10 Things an Aries Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things an Aries Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


If you are in love with an Aries woman and don't know what she looks for in the man of her dreams, you are not alone. She doesn't know what she wants either. That is the problem with Aries women. They wouldn't know what they truly want even when it is right in front of them. Thankfully, both for the Aries females and their lovers, astrology has answers. Wooing and trying to attract an Aries woman isn't as hard as it seems. You just need to be the right man for her. How do you know if you are the right fit, the ideal partner? What qualities does she like and what personality traits will make her fall in love? I might have some advice to share.

Here are 10 things an Aries woman likes and dislikes in a man!

What does an Aries woman like in a man?

If you were wondering how to attract your Aries crush, it might help to know the qualities she is attracted to. She doesn’t have a long list of demands. Even though it might seem like it. The problem is that even she might not realize what she likes.

1. She likes a man who pays attention to the small things

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Aries woman. It might seem like she doesn't care about small things. She doesn't mind if you don't compliment her on her new haircut. Or don't get the hint about what she wants for her birthday. Or isn't looking for a big surprise on her birthday. She pretends that she doesn't care. And after a while, she stops expecting too. But when a man who notices all these things comes along, she feels like magic has been restored in this world. An Aries female will never take a man like that for granted. She knows how rare it is to have someone who listens. Because she doesn't expect you to know things without her saying anything. She only expects you to pay attention when she does.

2. She wants a man whom she can trust and who trusts her

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it is important for the Aries woman too. But here’s where things get more serious for her. She trusts easily. And if you meet her in her 20s, she has already paid for trusting people who didn’t deserve it. You will find her mistrustful and suspicious. And even if fate has been kinder to her, she is still looking for someone she can trust with her life. Be that man for her. There is another side to it. She will probably do many things you won’t approve of or are worried about. Trust her. Know that she can only learn from her own mistakes. And sometimes not even that. But if you don’t trust her, then she can be your friend but nothing more than that.

3. She likes her man to have his own life (and let her have her own!)

She doesn't want you to stay attached to her hip all the time. She does want to share a life with you. But she wants her own life and wants you to have your own too. If all that you have to share with her are things she already knows, she will lose interest. And if there is one thing that is universal about the Aries zodiac sign, is that these people lose interest very easily. Don't stop her from hanging out with her friends. Let her do things which you are not a part of. You to do things that she isn't a part of. So long as the two of you don't hide anything from each other. Or do something to hurt one another. You will only grow closer if you spend some time apart.

4. She likes a challenge, and would never settle for an easy win

Now here’s a stereotype about women that certainly doesn’t apply to Aries women. They don’t want a pet who follows them around all day. She doesn’t even let her dog (whom she loves more than anything in the world!) do that. She wants a man whose affections aren’t for sale on a 100% discount. Let her work to make you happy too. Let there be some mystery in your relationship that she works to unravel. The Aries woman can never fall for a man who just fell to her feet. She needs to respect you to be able to like you. I’m not saying you make it hard for her, you won’t keep her interested for long that way. All I’m saying is that you keep her interested. Keep her playing.

5. She likes a man who is honest and open about his feelings

If you keep her in the dark you will lose her. If you can't make her believe your feelings for her, she will leave eventually. She needs to know you for her to fall for you. And that isn't possible unless you are open about how you feel. It isn't just about the good, but even the bad. If you don't approve of something, tell her. If she did something wrong, call her out. But remember to do it in private. And tell her how you feel about her. She doesn't need to hear it every day. But it will be especially important on a day when things don't seem to be going her way.

What does an Aries woman dislike in a man?

She might not be aware of what she wants. But she has a full-blown list of what she doesn’t want. It is easier to figure out the things one doesn’t like as opposed to the ones they do. And it will be of great benefit to you to know these things too.

1. She hates men who try to fool or outsmart her

An Aries woman doesn’t even make friends with people who try to fool her. It’s undermining her intelligence, which is a disrespect she will never suffer. And if you think that you are smart enough to fool her, then you don't know this woman. She might not understand your tricks right away. But she will catch on. And when she does, hell hath no fury. And trust me, she will catch on before you get away with it.

2. She will never like a man who doesn’t respect her or treat her as an equal

Only a man who doesn’t respect her would even try to fool her. and well, she doesn’t surround herself with people who don’t respect her. She knows that she isn’t inferior to anyone. And deserves to be treated that way. If you don’t believe she is as good as anyone else, she will never even befriend you.

3. She doesn’t like fakers and pretentious people

The women born under the Aries zodiac sign are known for being direct. They couldn’t pretend to be something they are not, even if they tried. And here’s the thing. They don’t like people who would do things, they wouldn’t. This includes people who are fake and pretend to be something they are not. The Aries woman can see through a fake behavior and they don’t appreciate the mask.

4. If you don’t treat her right, you will never be in her good graces

You cannot expect this woman to put up with foul treatment. She might let some of your outbursts go. After all, she knows better than anyone how anger can take over a mind. But if you think you can make it a habit of mistreating her, you will soon find yourself without her. she can be understanding. She won’t be subservient.

5. She wouldn’t fall for unambitious men

And lastly, she will never fall for a man who doesn’t have dreams of his own. She might not tell you, but she has big dreams in life. Dreams that she will surely pursue. And if you are someone who doesn’t share the same passion for life and success, she won’t be interested. She likes to surround herself with people who have a purpose. How can you expect her to fall for someone who doesn’t have any?


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