12 Ways to get a Leo Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Leo Woman to Chase you


Leo women are blunt, confident, bold and sexy. They look for someone genuine and capable of loving them royally. How to impress a Leo woman and make her fall in love with you? How to make a Leo woman chase you? How to make her go crazy for you and make her obsessed with you? What can astrology reveal us about her personality and psychology?

Here are 12 ways to attract a Leo woman, conquer her heart and get her addicted to you!

1. Be selectively available

The Leo woman is the leader of the pack. As being ruled by the sun, she behaves like an alpha who seeks the best. She wants someone who is an equal, someone who is capable of joining forces with her in her mission.

Making her chase you would take a lot, for she won't settle for the average. She will be picky but once she has her eyes for you, she'll make sure she attracts you. In such a case, you'll have to keep your emotions hidden.

Does a Leo woman like to be chased? Not directly, rather in a subtle, indirect manner! Let her chase you because that will drive her crazy and make her value you more. That's the rule of the seduction game with that woman.

2. Appreciate her

The woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign has a huge ego. She is not for the faint hearted. She wants to shine even at the cost of asking others to dim their own. Yes, she is competitive but she has well-meaning intentions for the best of her lot.

She gives generously and expects to be treated with respect and reverence. She has an extremely high sense of self-esteem. So, if you have the hots for her and want her attention Make sure you stroke her ego from time to time but don't become a doormat in the process. It'll kill her interest.

3. Have a purpose

A sense of purpose will make you look ambitious. She would love the company of a man who has goals in life. Chase your dreams and show her that you want to build a stable future and leave a legacy.

She likes men with progressive mindsets. So, tell her about all that you would like your future to be like without sounding too boastful. Stay humble but driven. She would hate to be around clingy men. Keep yourself occupied and have your priorities straight no matter how tempting it is to be around her.

4. Reciprocate generously

The Leo woman belongs to the most loyal Zodiac signs. It is hard to match up to her generosity and kindness. She would give it her all when she falls in love. Her warmth can melt that toughest of hearts.

It's a bad idea to act miserly when you are with this sun dominated personality. You don't need to burn a hole in your pocket to make her happy. But be genuinely open-hearted and make her feel special in your own ways if you would like her to pursue you.

5. Communicate intelligently

She is very confident and bold. She is blunt when she communicates and fears none when she speaks her heart out. Don't lie to her or try to manipulate her because she would soon find out.

Communicate cautiously because she has a fragile ego. It's good to avoid topics that would lead to a power struggle and turn her off. Discuss ideas and not people when you are with the Leo woman. She is dazzled by men who are eloquent and have the knowledge to seduce her mind.

6. Make her feel secure

She wants a stable relationship. She longs for a home to call her own. She is fond of kids and would love to have her family some day. In a man, she would look for a man with dedication. She needs to feel safe with her partner.

Unless she finds someone who can protect her and whom she can fully trust, she would not settle with him. Keep your words and win her trust. She values consistency. So, if you keep changing your mind and opinions, she'll be thrown off balance and reject you in no time.

7. Be compassionate

The Leo woman is very loving and caring towards her partner. She is possessive and does not tolerate competition in love. She wants a lover who can be gentle and nurturing. She needs to feel an emotional connection with her partner if she is to be interested in him.

If you pretend to be someone else, she'll soon notice because she is a smart woman who chooses her company with caution. She needs to be convinced she has found her king since she takes immense pride in who she is and calls herself the queen.

8. Be ready to have some fun

The idea of fun to a Leo woman is displayed through creative activities. She could be sporty and want to engage in adventurous travels from time to time.

If she gets bored in your presence, she could really give up on the idea of having a committed relationship with you because she really needs to feel lively and energetic doing things together and spending quality time with her partner.

9. Inspire her to dream big

The perfect match for the Leo woman is a man full of ideas and fire. He should be able to charm her with his intellect and blow her mind with his ability to find solutions where she feels stuck.

She truly needs a partner in crime who mirrors her strengths and silently supports her in areas where she falters. Be careful not to go overboard with showing off what you can do, because she doesn't need a partner who is too full of himself as it leads to a power struggle.

10. Support her

She is not afraid to be in a committed relationship. But she is principled and demands that her expectations be met. As she is prone to taking up challenges in life, be there by her side.

She'll continue chasing you lifelong if you can truly stick through the thick and thin. Be devoted to your Leo woman and you'll see that she'll leave no stone unturned to keep you happy.

11. Seduce her

She is a sexy wild animal in the bedroom. While she does act like a leader in her public life, the Leo woman needs to feel your domination in bed. Please her while she pleases you.

If the sex life isn't interesting, she'll be disappointed. Admire her body and her skills to boost her confidence. She loves taking the center stage. So, have your eyes for her and make her feel like the goddess that she is.

12. Be bold and courageous

While you don't necessarily need to compete to outshine her, you'll definitely need to make her feel like you do possess the spirit to make your mark. Be yourself but don't hesitate to make your point where necessary.

The Leo female does not need a people pleaser in reality but only someone who respects her, holds her in high regard and compliments her. On the personal front, you should maintain your dignity and stand by your decisions to showcase a strong character.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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