The Dark Side of a Taurus Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Taurus Man in a Relationship


The Taurus man is kind, sweet and gentle until he is irritated or provoked. Like every zodiac sign, the Taurus man too has negative qualities that reflect when he is in an intimate relationship. What are the negative personality traits of the Taurus man? What characteristics make the Taurus male so toxic in love? Are Taurus natives rude when they are upset? What are the weaknesses of a Taurus that could make a relationship with him difficult?

Here are a few things you need to know about the dark side of a Taurus man when he is in love:

1. He is stubborn

The Taurus man has this personality trait, especially when he is in a love relationship.

It is difficult to influence or convince him once he has made up his mind. He is rigid and difficult as can be assessed from the quality of his element, the earth. He has a deep desire to prove himself right and this contributes to the firmness of his mind and hence, his strong will.

However, while it renders stability and dependability to his personality, it also makes him appear selfish or self-absorbed.

2. He is possessive

Taurus men are extremely possessive of their loved ones and particularly protective of their partners.

They will put up a stiff fight to build security in their relationship. However, even though a bit of jealousy is great in a romantic relationship, an excess of it can choke the flow of love and stifle its health and growth.

Taurus men can showcase a controlling side of theirs when things do not conform to their understanding or expectations.

3. He has a destructive anger

Patience is an attractive personality trait of the Taurus man. However, if he is triggered beyond the threshold of his tolerance, he could raze his opponents to the ground.

It goes without saying that this anger lingers for quite a while and it's difficult to pacify him easily. He expects strict adherence to rules and commands loyalty from his partner, unwilling to accept any excuse for justification of wrongs or misdoings.

He'll be cruel and rude to you once he is rubbed the wrong way and there could be a terrible explosion of anger if he figures out that he is being cheated or lied to.

4. He is selfish

A reserved nature makes Taurus men conceited and a Taurus guy could be using you for his personal motives.

They could be easily misunderstood as overly indulgent in their own whims and fancies. Once they retire or decide to unwind it could be a near impossible task to make them hear you or do something that requires effort.

He'll shut down and keep you at a distance if he feels disinterested in you. It could turn down or demotivate a lover who is proactive and loves to engage in spontaneous activities. He is consumed in himself to realize what hurts a sensitive lover when he behaves too full of himself.

5. He doesn't accept defeat

The Taurus male is competitive. He needs to be at the top of his game or it could hurt his ego.

He is uncompromising during arguments if he finds no merit in what his partner could be trying to explain. He could avoid all communications and keep his lover at a distance when he is upset or pissed off.

His beliefs are strong and it could be hard to move him or make him trust what you say. This will lead you to an impasse and cause further complications in your relationship with the Taurus man.

6. The Taurus man holds grudges for a long time

It is hard for a Taurus man to let go of his pain. He is slow to process any change and this causes him to hold on to past hurt which leads to greater sourness in his relationships.

He is not forgiving, which means that the negative chatter in his head could grow and lead to a massive emotional outburst at the least expected time. He could throw tantrums and use sarcasm to insult his partner when he is in a vengeful mood.

Their anger issues can be tamed with great effort but his merciless nature gives him a bad reputation for being aggressive and dominating in his love life.

7. He is slow to adapt

Adaptation is a characteristic trait that comes with much hard work for the man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

He has his priorities straight and won't budge from what makes his own life comfortable. He is practical and can only commit to what guarantees him success. He won't gamble or do things recklessly. His rigidity discomforts his partner who derives joy in randomness or sudden plans.

He is too caught up on the pursuit of his goals to take care of his partner's needs in the relationship.

8. He is boastful

The Taurus male is proud and takes pleasure in flaunting his assets.

He could hoard great wealth and secure his life just by dint of his hard work and dedication. This makes them display a snobbish attitude and causes them to cut off ties with those that do not hail him or praise their successes. This superiority complex can spoil the relationship.

Taurus men can fall into this narcissistic tendency and it is very difficult to bring their feet (and heart) back to the ground.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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