!

Virgo (23rd August- 23rd September)

This Zodiac has the guts to survive any situation. They are calm on the inside but very grounded at all times being an Earth sign. You could try and bend them and perhaps they would but you will never be able to break them. They like taking charge of situations and completing where others left. These are the go- getters. They are mentally quite open to new learnings and experiences. So, when they are underestimated, they make sure they prove themselves right. It gives them immense pleasure when they surprise others with their high- decision making skills.

This Zodiac sign is the micro-manager. They can take in high amounts of pressure but the smaller details would never escape their eyes. They practise high amounts of precision while delivering to the points of flawlessness. They are the observers who process more information silently than a talkative sign. They like working methodically, solving problems like it’s a child’s play. They could however become so meticulous that the danger of having important tasks delayed lurks in the background.


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