The Dark Side of a Gemini Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Gemini Man in a Relationship


The two-faced Gemini men are usually smart liars, complicated to fathom and cunning. What are the bad, negative personality traits of a Gemini? Why are Gemini men so hated or disliked? Why make Gemini men so evil and difficult? Why should you never date a Gemini man?

Here is the ugly truth about the Gemini man's dark side in relationships!

1. Gemini man's immaturity makes them difficult to love

Gemini men can be immature and unable to handle a situation calmly when calamity strikes. They may seem agitated and anxious, quick to pack their bags and leave when the times are rough and nothing about the relationship seems hunky dory. They may spend a long time building castles in the air with little commitment to work things through under trying circumstances.

2. A incessant desire for changes makes them bad in relationships

The men born under the Gemini Zodiac sign get bored easily. They need to have fun and excitement in their relationships to be happy. A routine life is a deal breaker for a Gemini man. They are mostly likely to push a partner away when stagnancy creeps into the relationship. This causes trust issues to build beyond repair. While their love for newness makes them quite inventive, they could also be gone with the wind when the energy and passion subsides.

3. Playing mind games is the worst trait of a Gemini man

Gemini men are the super-smart lot. They are sly and conceited when they are not into you. They have multiple thoughts running in their heads and could con someone at ease. With brilliant communication skills Gemini men can easily convince someone of their talents and pull the wool over their partner's eyes. They easily blend and role play, avoiding serious discussions and getting their needs fulfilled by engaging in flattery.

4. An independent streak makes Gemini men detached in relationships

Gemini males hate being tied to a place and forced to follow a certain way of life. They have a wild desire to taste it all, living life without regrets. On the flip side, this characteristic trait of the Gemini guy makes them flee from commitment and avoid the conversation about settling down. In the younger years, the untamed Gemini man might seem too impulsive to be trusted with a serious relationship.

5. Inconsistency makes them so annoying

A Gemini man with a mercurial brain is all over the place. They could be deeply engrossed and bubbly at one point and easily distracted at the other. It's hard to understand their patterns and the uncertainty of their decisions make them volatile and impassioned out of the blue. This does not bode well in a relationship when the partner seeks greater involvement and efforts to pursue a long-term romantic connection.

6. A con of being a Gemini man is the lack of patience

Trusting a Gemini man with one's heart is a risky business. They lack the patience and stability to understand and make informed decisions. Hastiness makes them rash and difficult to confide in. It's hard to depend on a Gemini man who struggles with decision-making. A partner with an organized and serious disposition could discover a Gemini man's unreliability to be an ugly truth of dating him.

7. Fickleness causes Gemini man to end up alone

Gemini men are never too sure or decisive about what they want in life. A jack of all trades and master of none is what best describes a Gemini man. They are notorious for leaving their endeavors unfinished and escaping in the blink of an eye when their selfish needs are ignored or overlooked. One has to be cautious of the faith they place on a Gemini man as they often fail to realize or execute their commitments to the finish.

8. A huge network circle is a Gemini man's weakness

Impeccable communication skills make them garner much attention wherever they go. The charm in their eyes is captivating and the sheer intellect is an attractive feature of the Gemini man. Needless to say, flirtatious Gemini men woo women and scream for attention even when they are committed. This breeds much resentment and jealousy in the relationship causing some distress to their partner which they often don't care much about.

9. Gemini dangerously lacks focus

The lack of focus makes a Gemini man confused and often split. He might have multiple engagements at the same time and aggressively push his beliefs or ideas which makes a partner feel suppressed, neglected or ignored. They struggle paying undivided attention to their partners. Even in the midst of an intense discussion they would be day dreaming or avoiding the task at hand.

10. Gemini man are insensitive

Gemini men are expert advisors, sometimes unsolicited. Mean statements when they are agitated or in an irritable mood can do more damage than they imagine. They could have trouble feeling someone's pain or empathize or practice compassion. The inability to put themselves in the other's shoes attracts criticism and repulsion in the dating scene. with a tongue sharper than a sword, Gemini man could lash out at a partner without thinking especially when they hurt.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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