Ignoring a Libra Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Libra Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


Libra men love gaining attention in their private and public spaces. If you break up, it could either cause irreparable damage to his heart and make him so cold that he could avoid any serious relationship ever again. If you decide to ignore him to make him repent, it may work for a while but not forever. So, how do Libras act when ignored? Will ignoring a Libra man hurt him and cause him to distance himself from you? How to make a Libra man regret losing you and make him pay attention to you? Will he chase you or come back?

Here is what you need to consider before you decide to ignore your Libra guy:

What happens when you ignore a Libra man?

The Libra man is a social butterfly. It would be best to say that he likes the company of people like no one else. The Libra guy thrives in the company of a wide network circle so you'll find him getting along with people pretty easily. He is friendly and non-judgmental which gives him leeway in connecting easily with people of all kinds.

Communication and connection with people are integral to their happiness. So, when the Libra man is mad at you, he may lose his sanity for a while. It may really hurt his feelings if he feels abandoned by the person he loves the most. As an air sign, his mind will take a hit when you start giving him a cold shoulder or leave him alone without an explanation.

He could lose his mind and sleep over finding an explanation about the events that led to your breakup. While there is no dearth of people around Libra men, once they are hooked to a person, depriving them of that love could push them to the brink of madness.

They'll actively push you to satisfy their queries or try to connect with mutual friends (if you have blocked them) seeking closure. They'll restlessly make efforts in silencing their minds, unable to strike a balance between logic and emotions.

If you ignore a Libra man, will he come back?

As long as your Libra man is convinced that he did you wrong and you are irreplaceable, he will make an effort to win you over. He'll get back to you pretty quick as Libra men can make massive sacrifices for the women they are passionately in love with.

The Libra man is a non-confrontational guy. He seeks peace and harmony under all circumstances. So, when he is ignored or given a cold shoulder, he will first seek a rational explanation for it. If your behavior is unfounded and he considers himself right, he will let you have your peace while he saves his own. Yes, the Libra male can be sensitive and emotionally tied to his loved ones but he isn't a doormat.

He is the kind of guy who accepts his mistakes. If your Libra guy feels guilty of hurting you that led you to break up or move away from him in the first place, he'll be consistent in mending the ties. He'll ensure that justice is served to you and you're dealt with fairly.

When sufficient explanation has been given to the Libra man and he accepts his faults, he will come back at least for an apology. But if you play mind games with this master manipulator, he'll take it with a pinch of salt. It's hard to trick him into believing blatant lies. So, if you want to ignore him to make him chase you hard, this could have the opposite effect. He could instead leave you for good and seek solace at a place where he is valued and respected.

How to get a Libra man interested again?

The Libra man wants to be trusted by his partner. He needs peace and an abundance of love. So, if you want him to get back to you and stay hooked, it's important to give him space and trust what he does. The charm and charisma of the man born under the Libra Zodiac sign can win hearts at ease. But when a Libra man falls in love, he is into his person wholeheartedly. He is loyal and invested.

To get a Libra man to be interested again, it's important, to be honest, and open. If you lie repeatedly or engage in half-truths, it will annoy and push him further away from you. A Libra man will travel to great lengths to ensure justice is served and his goodwill prevails. So, if you've mistakenly hurt the Libra man, his image or tarnished it publicly, he won't forgive you easily.

Accept your mistake and leave it to him to get back to you. Drop him a sincere message or pass on your real feelings through a trusted friend. The Libra guy cannot be forced or manipulated. So, expressing your real feelings and passing the ball in his court is the best way to go ahead. He is graceful and holds his head high under all circumstances. So, he can only be kept if he wants to be kept.

Get busy with your life. If you place him on a pedestal, the Libra man could act pricey and make you chase him instead. So, move on with your life and have activities that distract you from focusing solely on him. If he had disappeared on you and made a comeback again, just be nice but make it known that you aren't waiting on him. It'll perhaps nudge him to mend his ways and take you seriously. Also, start dating or meeting new people. When you make new connections and avoid waiting, he'll get jealous and gain the inspiration to pursue you again.


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