10 Things a Leo man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Leo man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


The Leo man is a confident personality who knows what he wants. He is quite picky when looking for his soulmate but when he's finally in love, he is the best you could ever ask for. So, what do Leo men look for in a wife? What qualities of a woman does a Leo man look for in a relationship? What attracts him? What is the Leo man's best match? What are the qualities he likes in a woman and what turns him off? How to win over a Leo man?

If you want to know what a Leo man wants from the woman of his dreams, let me reveal to you what astrology can tell us about his personality. Here are 10 characteristics and personality traits a Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman!

1. A Leo man dislikes being ignored

A Leo man wants to be his woman's top priority. He can never adjust to being taken for granted. So, when she stops paying attention or behaves like she is attracted to someone else over him, it will immediately trigger a negative response from a Leo man.

2. A Leo man hates being played with

A Leo man is territorial. He will instantly get jealous and possessive if he feels some competition. He wants to win over the woman he has his eyes on. So, if she keeps him in the loop while trying to woo other men, it will disappoint the Leo man.

3. A Leo male detests being talked over

It is intolerable to the Leo man to be talked over. Also, if you talk back when he is putting forward his point, it will annoy him. His decision needs to be respected and paid heed to. The Leo man wants a woman to place high regard on what he says and even worship him if she is to stay with him. While this could be taxing to most, that's how he operates.

4. A Leo man hates being a secret

The Leo man wants to be flaunted which can make them pretty difficult to deal with. He wants the whole world to know that the woman he loves is taken. He would expect her to speak fondly of him and even post cute pictures with him just to announce to the world that she is exclusive with him. If the Leo man is kept a secret or the relationship is unnamed, it could raise his suspicions which is bad for the relationship.

5. A Leo man hates a controlling woman

The Leo male is ultra-masculine. He likes to dominate everywhere and his relationship is no exception. So, if you try to emasculate him by proving that you are better or more-able, the Leo man won't take it well. He is a generous provider so he wants to take care of you. Rejecting his gestures or saying no to receiving his help when he wants to make you feel special will not bode well for him.

6. A Leo man likes a loyal woman

Loyalty is everything for the Leo male. He wants someone he can trust blindly. He wants to build his whole life with a woman who is selfless, kind, and romantic. He wants to be spoiled by her undying commitment. Someone who understands him and can promise her whole life to him. When the Leo man finds someone who is worthy of his unconditional love and admiration, he will pursue her hard.

7. A man born under the Leo Zodiac sign likes being complimented

He would love to have a woman who makes him feel immensely powerful. A woman who expresses her gratitude for all that he does and makes efforts to make him feel special too has a special place in his heart. He wants his ego stroked frequently. So, a woman who can magnify his strengths and motivate him to achieve his tall ambitions can win him over.

8. A Leo man appreciates a supportive woman

When a woman stands tall with a Leo man, expressing her support and pride in being his better half, the Leo man will be elated. He wants a queen he can grow in life with. He wants to settle with someone who can add to his happiness and nudge him towards his goals. Someone who takes his side and shows him the right path keeping his respect and pride intact is his true mate.

9. A Leo man loves good sex

A Leo man desires to make passionate love to the woman of his dreams. He wants to have good chemistry with a woman before he proposes to her. So, sexual compatibility is important for the Leo guy. He wants to satisfy her and experiment with fun and enjoyable moments between the sheets. He is all in for a variety of experiences as long as he finds a mate who shares great compatibility with him, both physically and mentally.

10. A Leo man admires a confident woman

There is nothing more sexy and attractive to a Leo man than a confident woman. He wants to have an equal who can walk through life with him. He wants someone who has a strong personality, one who compliments his style and world outlook. He is looking for an equal but someone who is graceful and elegant at the same time.


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