10 Signs a Gemini Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Gemini Man is Not Into You


The Gemini man is a fun-loving, eloquent and adventurous man. Do you have the feeling that your Gemini man does not make any genuine effort to win over you? Or is is acting cold and distant? How to know if a Gemini man is not into you or does not like you more than a friend? How to tell if he is really keen on pursuing you or if he is playing you?

Here are 10 signs which will tell you if a Gemini man is not interested in you:

1. He is dishonest with you

The Gemini man is very capable of lying on the face. Sometimes he does it unintentionally but trust that he can pull off an amazing act leaving no traces to be caught red handed. When the Gemini man is ignoring you, he will resort to lies and deceitful conduct. When confronted with a difficult situation the Gemini male will pretend to get away with his misdoings. Often branded superficial, he can move away from you like he was never there in the first place.

2. He refrains from communicating

When a Gemini man is not into you, he will mask his feelings from you. He is a happy-go-lucky man who needs to pour his heart out almost to everyone in his company. If a Gemini man suddenly goes mute, is a major signal that his heart lies elsewhere and he is not interested in you. You don't excite him and this is why he remains silent or does not speak with you in a loving manner. His tone could be harsh or he could also tell you hurtful words just so that you are turned off because he can't picture himself with you.

3. He is disturbed

Usually when a Gemini man falls in love, he is cheerful and gay. He is joyful and that shows in his body language. Any speck of disorientation you notice in a Gemini man is proof that he is not in his true element. Your presence makes him anxious and he clearly wants to avoid confronting you about his problems or troubles if he does not feel attracted to you. In short, he does not look happy or motivated to initiate any conversation with you.

4. He does not bother about you

When a Gemini man does not care about the impact his decisions have on you, he is clearly unmoved by your advances towards him. He does things in haste regardless of how you feel or opine about situations. He is flaky and does not wish to build confidence with you. If you ask him what his intentions are, he seems inconsistent because he is still unsure about his feelings. He may not directly say things to make you feel bad but he looks uptight and hesitant.

5. He flirts with other women

If a Gemini man eyes other women or flirts with them openly, he is clearly distracted and does not wish to pursue you. He does not pay attention to your needs or expectations so he does not feel responsible for how you perceive his image. As an air sign, the man born under the Gemini Zodiac sign is a smooth talker. He can lure women to bed with no intention to get involved in a long term committed relationship. He is a carefree man and prefers a life with no strings attached.

6. He ghosts you

He does not want to face you when you confront him. He would prefer taking all blames and escaping without notice than deal with a problem that discomforts him. If he really liked you, he would hate to leave you out in the cold. He does not care about the repercussions of his hasty actions so he played with you rather than reciprocate your feelings.

7. He is uncaring and distant

He avoids you and tries to keep you at a distance. He is more likely to have someone else on mind but keeps you on the loop with unnecessary or superficial conversations. Gemini men are extroverted and like to engage in adventures from time to time. If they fail to do the “fun” activities with you, they are not in for the long haul. He is not really investing any time to understand or know you meaningfully. This qualifies as a major sign that the Gemini man is detached from you.

8. He defames you

He speaks ill of you. He gossips about you and spills your secrets to other people. He has ruined your reputation and has tarnished your image. It is an obvious sign that the Gemini man fails to respect your privacy or ensure that your honor remains intact. He never compliments you or makes you feel special. If a Gemini man has no feelings whatsoever he could get really evil just to dive home the message that he is done with you.

9. He takes favors from you

He is using you for financial favors. He just wants to get his job done and that's all that he is looking for. He is nice to you and makes you feel good only when there is an ulterior motive involved. The Gemini man likes to keep his options open. He would have several women on his list who he needs to satisfy his wants. He plays his cards right as a mercurial personality and he is using you for his short-term gains at the cost of your innocence or niceness.

10. You are his booty call

He only calls you for sex. He never wants to be seen outside with you just in case he may be caught. He does have some cheap fun and leaves once he lust is satisfied. When a Gemini man is playing you, he will manipulate you to spend private time with him and quench his physical desires. He only uses you as an object and there is nothing boyfriend-like in the way he behaves around you unless he wants sex. Even sex seems like a mechanical act with him because his emotions are never involved.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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