What Happens When You Hurt a Libra Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Libra Man?


The Libra man is reckless and swift. He'll make decisions in haste to get himself out of a messy relationship. While he is a tolerant man and high-spirited, he will never entertain being toyed with. So, how does a Libra man behave when he receives a setback in love? What do Libras hate the most and what makes him lose interest in a lover? What happens when a Libra man is upset or ignores you? Will he forgive you?

Here is what happens when you hurt a Libra man and some answers on the possible ways a Libra man expresses his desire to end a relationship:

How does a Libra man act when he is hurt?

He'll flirt with other women. The hypnotic Libra man is a charmer like none. He is sexy and he knows it. He uses his good looks and charisma to make women go weak in their knees. If you have been around a Libra man, you'll notice how much he craves the attention of the opposite sex. So, when he is mad at you, he'll do everything possible to make it known to you that he is still in demand. He'll make you jealous being there for others, leaving you alone or ignoring you.

He'll post pictures on social media. Quite detached from relationships anyway, the Libra male has his way with getting himself out of toxic relationships. He is a lover of art and culture. He would not waste time planning activities of adventure and thrill. He would just hop on to the next flight and upload images of his amazing experiences on social media. The basic motive behind all of this would be to make you feel regretful of losing his trust and therefore, a beautiful life that he could give you had you been faithful.

He'll devote himself to creative activities. Very talented and full of ideas, the man born under the Libra Zodiac sign is a sharp thinker. Literature, music and fashion could be his best interests, things that make him peaceful and ways to express himself the best. When the Libra man is no longer interested in relationships, he would seek solace in new hobbies that make his life meaningful. As he will always want to keep his life balanced and harmonious, he'll make peace with his disappointment.

Do Libras hold grudges?

Libras don't really hold grudges for a long time. They may run away from you and avoid confronting you playing the role of a passive listener when you explain yourself. They could just get cold or turn a blind eye to you but this is a sign that's quite tolerant of people regardless of what goes wrong with them.

They have a fantastic ability to understand others' viewpoints and accommodate differences. They are graceful and prefer keeping any aggressive outburst away. They have great friends who would prove immensely helpful in helping them cope with distress. So, all is cool with the Libra, if not immediately, eventually.

How to apologize to a Libra man?

Libras are difficult to win over once their trust is lost. They are independent people who hate being restricted or confined to a space against their will. If you try and outsmart them causing them harm, they won't forget even though they might make some effort at forgiving their enemies. Sincerely let them know that you are sorry for hurting them.

Libra men dislike having traditions and rules imposed on them from above. So, allow them a space to vent out their frustration and keep the blame game out of the picture. Buy them nice presents for Libras like objects of beauty. Treat them lavishly and make them feel special respecting their decisions. It's good to just let them be until they feel safe to be around you.

Do Libras move on quickly?

Libras quickly fall in love and also lose out on the passion and excitement when their partners don't meet their high expectations. They'll always find someone or something to keep their creative juices flowing. They love engaging in delightful conversations which is mentally stimulating. Even if they do not start a new relationship soon, they'll make moves to woo someone who catches their attention.

They hate to stagnate or have a monotonous lifestyle. You could take it for a fact that they will certainly find an inspiration that drives them. Libras thrive in partnership and therefore being a loner is never a choice for these individuals.

How do you know when a Libra man is over you and wants to break up?

He won't accept your apology. If the Libra man takes your words to heart and has difficulty shrugging off the thought of the pain caused to him, he would fully reject your apology. You may stalk him and make efforts to get in touch but when the Libra man is not interested in you anymore, he'll close the deal without a concrete answer. His revenge is silent and sweet. So, he'll wait for an opportune moment to strike back.

He avoids making love to you. He is a romantic guy. He loves getting cozy with his partner, spoiling her with luxurious gifts and giving her a great time in bed. If your Libra guy has been avoiding physical intimacy with you, he is definitely turned off by your behavior or he feels cheated on. It's a clear sign that he does not feel attracted to you and therefore, wants you to steer clear of his way.

He'll ghost you without closure. It may seem important to mutually break up with the Libra man but he won't allow you the chance to tell him your side of the story. He could seem too busy to have quality time with you. He'll block you on texts and calls, avoiding any response whatsoever. So, he'll leave you guessing where you faulted just so that it drives you crazy. He would definitely give you chances to prove your worth but if you failed to reciprocate when he was chasing you, he'll surely show you the exit door forever.

He'll mock you mercilessly. Libra men are great communicators. What they cannot win over through physical might, they'll use their intellect to defeat those who offend them. Expect curt responses where he mocks you and magnifies your weaknesses. Libra men are the nicest where loved and respected for who they are, violate their trust and space, his words would put you to shame.


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