10 Things a Capricorn man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Capricorn man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


Driven and self-motivated, the Capricorn man is serious about love and life in general. When he decides to fall in love, this earth sign of the zodiac would make a calculated move rather than a hopelessly romantic one. What does a Capricorn man look for in a woman? What kind of a woman does the Capricorn man like? What's a Capricorn man's best love match?

Here is a list of 10 things a Capricorn man likes and dislikes in a woman and what he desires in his ideal partner!

1. He is attracted to stability

As an earth sign, the Capricorn man's ideal woman is reliable and stable in life. This means that she demonstrates a level of consistency in seriousness towards her overall goals in life. He is a hard worker and he would appreciate it if his partner can support him through challenges. Recklessness or fickle attitude can easily annoy him because it puts him off balance and diverts his attention from his career aspirations.

2. He likes a graceful woman

Grace and charm attracts a Capricorn man. He is usually on an alpha mode and likes a woman who is calm and composed. He would find himself drawn towards a woman who can patiently handle herself and him when faced with hard times. He would choose a partner who can showcase her dignity at all times. Someone who can care and nurture him will win over his heart. The Capricorn man is a family oriented guy so he would generally go for a lady who displays the traditional feminine characteristics.

3. He appreciates trustworthiness

He has a serious disposition towards life. The man born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign has a structured view of conducting himself and anything that disrupts his routine can easily turn him off. So if he decides to settle down or commit to someone long term, the Capricorn man would look for a deeply loyal and dependable woman. He cannot afford sneaky behavior or being played with. Therefore, he needs to feel convinced that his partner is capable of his blind faith.

4. He is fond of smart women

Intelligence drives a Capricorn male. He usually gravitates towards dark humor and seeks a partner who can relate to it. He likes to keep himself updated and educated about things that influence his daily routine. So, dumb women do not inspire him. He wants to feel motivated by his partner. He is not talkative but he does expect an opinionated woman in his life. She needs to be smart or at least capable of communicating with clarity. Having intellectual conversations with a partner is paramount for the Capricorn man.

5. He dislikes casual behavior

A casual approach to life frustrates the Capricorn man. He cannot handle a partner who does not have a sense of purpose or direction in life. He is dutiful and expects sincerity in his partner too. Yes, Capricorn men set pretty high standards in life and this can be quite difficult to deal with. All he understands is being responsible and dedicated to his commitments, both personal and professional. This is a non-negotiable quality that he desires in a woman.

6. He is turned off by selfish women

The Capricorn man would like to date a woman who can be selfless and giving. He needs to feel her warmth and generosity for he needs to court someone who is the typical wife material. He is all about building his empire and he wants someone who can take care of his resources and think about the well being of both as a team. He is a provider and protector and he desires a woman who is a nurturer.

7. He cannot tolerate disrespect

A self-centered woman who cannot respect him or the people that mean the most to him cannot be in his life. He detests a foul mouth and expects his partner to be responsible with her communication. A callous behavior, unnecessary drama, flirtatious tendencies and lack of ability to prioritize family life can cause the Capricorn man to be disinterested in a woman.

8. He craves independent women

Extremely clingy women who are dependent and have no streak of self-sufficiency cannot become the Capricorn man's “type”. He is inspired by women who have a high self-esteem and are secure in who they are. Seeking validity all the time and displaying neediness and attention seeking behavior is plain annoying for the Capricorn man.

9. He hates drama

An overly emotional or nagging partner can kill the motivation of a Capricorn man to pursue her. Constant fights and especially those that seem silly and without a concrete rhyme or reason can throw the relationship off balance and distract the Capricorn man from his goals. He is clear about avoiding those around him who are manipulative and sneaky. As long as there is a real problem he is willing to work through the problems but once it's evident that the conflicts are irrational, he would seek an exit.

10. He likes sexually confident women

The Capricorn man is known for his libido and mind blowing performance in bed. They are those who are tenacious and last relatively long in bed. This means he would expect his partner to be confident and capable of infusing fiery passion between the sheets. Emotional detachment does form a noteworthy dark trait of the Capricorn man and this nonetheless demands that his partner can bring in creativity, fun and satisfaction. He is a giver and usually dominating and therefore, he would love an action-oriented woman who can keep up with his energy.


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Maria Alifa


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