What to Do When a Libra Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When a Libra Woman Ignores You?


When a Libra woman ignores you, she is starting to take interest elsewhere. She may be too hurt to remain in touch with you. Therefore, she decided to take a break and spend time all by herself. What does a Libra woman do when you hurt her? What does it mean when a Libra woman becomes quiet? What to do when a Libra woman ignores you suddenly and doesn't respond to your calls and texts? Why do Libra women move on so easily?

Here are a few things that you need to know about a Libra woman when she is no longer interested in you:

My Libra woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

Libra women are classy, elegant and attractive. They like to keep themselves poised and calm even when things go haywire and they aren't in control of their situation anymore.

So, when you have a difficult moment with a Libra woman, seldom will they lose their cool and behave in a way that's below their dignity. They'll maintain their self-respect and move on if the situation does not serve them anymore.

So, when the Libra woman chooses to ignore you, know that it's not sudden. This could be an impact of a long-term pent-up frustration that exploded in the present. She let the pain bury in her heart before she let it consume herself.

If she has begun avoiding you, the Libra woman doesn't feel keen on pursuing a relationship with you. She is done with you and isn't interested in you anymore. It's a clear signal that a Libra woman is no longer attracted to you when she gives you a cold shoulder and behaves like you don't exist for her anymore. She is simply making it clear that she is angry, upset, dejected, and over you.

How to deal with a Libra woman when she becomes distant?

When a Libra woman is getting distant, it's a good idea to avoid being pushy or nagging her for closure.

She's a graceful woman who lives life on her own terms. So, when she is angry or annoyed, it's good to let her come back to you at her own pace. She will if she still thinks that the relationship is worth the fight.

When the Libra woman is distant, she wants to avoid you, at least for the time being. It's a clear sign from her end that she is not so much involved with you or worse, she thinks it's best to part ways.

However, Libra women are smart. They have their ingenious ways of handling even complex relationships. They seek balance in life. So, if you've caused them discomfort or upset them in a way, they will choose to let you go or let some time pass to evaluate if they still need you or vice versa.

Never hurt her or call her names or humiliate your Libra woman, for that is intolerable to her. Be kind and respect her decision if she wants to walk away from you.

My Libra woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

The Libra woman is unpredictable. It's hard to say when she will forgive you. But if you are sincerely apologetic, the Libra woman may forgive you.

If your Libra woman has stopped texting you, send her an apology mail or a letter. It's best to ponder upon what went wrong in the relationship and seek forgiveness if you've hurt her intentionally or unintentionally.

However, stop after a single message that tells her that you still want her back in your life. Let her get back to you at her own pace or she could be irritated by your desperation.

But if you're not the one at fault, then hold your grounds and your head high. She will get back to you if you're the one for her. Give her a cold shoulder back and hold on to your self-esteem. She will understand or realize her fault and chase you instead.

Avoid the urge to block her on social media. Get busy with your work and hobbies and focus on becoming a better person or more attractive intellectually. It's all about the mind for the air signs like the Librans. Let her see the current happenings in your life. This could trigger some jealousy and nudge her to take you seriously.

How do you know when a Libra woman is done with you?

When a Libra woman is done with you, she will not entertain your efforts at communicating with her or try to meet her. She will totally disregard you and possibly never clarify what went so wrong.

It is also likely that she could ghost you and vanish you into thin air. Libra women are sophisticated and creative. They are charmers who easily gain the attention of the opposite sex. So, they won't waste much time in moving on to another relationship if they are convinced that they do not see a future with you.

The Libra woman can also block you on calls or her social media handles because she is quick at socializing and merry-making to ease her pain away. She won't live forever regretting the mistakes she made. She is quick and adaptable. So, when she is hurt, she'll focus on her creative pursuits and distract herself.

When a Libra woman is no longer interested in you, she'll start lying to you or furnish you with half-truths. She can be deceptive or manipulative when she has already made up her mind to part ways with you.

When the Libra woman has moved on, she is unlikely to get back or make contact with you again. She is aware of how desirable she is and the fact that she can easily find men who will love her the way she deserves.


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