What Happens When You Hurt a Cancer Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Cancer Man?


Cancer men can get too cranky when they are sad. They'll often hide their feelings and listen more than they express. How do Cancer men act when they are mad and hurt? Why do Cancer men push you away? How to get back together with a Cancer man? What do you do when a Cancer man is upset?

Read along to find out what astrology has to say about dealing with a Cancer man who is hurt, upset, heartbroken and angry:

How does a Cancer man act when he is hurt?

Cancer men are soft-hearted and sensitive. They can easily take things personally and bottle up their emotions. The delicate core of the Cancer man makes it difficult for them to handle harsh criticisms or neglect especially by those they attach themselves to.

When the Cancer man is affected, he could withdraw into his shell faster than you can imagine. He'll guard himself and build the highest walls around himself so that he isn't toyed with again. Just like his animal symbol, the crab, Cancer men will escape the spot that doesn't serve their highest good. He'll hide himself from the rest of the world and conceal what he truly feels about what transpired between you guys.

As he is a gentle soul, he can never hurt someone else back with the same intensity but he can get vindictive if he has been wronged and taken advantage of. He is moody and as all depends on his feelings and the extent of the damage done to him, your Cancer guy may hit back but would also drown himself in the pain.

The Cancer male is usually in two minds about any course of action as his moodiness often makes it stressful for him to figure out the right path to walk on. He is fickle, his mood swings just like the waxing and waning phase of the moon. The confusion is profound especially when he is heartbroken, jealous or hurt, or when the Cancer man is done with you.

As an emotional sign what is highly noticeable is his change of behavior. He may throw tantrums and express himself with an explosive outburst if he goes into an emotional overdrive, repeatedly thinking of the misery or betrayal caused to him.

Does Cancer hold grudges?

Yes, Cancer men do hold grudges for the longest amount of time as they cannot lash out or behave impulsively to cause irreparable damage to others. Cancerians do not live with the motto of tit for tat. As long as they can, they would suppress their real emotions so that they do not bleed unknowingly on those who did not cut them. However, that's not a license to take him for granted as he can also hit back if he so wishes. His sensitivity is not his weakness but he would harbor self destructive ideas to punish himself for trusting someone so much.

Generally, Cancer men are so loving and selfless that they could just let go but they do not forget the emotional turmoil someone made them go through despite giving it their all. This translates to him as a severe breach of trust that would never be regained. Once a cheater will always be a cheater to a Cancer man. So, it's a good idea to tread carefully with the trust and faith he poses on you. As long as he takes to fall in love, he is equally cautious in building a deep bond with a lover.

How to apologize to a Cancer man?

Be kind to him and show extreme sensitivity when you confront a Cancer man who is hurt. Respect their boundaries and speak to them with integrity.

They like decisive people who have the courage to be bold and honest. If the relationship is taking a toll on you, it's only fair to let your Cancer man know.

Apologize with sincerity only when you mean it and can commit to change. As an intuitive sign with deep knowledge of the human psyche, the Cancer man would pick hints if you try to pull the wool over his eye.

Speak lovingly and give him a chance to express himself. Build confidence by showing him that your hurtful actions were unintentional.

Do Cancer guys move on quickly?

Cancer men may physically move away from someone who caused them agony but they would forever cherish the memories they made in their heart. They hold on to their experiences for the longest but once they feel insecure or unsafe around someone, they will move on for the sake of their comfort and peace.

The men born under the Cancer Zodiac sign love a harmonious life. Any hint of uncertainty or feeling of unworthiness can make them close themselves off for good. With a vivid sense of imagination the Cancer man builds castles with a partner they are so attached to but insensitivity can cause them to break up and move on as quickly as possible. But they will struggle with their feelings as they have difficulty parting ways with a dear one who they dreamed a future with.

How do you know when a Cancer man is over you and wants to break up?

If you play with a Cancer man, he will be shattered. He is so loving and empathetic that even when he is verbally done with you he will continue to feel for you. So, he is never truly over someone.

If he acts fishy or highly suspicious of you, it could be a sign that your Cancer man is not really into you and does not feel comfortable around you. When a Cancer guy goes quiet without notice, suddenly appearing detached and unaffected by your loving advances, things are not quite great in your paradise.

Cancer men fiercely preserve and protect their abode. It's unlike him to give up and act like he doesn't care. So, when his reactions are cold and he acts difficult, your Cancer man may be disinterested in you.

Cancer men are givers. They are romantic at heart. Cancers are generous and always ready to nurture and help someone they care so deeply about. Acting indifferent and behaving selfishly goes against the true element of Cancer native. This is a real sign that he does not feel the way he used to anymore.


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