10 Signs a Taurus Man is Using You

10 Signs a Taurus Man is Using You


If your Taurus man is only available for a "good time" or shows zero concern for your efforts to have a healthy relationship, be alarmed, for he is not interested in you. He does not care about a real investment in you. Do you doubt that your Taurus man is playing you? Is your trust being betrayed by him? Is a Taurus guy manipulating you for sex? Does your Taurus man often pull back or act distant and cold?

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if a Taurus man is using you or playing you for personal gains:

1. He does not romance you

As a Venus ruled persona, the Taurus man needs to feel the heat of attraction when he meets you. He needs a connection that's pure and raw to be passionate about you. If he excuses himself from making you feel honored and special, he is yet to be convinced of your value in his life. When the Taurus man is in love, he'll pursue the love of his life in full force, never leaving an opportunity to make it known that you are important to him. If you notice a half-hearted attitude from his end, it's a sign your Taurus man is seriously not into you.

2. He picks flaws in you

He has an artistic outlook towards things he sees and feels. That could mean that he is very particular in taste and wants to surround himself in luxurious objects. If he is acting a bit cocky and trying to point out your weaknesses, you may not mean too much to him. When the Taurus man doesn't have feelings for you or doesn't feel confident about you, he could be mean and indifferent to who you are. He will be self-absorbed and turn a blind eye to all your efforts.

3. He always wants it his way

Taurus males are aggressively persuasive. They are rigid and extremely pushy if they want their needs fulfilled. If he pays no heed to your expectations or choices, he is on a selfish trip extracting all benefits of your presence in his life. He is snobbish and never accommodates your requests. Such level of insensitivity only points at his disinterest in your feelings or emotions. He couldn't care less about the impact his decisions have on you. Being an earthy sign, his stubbornness reflects strongly and that's a strong sign you should look out for confirming his disregard.

4. He avoids speaking of a future with you

The man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign is known for his stability. He will adhere to tradition and conforms to time tested values and beliefs he has inculcated. Though he is a romantic man, he is picky. He'll rarely wear his heart on his sleeves. It's unlikely for him to avoid talking about family and marriage when he really loves someone deeply. If he digresses or dodges all conversations about building a home with you or excludes you from conversations about things that matter to him, he is perhaps distracted and does not wish to pursue you.

5. He asks for favors

The Taurus male could be quite indulgent in material comforts. He needs to experience the best no matter the cost if he can afford to buy it. On the dark side, the Taurus man may misuse his charm to take advantage of your big heart. He may need you to do things for him, making false promises and never keeping his words. If he lets go of his self-esteem and repeatedly demands things from you without spoiling you back, he is up to no good or has wrong intentions for you.

6. You don't belong to his priority list

Being there for you does not fall among his responsibilities. He avoids you whenever it is convenient. He keeps you away from his friends and family and ensures that you remain a secret of his life. If the Taurus man never speaks about you around people he cares about, he is unsure about you. He is using you for short term gains or as an arm candy to boost his self- esteem. Thus, when a committed man like a Taurus behaves casually, it's a clear sign he is testing you.

7. He ghosts you often

If the Taurus man is never answerable to you or leave you guessing about his moves, he does not care about you. Booty calls are common with an ultra sensual Taurus man who has no intention to commit to a stable relationship with you. He leaves you and comes back again and again to seek validity when he runs out of options. He is irresponsible with your heart and shows no concern when you demand an explanation. He has sold you hopes and dreams and fulfilled none. Such toxic behavior is typical of a Taurus man who is playing with your heart.

8. He does not pamper you

Taurus men like to make their partner feel truly special. They'll shower them with gifts and treat them to romantic dates. They love surprising the woman they are crazy about with good food and luxurious retreats. If the Taurus man makes you feel none of these even remotely, he is toying with your emotions. In fact, he needs you to make him feel exclusive. He expects you to treat him like a king! He would never settle down with you because he values his hard-earned resources and other relationships over you.

9. He expresses an irritable mood after sex

He gets mad when you speak of things that excite you. He doesn't tolerate your opinions or feel inspired to have you around. He does not wish to draw inspiration from you and hence, displays unpredictable mood swings whenever he hangs out with you post sex. He is quick to leave, never spending quality time or talking about meaningful things about his life. He is ready for a passionate physical encounter and nothing beyond that. Sex may even occur without your consent through emotional blackmail or manipulation. If these signs are prominent, it's safe to say that the Taurus guy will leave you with a broken heart soon.

10. He is cheating on you

If your Taurus man is already committed to you but is into other women, you are his sidekick. He leaves you in the middle of nowhere whenever his sexual needs kick in. He craves for variety and has no real feelings for you. He is flirting with others acting hot and cold around you. He disrespects your emotions and is inclined towards pursuing someone else. He hides his phone when you are around or you have caught him speaking to people he does not wish you know about. He maintains a high level of secrecy or openly tries to win over the opposite arc despite your presence in his life.


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Maria Alifa


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