How to Make an Aries Woman Jealous?

How to Make an Aries Woman Jealous?


Aries women are independent and fierce. They prefer being bold and straightforward rather than letting their frustrations pile up. When an Aries woman is jealous, it's a sign she is madly in love with you. On the negative side, it would be because she doesn't approve of your sneaky behavior or closeness with someone other than herself.

So, what makes an Aries woman possessive? What does an Aries woman expect in a relationship? Do you want to make an Aries woman jealous and trick her to get back to you after a breakup? How does she act when she is jealous?

If these questions bother you, here are a few things that you need to know to make an Aries woman jealous:

Are Aries women jealous and possessive?

Aries women are extremely possessive and jealous. They are territorial and will fight to the finish to defend their territory. So, what's theirs is theirs forever and none dare claim their rights over it unless they feel charitable and get in the mood to share (which is rare!). It's good to lay your hands off what belongs to the Aries woman. As combative as they are, if they perceive any sneaky business in their relationships, they will be triggered immediately. So, provoking them should be off the charts or you are in for a fierce battle with the Aries woman.

Aries women are charismatic and attractive. In love, they don't let go easily. They hold onto the negative emotions for a long time although they may move on and pretend as if nothing bothers them. In reality, they are not as indifferent as they may seem. Aries women do not get jealous for no reason. They are extremely faithful in relationships and expect the same in return from their partners. However, if their partner tries to get too close to someone, the Aries woman will struggle to hold back their rage and immediately showcase a violent emotional outburst.

What makes the Aries woman jealous?

The Aries woman gets jealous when they notice some form of intimacy developing between their partner and someone of the opposite sex. She is short-tempered and easily agitated when things don't go her way. While this makes her oh-so-attractive, it's a dangerous scene when she is mad or upset. Aries women are extremely passionate about what they build with their own sweat and blood. Since love consumes their energy as they are dedicated and passionate about their loved ones, Aries women will boldly showcase their irritation or disappointment when their partner lets them down.

These natives are crazy lovers who know no boundaries or rules when they fall in love. Everything is fair in love and war. If this saying was true for someone, it has to be the Aries woman. They can be easily trusted and get into an argumentative mode when their partner tries to flirt with someone or drops hints of cheating on them.

Ruled by Mars and being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries women are childlike. Expecting them to be mature and selfless could be a mistake. They like to show off their partners when they fall in love. They wouldn't leave a chance to tell the world that their partner is taken. They are enthusiastic about their love lives. So, naturally, it hurts them to see their partner taking a relatively keen interest in someone more than them. If things go beyond control, the Aries woman could show her violent side, one that's best kept on the back burner.

How does the Aries woman show jealousy?

The Aries woman will be direct and upfront when confronting their partner about the struggle they have in handling their possessiveness. They will have an open-ended conversation with their loved ones, making it clear that they do not entertain sneaky businesses, especially in matters of the heart.

The Aries woman is not the one to accept defeat. They may not hold on to the pain forever and remain down in the dumps. Instead, it could even shock you when she gives you a terribly cold shoulder and distracts herself like you never existed in his life. Yes, they can get busy with something new and pursue a new project just to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Making an Aries woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

Aries women can get easily affected if you try and make them jealous by being nice to somebody else. They will pay attention and analyze your moves if you make a deliberate attempt to turn them green in jealousy. If the Aries woman was madly in love with you, she will not be able to let go so easily. So, if the breakup is fresh and the feelings still linger, the Aries woman will display her possessiveness as if you still belong to them. However, if the Aries woman is done with you, it's game over for good!

They may even try and connect with you just to know what you are up to, even if they do not bend and accept their mistakes or express their desire to get back with you. If the plan of making them jealous is intentional and they use it as a tit-for-tat, you would be mistaken to assume that they won't hit back at you. In fact, the Aries woman has a hard time accepting or facing rejections. So, when you part ways to be with someone else, they will take offense and seek revenge.

Whether or not an Aries woman will come back, if you try to make her envious depends on the circumstances under which you broke up. If it was amicable, they might want a second chance with you. If you hurt them and caused them misery, they won't bother even if they harbor feelings for you. Aries women are charming and highly attractive. They'll easily move on if they are done and dusted with the relationship they once shared with you.


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