What Happens When You Hurt a Taurus Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Taurus Man?


Taurus men will ignore your existence and sever ties with you in no time if they feel betrayed. At the core, a Taurus man is sensitive and gets easily affected when his love is toyed with. So, how does a Taurus man behave when he receives a setback in love? What makes a Taurus man angry and pull him away? What do Taurus men hate the most and what makes them lose interest in a lover? What happens when a Taurus man is upset? Will he ignore you or will he forgive you?

Here is what happens when you hurt a Taurus man and some tips and answers on the possible ways a Taurus man expresses his desire to end a relationship:

How does a Taurus man act when he is hurt?

A Taurus man is egoistic. He is usually patient but when he loses his cool, he won't spare the one who causes him pain. However, in the initial phase of being affected by someone's harsh words or actions, the Taurus man may withdraw and maintain some distance.

He needs time to process the situation and his own feelings. He takes time to trust and create a loving bond with a person so when he is affected, upset or mad at someone, it usually comes as a shock that he could be taken for granted and left in the cold. So, he will push you away and take time to recover and process the rude awakening.

There is also a possibility of a violent outburst of the Taurus male when you belittle him or put him down. The bull is usually kind and tender but when rubbed the wrong way, it will raze it's enemy to the ground.

He will cut off ties like it's nobody's business. If the Taurus man is ticked off, he may never allow you a chance to rekindle the lost passion and trust. They like to keep their circle small but strong. So, in the blink of an eye they may become a stranger to you.

Do Taurus hold grudges?

Earth signs like Taurus are not good at forgiving and forgetting. Taurus men have difficulty putting themselves in someone else's shoes especially when their egos clash. They are stubborn and may be disinterested in making a compromise or in reconciling.

They take even minor insults to heart and hold it for the longest time. So, letting go is not a strong personality trait of a Taurus guy. He'll build strong walls around himself so that you do not get the space to come too close to him and add insult to injury. The Taurean needs a long time to cool off once he has lost his calm.

How to apologize to a Taurus man?

Explicitly mention you are sincerely sorry. Yes, Taurus men need a heartfelt apology if they are to really believe that you regret the pain you caused them. If you go round in circles trying to explain that you repent the mistake you made, it won't be enough.

Apologizing over text could help. If communicating verbally seems like a daunting task, write him a text or email an apology letter but always make efforts to reach out to your Taurus man.

Stay patient for him to accept your apology because the forgiveness won't come so easily. He won't break his walls for you again at your sweet time. He is the kind of man who needs time to forgive.

Stay consistent in your actions to prove the change in you. You might need to double up on your efforts otherwise he will never be convinced that you care.

Do Taurus guys move on quickly?

The struggle for a Taurus to move on quickly is real. Unless they have clarity on what went wrong, they may be repeatedly running over the painful events to rationalize if they deserved the heartbreak.

They could take years to get over someone. The attachment style of a Taurus man is intense, which makes it difficult for them to fall in love casually. So, it's hard for them to shrug off and pretend like it never happened.

Their strong feelings explain many things. The deep seated anger and resentment slowly builds and it might cause a permanent block in their kinds and hearts, enough to give them a cold feet when someone tries to share their love in the future.

How do you know when a Taurus man is over you and wants to break up?

He wants to stay away from you. He looks for excuses to keep you at a distance so that you do not trespass into his private space again. He cancels plans and never makes up for it. He would leave you stood up and choose his friends or family over you.

He is no longer excited to see you or doesn't look happy in your company. You guys no longer have fun with each other. So, he refrains from giving you his valuable time and instead expends it on other activities. He is dull and detached. It's a major signal that your Taurus man is disinterested in you.

He seems to be ignoring you and is acting cold. He avoids your calls or texts with short responses that seem like he is desperate to end the conversation. He has also asked you to avoid disturbing him over calls or texts unless he feels the need to connect.

He is not available for you. He is emotionally and sexually closed off which is a clear sign that your Taurus guy will give up on you soon. The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are romantic and sensuality is a major characteristic trait of this Zodiac sign. So, when he chokes you of his loving gestures, he has given up on you.

He takes no interest in your life and blocks you from his own. He doesn't share his happiness with you nor his upsetting concerns. He is aloof and unaffected by your efforts to solve your issues which means he is in no mood for a resolution.


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