What Happens When You Hurt a Capricorn Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Capricorn Woman?


Capricorn women are never overly sensitive but when they ignore you, it's a red flag. They are principled and dedicated to their jobs. So, if you belittle their efforts, insult or humiliate her, it's a done deal already. How to know if a Capricorn woman is over you? How does a Capricorn woman break up? Why does a Capricorn woman acts distant, avoid you or pull away? What happens when you hurt a Capricorn woman and what can you expect when a Capricorn woman is mad at you?

Here is what happens when the Capricorn woman is hurt, upset or mad at you.

How does a Capricorn woman act when she is hurt?

When the Capricorn woman is hurt, she'll burden herself with more responsibilities. She hates to feel drained by emotional drama. It makes her uncomfortable and this is why the Capricorn female will avoid emotional vulnerability at all costs. So, in order to let go off the frustration or feelings of having failed in the relationship, she'll avoid it with burdensome work.

With an ambitious woman like the Capricorn native who desires nothing but power, breakups make her feel like she has lost control. She may perhaps become overly controlling and demanding with others when she is struggling to understand the peculiar behavior of a cheating partner.

She'll be arrogant and mean. When the Capricorn woman feels neglected or her trust abused, she will respond to you coldly. Her sarcasm can bleed your ears for she won't lose out on an opportunity to make you feel regretful. The Capricorn woman sets the rules and boundaries in her relationships early on. So, when they are broken, it hurts her ego and pride. As an intelligent sign, she'll fight to get her power back ensuring that you pay back.

Do Capricorn hold grudges?

The women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign do hold grudges. The fact you wronged her will remain forever etched in her memory and given a chance, she will surely avenge the wrong done to her. She may use all her power and might to make you feel the same emotional turmoil and pain that you caused.

If you were wondering whether Capricorn is a dangerous sign in astrology, it's certain. She is vindictive but unlike the Scorpios that seek justice through sly means playing mind games, Capricorns go all guns blazing to become your worst enemy. It's a full throttle war zone when the Capricorn woman is mad at you and needs you to apologize to her.

How do you apologize to a Capricorn woman?

When the Capricorn woman is betrayed, she will demand a heartfelt apology. She is blunt and cold. Never take her for a fool because she will quickly shut you up with her brilliant logic and play of words.

Backhanded compliments will piss her off. She expects nothing but the truth. So, tell her the real deal just the way it is.

Be kind and respectful and never demean her with unkind words. Playing the blame game is a bad tactic with the Capricorn woman for she is stubborn and confident of what she expects from her love life.

Win her heart with genuine behavior. Express your thankfulness for all that the Capricorn woman did for you with an open heart. Understand her standpoint rather than projecting your superiority. Even if she is not keen on moving forward with the relationship again, just be nice to her.

Do Capricorns move on quickly?

Capricorns respect the limits they set upon themselves and on their partners when they are in love. If they are hurt, they will not move on quickly. It takes time for them to absorb the shock of a heartbreak even though they do not seem too emotional like the water signs.

It pains them equally to be cheated on or fooled. She'll try to divert her attention into productive activities as work is worship for the Capricorn native. They'll seclude themselves and carry on with their daily routine like nothing ever happened or they were never involved with you in the first place.

It takes time for them to build a relationship with someone. They are slow to express their emotions and when they do, they need stability and reliability. Therefore, they'll live in a void before they are ready for another relationship, but not anytime soon.

Consider yourself super lucky to be forgiven by Capricorns. They'll be waiting for the right opportunity to strike back at you. So, a quick effort at fixing the situation will only backfire for winning their trust the second time is almost impossible.

How do you know a Capricorn woman is over you and how does she break up?

When the Capricorn woman is done with you or no longer interested in the relationship, she will act like your presence has no impact on her. She acts indifferent and she ignores you completely.

She does not get physically intimate. Sex life is important for the Capricorn woman. While she may be a bit traditional in her approach she does crave for physical pleasures. When the Capricorn woman leaves you feel undesired or sex feels unexciting.

She is too busy for you without caring to communicate about her whereabouts or engagements. The Capricorn woman is career-oriented. She derives immense satisfaction from material success than anything else. So, no matter how difficult her personal life gets, she'll seek solace in her work. However, she does make time from her busy schedule just to make you happy. If she acts far too occupied than she generally is, it could be a sign she has moved on.


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