How to Know if a Leo Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Leo Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Leos are ruled by the sun and therefore, exude a personality that outshines everyone else. They are proud, sassy, flirtatious, creative and sensual, so enticing that it is hard to ignore them. The Leo man is infamous for being a playboy of the zodiac. So, how to know if your Leo man is playing you? Is your Leo man using you for sex? How do you know if the Leo man you are dating is not trustworthy or not interested in a serious relationship? What are the signs that a Leo man is taking advantage of you?

Here are 10 things you will notice if you are being played by the Leo man:

1. He leaves immediately after sex

When a Leo man disappears after intimacy, it's the number one sign you are being used for his pleasure. Leos are usually warm and generous. They are providers who love taking care of the person they are so fond of, inside and outside the bedroom. However, if sex is not associated with emotional exchanges, it's a clear sign he is not really keen on pursuing you.

2. He keeps secrets from you

The Leo man leading you on will hide things from you. When a Leo man is not into you, he may lie to you and being deceitful. He will keep his matters to himself and never involve you in his “private” space. His boundaries are sharp and he makes it clear to you that you are not his "girlfriend" or "wife". It's evident that he only lusts after you. The attraction is completely physical and therefore, he wants to keep you out of his business. So, after those intense intimate moments, if your Leo guy treats you like a stranger, he will never want a relationship with you.

3. He is just nice to you during sex

If the Leo guy you are dealing with spoils you with gifts only to keep you happy for his sexual needs, he is not really willing to chase you. Leo men will travel to the moon and back just to bring a smile to the face of their lover. They are givers and sometimes, excessively grand gestures will come your way if he really wishes to impress you with his charisma. However, if that fades out post-sex and you are deprived of his affection, you should be worried. This could mean that it's only a bait to get in your pants.

4. He wants to keep it simple

If a Leo man only wants to be friends with benefits and insists that there should be no emotions involved in the equation, he is smartly keeping you out of his life. He wants no responsibilities in a relationship which isn't the usual behavior of a Leo guy when he is crazy about someone. He sets rules for you, when you can speak to him or meet him. If he only desires to keep the relationship sweet and formal outside the bedroom and expects all your passion and kinkiness inside the bedroom (away from the public eye), he does not wish to date you.

5. He is detached from you

Leo men are players. If you find them retreating into their shells, ghosting you and making sudden comebacks it could be a sign of his arrogance and sense of entitlement. If they don't see potential in you. Leo men could give up easily. They'll be quickly annoyed and irritated if you question them or demand more attention. Like a true king of the jungle. Leo men couldn't care less about others' opinions. So, they will be unavailable, careless or even rude to you if they are willing to play you.

6. He doesn't take an interest in your life

When a Leo man is in love, he will walk an extra mile. He helps you and assures you that he is always there for you. He wants to solve your problems and make strides to ease your life. However, if the Leo male doesn't show up for you, it's a sign he is definitely playing you for a fool. He has no feelings for you and therefore, treats you as a separate individual, one with whom he has no strings attached.

7. He flirts with other women

Leos are attractive and seductive. When a Leo man takes a keen interest in other women, it could be a sign he is using you. He can get easily comfortable with women since his magnetic personality is irresistible. If he leverages his personality to create a fan following, he can very well accomplish that task. Leos are usually the loyal ones, the people you can depend on. However, if your Leo guy is a desperate social butterfly deeply involved in sneaky activities with people of the opposite sex, he is not really into you.

8. He is selfish around you

If a Leo man is in the mood to play you, he will be extremely selfish about his needs. He will never compromise on his comfort for you. You'll notice that all he cares about is his likes and dislikes. Your opinions and fancies make no difference. So, he might keep you around and fulfill all the formalities but if you observe carefully, you're just a pawn in the game.

9. He has never introduced you to his friends

The man born under the Leo Zodiac sign is a people's person. Those who know him will usually show their love and praise for him. He is always there for them so they may think highly of him. His aura is contagious and therefore, ignoring a Leo guy is not easy. When a Leo man falls in love, he will want to make you a part of his close-knit circle. If he doesn't, you should be alarmed that it's unlike him to do so. You need to be aware that he may not be as interested in you as you are in him.

10. He does not support you

The Leo man has a royal demeanor. He likes to be there for his people, solving their problems and helping them in need. When your Leo guy shows no interest in understanding your struggles, doesn't value your time or stand by his promises, it could be a major sign that he is not serious about you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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