Ignoring a Taurus Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Taurus Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


The earthy Taurus men are sensitive and stubborn individuals who can get triggered when taken advantage of. If you're planning to ignore him, it may not be a great idea since he takes things seriously, especially his love life. So, how do Taurus men act when ignored? Will ignoring a Taurus man after breakup may hurt him and cause him to distance himself from you? How do you make a Taurus man regret losing you and make him pay attention to you? Will he chase you or come back?

Here is what you need to consider before you decide to ignore your Taurus guy:

What happens when you ignore a Taurus man?

The Taurus man is pretty selfish and resolute. Once they've made up their minds and decided to ignore you, they will stick to it for the longest time. Taurus men are passionate people when in love. They are either totally committed to you or not. Just like they don't rush into a relationship, similarly, they don't give up easily.

So, when you ignore a Taurus man, they could have difficulty accepting it in the first place. Taurus men are reserved and they like to keep their personal life to themselves. So, they wouldn't go all out to showcase their feelings to you or anyone else. They'll fight some internal battles first before they confront you.

He could could also give you the taste of the same medicine if you try to ignore him. The Taurus man might ignore you back and make it clear to you that you mean nothing to them, and that's an extreme situation when you've cheated on them or caused them irreparable damage. They are most likely to give you a cold shoulder if you lied or cheated on them and start looking for better options once they've completely healed themselves from the deep-seated pain.

The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign have an eye for the finest things in life. They usually have an elite circle of friends who have similar tastes. And because the Taurus zodiac rules the face, they are blessed with good facial features and beautiful eyes. It doesn't take them long to attract someone who is worth their time if they truly wish so. So, if you harbor the thoughts of maintaining a distance from them, they might just not react.

However, if your plan of turning a blind eye to the Taurus man hits him out of the blue, they may continue to make efforts to learn what caused this reaction from your end. He may hunt you down, stalk you on social media, or even barge into your home if they are angered and your behavior seems out of place or unfair.

If you ignore a Taurus man, will he come back?

If you ignore a Taurus man, there are chances he could wait for the final conversation and seek closure. He may need some clarifications before he decides to go separate ways. He will ensure he has no regrets and that he did his best to keep you in his life. So, if you plan to play some games with him, this innocent and loyal chap might buy it and continue to blame himself for losing you.

Taurus men are physically strong but internally they are naive. They are sweet people who are dedicated and truly invested in someone they call their own. He is not the one to leave the battle when the going gets tough. But if you have made up your mind to leave him and move on, he will respect your decision.

He doesn't take being ignored or sidelined too well. It will drive him into a difficult spot. A Taurus man could also be depressed for days when hurt. So, it's best, to be honest with him rather than punishing him just for the sake of fun.

If the Taurus man was at fault and the reason for the breakup, it may serve him well to be ignored. In fact, it could open his eyes to the mistakes he could have committed and help him realize that he let go of a gem.

How to get a Taurus man interested again?

To get a Taurus man interested in you again, show them that they can trust you. Keep your promises and follow through when you give them your word. Taurus men are particular about stability in life. They want a woman who helps them grow and pushes them to achieve their dreams.

Taurus men have a specific taste in women. They look for a woman who is reliable and ready to walk a long distance with them. If you want your Taurus man back in your life, stay committed even when you guys aren't talking to each other and are giving each other the silent treatment. They don't let go easily even when they are hurt. So, with a Taurus guy, even if things are sour, give it some time. It should be good again once the heat is cooled off.

Sincerely apologize to your Taurus man if you have hurt them. They are sensitive on the inside even if they may not show it. So, let go and forgive. Patch up as soon as you can. Let them know that you'll be waiting. They are more likely to come back to you when they know you are loyal.

Leave them alone for a while. The Taurus male needs space. They like to reflect and be on their own. So, allow them the room to spend some alone time.


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