10 Bad Traits of Cancer Men

10 Bad Traits of Cancer Men


Cancer men are kind and empathetic but an excess of this can kill the bond they share with their loved ones. What are the bad traits of a Cancer male? What qualities of a Cancer are hated the most? What are the worst personality traits of the Cancer Zodiac sign in astrology? What bad habits and negative characteristics does the Cancer man secretly harbor?

If you are curious and want to discover their dark side, let's dig into the list of the 10 bad, negative personality traits of the Cancer men.

Are Cancer men toxic?

Cancer men are confused in life and may not have a sense of direction. Being emotional and sensitive and having an extremely negative bent of mind, that could make them depressed and anxious. This could translate into being narcissistic, which makes their relationships toxic.

Cancer men may overdo their love and responsibilities, leaving little space for personal space. This neither bodes well for their relationships nor for their own happiness and sense of peace.

1. Cancers men distrust everyone

Built with a soft core but hard exterior, Cancer men have a hard time posing their faith in people. They are too fearful of having their heart broken or their trust toyed with. This makes them highly suspicious and distrusting of everyone around them. This wreaks havoc in their relationship especially when they fail to believe their partner and start thinking about all the possible negative outcomes of a situation. Extreme negative thinkers, Cancer men can obsess over their thoughts and spoil even the best of plans with their overthinking.

2. Cancer men experience frequent mood swings

Cancer men are quite moody. They fail to regulate their emotions or have a strong control over them. They can often suffer from personality disorders like being bipolar as changeable emotions makes them quite unpredictable. In love, they are difficult to understand and one may often find it hard to satisfy them. They may be extremely happy or sad when you least expect them to be.

3. Cancer men are hard to read

It's difficult to figure out what a Cancer man truly wants. They could seem perpetually confused and unable to make strong decisions. Their emotions are hard to decipher and since their feelings rule over their actions, they could be impossible to understand. The Cancer man loves movement and change. This imparts a sense of loss of identity or belongingness to a particular place or person and they may often seem lost in the la-la land.

4. Cancer men are dominating

Cancer men are soft and sensitive but they may become dominating at home, that is their comfort zone. They are usually shy and introverted but once they are in the confines of their personal space they may be very demanding to handle. They project a hard exterior in the fear that they could be taken advantage of. Cancer men love to rule their home space by triggering them or pushing the wrong buttons could come down negatively. They could have a violent outburst of emotions, one that nobody could have expected before.

5. Cancer is fearful of failing

Cancer men have a hard time accepting defeat especially in the matters of their family and love life. They want to surpass everyone's expectations and make everyone happy. They can sacrifice a lot for those they love but this could at times backfire because they expect admiration in return. The desperation to win over everyone and maintain peace and harmony wherever they are can often make them too passive and push-overs, taking a lot more than they should.

6. Cancer men are dependent

The men born under the Cancer Zodiac sign have an innate feminine character that causes them to retreat at the site of confrontations of taking charge. They like to be in the backdrop without the need for the limelight. This often translates to the Cancer males being unable to assert themselves and have a say. They are too dependent on their family and loved ones for support. So, they could struggle to be alone or all by themselves. In such a case, they could panic, become anxious or have a nervous breakdown.

7. Cancer men Self-sabotage

Cancer guys are driven by their thoughts and emotions. They may often miscalculate a situation, putting all their hopes and dreams in a single person or thing. So, when people fall short of their expectations or do not love them the way they expect to be, it could make them depressed and disheartened. They can push themselves into a rabbit hole, constantly repeating negative scenarios in their mind.

8. Cancer main fail to think logically

Cancer men are creative people, possessing a mind that is filled with dreams and fantasies. However, they fail to think critically or rationalize their thoughts and actions. They think and act through their hearts without regrets. This could often blind them and veil the reality. Cancer men are sentimental. It could often project them as weak and clingy. He could shut off immediately if his opinions are cared for or he feels neglected in relationships.

9. Cancer men are selfish

Cancer men live in their own world. They are dreamers who often harbor a false sense of reality. When caring for their loved ones, they may be blinded and biased. Their emotions often cloud their judgement and they could become too involved and concerned about their own selfish interests, particularly with regards to their happiness and that of the family. So, if his love gets too intense, he could try and impose his selfish motives on those around which becomes a fertile ground for problems.

10. Cancer men are indulgent

Cancer men are ruled by the moon which signifies fun and frolic. Their changeable moods make them swing between their emotions and those could often force them to cut off from the rest of the world and isolate themselves. So, they'll indulge in sinful pleasures for temporary satisfaction and in the process, may end up hurting those who believe in them. This is especially true if a Cancer man is not into you.


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