10 Things a Cancer man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Cancer man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


A Cancer man in love would need a commitment of a lifetime if he pursues someone. Going by the traditions, he would want a family and raise kids with someone he is madly in love with. What is Cancer man's best love match? What does a Cancer man want in a woman? What are they attracted to? Who will a Cancer man marry? What do Cancer men want in a relationship and who are they sexually compatible with?

Here is a list of 10 characteristics and personality traits a Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman.

1. Cancer men like dependability

The moon ruled Cancer man is aware of the ups and downs of his moods. He is fickle and that adds to his vulnerable nature. When the Cancer man looks for his ideal match, he'll notice whether she is reliable and stable. He needs a guarantee that she won't be insensitive to his needs. He needs her presence at home to call it his comfort zone. He wants to come back and enjoy a hearty meal with his partner talking about his day and learning about hers too. Unless he is convinced he could picture a life like that, he won't be serious with a woman.

2. They want a loyal lover

Cancer men are extremely sensitive individuals. While they may project a tough exterior, they have a delicate core which can break down when their emotions are tampered with. As fragile as it could get, Cancer men hate their emotions being neglected. They are possessive and could easily get affected if their partner fails to acknowledge them or disregard their needs. If a lover tries to make them jealous and flirt with other men, it will tick them off easily. They'll defend what's theirs and expect conformity to morals in relationships.

3. They want a supportive partner

Cancer men want a partner who can stand by them. They will not fall easily for a woman who does not project sincerity towards the relationship and unwilling to stand tall with her partner in the face of tough challenges. If they have a life together with someone, they need someone to lean on. They'll expect reciprocity to their love and care. Being taken for granted while they make efforts could upset the Cancer man.

4. They want quality time

The home of a Cancer man is the coziest space they want to come back to after a tiring day outside. They want to spend time with their lover, talk to them, speak about their lives and meaningfully indulge in shared activities. It's all about a satisfactory domestic life for the Cancer individual or not at all. Thus, they'll want a partner who manages the time to prioritize her family's needs over selfish engagements. While he is ready to motivate her to achieve her dreams, he needs her to be equally responsible about her relationship.

5. They'll dislike impulsiveness

If a woman makes decisions and haste and does not feel comfortable confirming to routine, it could cause relationship issues with the Cancer male. While he may make adjustments for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony in his private life, he would be disappointed with someone who is reckless and indecisive. Cancer men do not fall in love easily and therefore it's necessary for them to gauge if the woman of their liking can prove herself worthy of his time.

6. They'll hate aggressive women

As sensitive individuals, the men born under the Cancer Zodiac sign will never tolerate humiliation or disrespect. So you'll have to watch your time and language around the Cancer man who'll expect you to conform to basic ethics of conduct. He would prefer someone graceful, compassionate and sensitively articulate to be madly in love with. In case the woman projects an aggressive attitude with no regard for his image or violates his space, he would be totally turned off by her.

7. They prefer responsible women

A Cancer man's true soulmate is a woman with high values and a sense of responsibility. He needs to have blind faith in her. She should be capable enough to handle situations with patience and integrity. If you are in the habit of escaping from challenges or dropping your tasks mid way, he would see it as a red flag. To him, your sense of commitment should reflect in all things that you do. So, Cancer men are attracted to women who are sincere and can prioritize their relationships as much as they balance other engagements.

8. They want someone emotionally strong

Cancer men need someone who can inspire them when they feel depressed. They need to feel safe and secure around the one they love. Their emotional vulnerability might make them clingy and hence they would expect their partners to handle them with care and compassion. If their emotions are neglected, consider it a breaking point in the relationship for the softer aspects of life matter relatively more than material security per se.

9. They love slow passionate sex

Lovemaking with a Cancer man is extremely soft and as long as he wants it to be an experience where he can exchange his emotions with you and vice versa. Cancer men can be a bit freaky in bed only when he has had your trust and he allows you into his space without inhibitions. When the Cancer man is searching for his best match or to marry, he'll look for her involvement during the act. If you act too detached or hurry to finish the act, he might just brand it as a lack of involvement. So prepare yourself for long foreplay, be attentive to what he asks for and let him take charge if he feels like. He is fond of women who have the sexual prowess to engage him creatively into it.

10. They expect high standards of behavior

While the Cancer male is not dominating, he certainly could try getting his tasks done just by leveraging his emotions. He may not be too harsh or controlling but he does want a woman who respects his boundaries and preserves his mental balance. He would want a well behaved woman who is calm and composed. He needs a smart woman who confirms to certain mutually agreed rules in the relationship so that it runs smoothly for a long time. As he could be let down by little things that go unnoticed amidst the regular schedules, he would need extra attention to feel reassured of your mindfulness and dedication to the love that you share.


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