The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat in Relationship

The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat in Relationship


Do you worry that your partner may be cheating on you? That he or she is involved in some kind of adultery? Which according to astrology are the top zodiac signs that are the least loyal and faithful and act dishonestly in relationships?

Using your birth chart as a guide, here are the top 5 zodiac signs that are the most likely to cheat on their partners and that could break your trust in love.

1. Pisces

Being the last sign among the zodiac, the Pisces has learnt the lessons of the material world and seeks the knowledge of the world of magic. They are emotional, intuitive and compassionate beings whose sense of moral conduct is beyond the common parlance. They fantasize about things that fail to ground them to the reality of life. On the darker side, the Pisces individual may resort to lies and deceit in order to indulge in their escapisms. They seek satisfaction from their sexual whims but their emotional sensitivity traps them in a passionate connection often to the disadvantage of their primary lover.

The fishes are mesmerized by polarities and get drawn or lured without the option to exercise their rationality. They live a delusional existence that forces them to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses rather than appreciating what is and staying committed to it. They refuse confrontation and hence, will resort to denial of their wrongful actions. Empathy connects them to their partners on a solid edifice and insensitivity distracts them to seek joy in uncharted territories.

2. Gemini

The duality of a Gemini makes them obsessed about everything on the other side of what they already know. They are curious beings who are easily adaptable to the most challenging circumstances. Their mercurial nature fuels their quest for knowledge even if that entails giving up on their comfort zones. They can be unattached to their partners, and are driven by their impulses while making life decisions. Their allegiance might shift if the current relationship sets into boredom and isn’t “fun” any more.

The Gemini’s interest fades without a warning, pushing them to seek “happiness” beyond their primary partnership. While they are not all that physical, even the lack thereof might be a potential excuse to venture out and seek fulfillment of dormant desires. They might just wish to casually experiment with the idea of multiple flings rather than passionately pursuing a full-time relationship with either of them. The twins are flirty and their communication skills don’t fail to sinfully entice their potential mates. The definition of loyalty may be twisted by this excellent communicator for the sake of exploiting temporary interests.

3. Libra

Libra men and women are the charmers of the zodiac. They love to garner social recognition. They seek the company of people much more than solitude. Their intellect draws attention without their knowledge making them the life of a party. The articulate Libra is flirtatious, often to a dangerous point of seduction. While they do value monogamous relationships, they are also prone to desiring ex partners in a bid to keep their options diversified.

They are people pleasers. Their soul’s urge to maintain a balance in relationships prevents them from severing ties completely. They like being in everyone’s good books, using tactful diplomacy to maintain harmony. The definition of relationship for a Libra goes much beyond socially sanctioned monogamy. Being an air sign, they are able to multi-task and thus maintaining a bisexual or polyamorous relationship does not cause much trouble. Even if Librans maintain a strong, stable monogamous relationship, micro-cheating might be indulged in, much to their lover’s lack of knowledge.

4. Aries

Ruled by the planet Mars, this zodiac sign exudes the quality of a warrior which likely to exhibit aggressiveness in their pursuits. This fire sign is a go-getter, the excitement of stumbling upon something unconventional, will have their attention right away. The glitter and glamor can sway them quite easily if the fire in their soul hasn’t been lit in a long time. They have short-attention spans and if the current relationship is dull, it is hard for them to pay undivided heed. Fire signs love ego strokes, they will be distracted if their flames are fanned.

The Aries sign doesn’t plan on taking advantage of their lover’s trust, cheating isn’t preordained. They just fall for someone who ignites their impetuous passion. They are quite attracted to women of intellect and confidence. The excitement of conquering something worth their attention is a source of validation for the egoistic Aries who may engage in a one-night stand in the heat of the moment. Aries are not emotionally driven by but the thrill of conquest. Their carnal desires are strong and a casual engagement is only a road to physical gratification.

5. Sagittarius

The thrill of adventure is alluring to the Sagittarius native. Sagittarians find the joy of adventure irresistible. They are freedom lovers and wouldn’t give up a chance to experience something new that they haven’t before. In a quest for the unknown, they might overstep their boundaries way too far, much before they realize that they broke someone's heart. What separates them from other likely cheaters of the zodiac is their truthfulness which prevents them from hiding the truth for long.

Restrain the Sagittarius in your life from doing what they please, you may soon discover that their attention has shifted elsewhere. If caught in the act, they will resort to honesty than concoct lies endlessly. While they might pursue a stable relationship, they wouldn’t be willing to jeopardize their love for space and eccentricism. Any relationship fails to consume them deeply for they aspire to keep their liberal nature intact, no matter the price they have to pay for it. They love to live on the edge, to feel the joy of accomplishing the unachievable and chalking the road not taken by conservatives.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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