Leo Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Leo Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


Leo women need to have the spotlight and paid attention to. They are desirous of your admiration and loyalty. In bed, they don't care about violation of rules as long as they are madly in love with you. What makes you sexually compatible with the Leo woman? What does a Leo woman like and dislike in a man? How to attract a Leo woman and please her in bed?

Here are some secrets revealed by astrology and how you can satisfy the Leo woman sexually!

Leo woman sexuality traits

Leo women love to dominate in bed. They are charged up during the act, will fight to take control and please you while seeking equal pleasure too. He'll feel your reciprocity and give you exactly what you need. Just let them run the show and they'll wow you!

Leo females are energetic. So passionate and driven to make a mark with their sexual performance, Leo natives are quick and they last long. They immerse themselves soulfully when they have sex with someone thye love. Generous givers, they'll satisfy you like none other.

The women born under the Leo Zodiac sign need variety. Outdoors or indoors, they'll infuse the fun in the space they make love to you. Just be willing to try and they'll want to explore you as well as an array of positions for maximum pleasure.

What does the Leo woman like in bed?

The Leo woman needs to feel respected and truly admired like he owns his territory: in this case, it's you.

She is flirty and exciting in her sensual gestures. Gorgeous, attractive and glowing with a blinding aura, this sun ruled zodiac needs to feel like she is all you need.

Admiration will seduce a Leo. Compliment her and inspire her to feel powerful. She does not need you to overwhelm her with complicated sex innuendos but talk dirty to her, make her feel desirable and charm her with sophisticated conduct. She will maintain a sense of dignity and status no matter how vulnerable she gets.

Respect her and treat her like a queen that she is. Observe what she likes and be ready to play, fight, makeup and have sex as that's exactly how she desires her initimate affairs to be.

Leo woman and Taurus man in bed

Both these signs, Leo and Taurus, have a strong sex drive and a desire to satisfy their partners thoroughly. Leos and Taurus have a vivid idea of how their sex life is supposed to be and if they are excited to have fun with each other, they'll have a healthy sex life. There is a desperate need to keep their expectations low or an excessive sexual desire and a clash of egos could spoil this otherwise powerful union.

Leo woman and Capricorn man in bed

This is a couple that's driven with high ambitions. If they figure out a way to make time for pleasure, they'll keep the fire burning for a long time. However, Leo may be looking for some exciting action while Capricorn may be perceived as basic and routine bound. What this relationship needs is more playfulness and spice to make it an everlasting desire.

Leo woman and Virgo man in bed

To Leo women, sex is a playground. They love the act of sex so much that it's a priority to express their pure passion for a partner. While Virgo wants a cautious perfectionist approach, Leo is looking for pure pleasure sans the ordered lifestyle of Virgo. While Virgo struggles to understand Leo's need for dominance. This relationship will become an endless search for emotional reciprocity making the sex life boring or dull.

Leo woman and Sagittarius man in bed

Both these fire signs have a way with their zest for life which makes them so appealing to each other. They would love the attention of each other and the firmness of support that sexual fulfilment brings in their lives. Freedom is what becomes the highlight of this intimate relationship as both showcase their warmth and desire to fulfill each other's sexual fantasies.

Leo woman and Gemini man in bed

Leo woman and Gemini man are extremely compatible in a sexual partnership. They can relate to each other's need for communication, passion, fire and desire. Regardless of love, their mutual attraction can barely fade. It's exciting, experimentative, and vivacious when this power couple decides to come closer and open up their hearts to each other.

Leo woman and Aquarius man in bed

Both Leo and Aquarius are extremely fond of each other as they come together to bring to life their expectations in an intimate relationship. They share a strong sexual affinity for each other and wild uninhibited sexual encounters will be common between this couple.

Leo woman and Libra man in bed

A confident sex life is a defining factor of this relationship. They are attracted to each other's beauty, aura and effortless charm. It'll be difficult to keep their hands off each other as they find the perfect partner who build their innate desire for a healthy sex life.

Leo woman and Scorpio man in bed

A passionate scenario could build up beyond the Leo and Scorpio friendship as they agree to move past their vulnerabilities and make love. When their passions overflow, they'll be intensely drawn towards each other and their sex life going through the roof in little time. Scorpio man is seductive and Leo woman would be tempted to engage in a playful power struggle between the sheets.

Leo woman and Aries man in bed

With similar fiery energies, this couple is likely to have a great time in each other's company whenever they get a chance. Their sexual needs are similar but if they become too concerned of their egos, their libidos could burn out easily and they'll lose interest.

Leo woman and Cancer man in bed

It's a delicate affair that needs immense care to prevent a blowout. Sun and moon are unlikely to have a satisfying sex life as their emotional needs and expectations vary greatly. A major thrust towards building a stable friendship should offer them a direction to set the boundaries of a workable sex life.


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