What Happens When You Hurt an Aquarius Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt an Aquarius Woman?


The Aquarius woman defines creativity and sheer brilliance of the mind. She is unique and earns her place as a humanist who wants to bring changes in the world with her out-of-the-box thinking. In love, she is a daredevil who'll stand with her partner through thick and thin. If your Aquarius woman is hurt, she forgives but never forgets. So, how does an Aquarius woman behave when she is angry and losing interest? What does it mean when an Aquarius woman ignores you and how do you get her attention? What causes an Aquarius woman to be mad at you or upset?

Here is what happens when you hurt an Aquarius woman.

How does an Aquarius woman act when she is hurt?

When the Aquarius woman is hurt she will cut you off in no time. She is not among the sensitive signs but when her trust is played with, it hurts her and she shuts down. While it takes her some time to give her heart away, one she is in it she will be a strongly devoted lover. All the positive traits of the Aquarius woman that makes her so desirable can become her greatest weapon when she faces humiliation in matters of love.

She is responsible with her life as ruled by the planet Saturn that demands a high degree of duty and order. So, as long as they are convinced that they were honest and true to their loved ones, they won't coyly accept defeat and give in to unreasonable demands. An important thing to note about the Aquarius female is the fact that she maintains strong relationships with her friends. She is a social butterfly and rest assured she would confide in her friends to support her and motivate her during her darkest hours. She is not an emotional woman but when her patience is tested to the zenith, she is bound to react and become aggressive, especially with her words to cause deep hurt and pain back to you.

Do Aquarius hold grudges?

Yes, Aquarius women do hold grudges but only with those they had complete faith in. They do not wear their heart on their sleeves but building confidence with someone they see immense potential in is a major part of their life. The women born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign do not believe in settling down easily or accept a life of conditions that stifles their freedom.

She is free-spirited and a wild child of the zodiac. It means that a meek and docile attitude is not an option for her. She would rebel and revolt against her enemies ensuring that she crushes their confidence with cold and curt verbal outburst.

How do you apologize to an Aquarius woman?

Beating around the bush and lying through the teeth is not a viable thing to do when you are dealing with an Aquarius woman. She cannot be tamed with false hopes. It's a good idea to come out clean and express your true intentions to her. It is quite likely that she will be unforgiving as she is capable of attacking with strong logic and variable facts at her disposal.

Be remorseful and apologize to her if you have toyed with her emotions. She loves men who can stand for themselves and be accountable for their wrongdoings. Someone who behaves like a coward and plays the blame game is a big turn off for the Aquarius woman and she will not be interested in entertaining such individuals in her life.

Do Aquarius move on quickly?

Aquarius women are quick to maintain distance from those who do not vibe with her. They are swift and being an air sign, they think at lightning speed. Being drained saps all her energy and she wouldn't let herself be heartbroken for too long. She'll stop spending time with you and quickly turn to her huge circle of friends.

She may eventually move on. She may also find someone better but that depends on how hurt she is and what impact the pain caused to her. She has quite a dignified approach to life and she wouldn't stoop low to tarnish her image in the process of recklessly handling her personal crisis.

How do you know when an Aquarius woman is over you and how does she break up?

When an Aquarius woman is done with you, she'll go no-contact for quite some time. She is smart and intelligent and this means she would think of a thousand ways to understand and make peace with what she underwent. She could also leave you out in the cold when her heart gets too bitter. She'll detach herself from you and act like you are non-existent. She has major plans to achieve big dreams in life and letting her motivation die is as good as death for this brilliant woman.

She'll get busier with herself and keep herself highly engaged to keep you off her thoughts. She does not appreciate drama and unwanted problems in her life when she is not responsible for those. So, the Aquarius woman frees herself from you when you no longer serve her purpose to play the fool with her heart. Expect her to block you from her contact list when she is disillusioned by you because you suddenly have no place in her life.

Sexually, she would avoid any of your eager advances. She is enthusiastic and passionate about someone who she is physically intimate with but dishonesty and deceit will kill her interest or desires that she once felt for you.


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