7 Things to know to make a Leo Man go crazy about you!

7 Things to know to make a Leo Man go crazy about you!


Ruled by the sun, the Leo native is a force to be reckoned with. He is the King of the jungle, and garners attention wherever he goes. He wants the spotlight all over him whenever he walks into a place. Carefully noticing who is observing him, he likes being a people’s man. How does the Leo man act and behave when in love? How does he express his feelings for his crush? How to make him fall in love with you? More than that, how to make him obsessed with you? Hooked and addicted? What can hold the interest of the man born under this Zodiac sign?

If you are in love with a Leo man, you need to know the tricks to make him go crazy for you. Here are a few tips and advice from astrology to keep your Leo man hooked.

How to make a Leo man fall in love with you?

Commitment to a Leo man is a serious affair. If you wish to get the attention of the Leo man, you will have to earn it. Understand that this man is all about the limelight. So, shower him with praise and he will instantly get hooked. Make him feel that he is the most important person in your life, he will dedicate his life to you. Try diverting your attention elsewhere, he will burn bridges and never look back. Look into his eyes like you have never seen something as intriguing as him. When he narrates a story, laugh if it is funny. Yes, you might just have to fake it if a Leo male has caught your attention. This way, you will make the Leo man obsessed with you and addicted to your love!

Just shower him with compliments with the right set of words. He will love that. However, make sure you do this on a sincere note. He doesn’t appreciate insincerity. And once he discovers that you have tried to make a fool of him, he won’t be forgiving. It is always his way and the Leo man will seldom bend to please anyone at the cost of making himself unhappy. So, honesty is the way to go with the men born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

How to make a Leo man obsessed with you?

A Leo man wants to be with someone who has a positive aura. He wants to bask in shadows of someone who can make him feel inspired and motivated about life, pushing him to go beyond his boundaries. When you can show him the brighter side of things and keep him grounded, it is natural for him to gravitate towards you all the time. He will long for you because it isn’t everyday that he could meet someone who is exactly what his heart yearns for.

He has an attractive charm and to be able to keep up with it can be quite a task. The Leo man has a higher sexual appetite. It is important that his partner is able to satiate him. Sex with him will always be soulful and passionate. Please him exactly how he guides you in bed. Let him take charge, for he loves being in the position of power with the woman he loves.

How to make a Leo man miss you like crazy?

A Leo man is high on his pride and ego, seldom admitting things in the deepest core of his heart. He may not tell you much about how much he misses you when you are gone, but his actions will. Everything happens in his own timeline. This is a sign of the Zodiac which cannot be forced or manipulated to do anything.

How to keep a Leo man interested?

To make a Leo man stay interested in you, you should make it a point to give your undivided attention to him at all times. Have faith in him, repose your highest trust and honor in him and he is yours forever. You could say that when he is around, he needs it all or nothing.

He will do everything possible to make you happy and contented in the relationship. Don’t be surprised if he showers you with the best that money can but that’s how the Leo men generally like to treat the queen of their life. Surprise him with surprise dinner plans, dab on an expensive perfume and wear a classy dress. Shower him with gifts now and then.

How to get a Leo man to commit?

If a Leo man wants to accomplish anything, he will do so at any cost. He is a conqueror. There is no looking back or excuses that could push him away from getting all that he wants. If one has a fragile ego, they should stay away from a Leo man. He can be too much too handle if one is not okay with his infectious energy and omnipresent aura.

He is stubborn, so you have to be exactly how he commands you to be. Just like all planets revolve around the sun, so is his expectation from the woman of his life. Validate all that he does and make him feel like the King of your life, he will love you like no one can. Never try to dominate over him or make him your slave. That’s not how any relationship will work anyway.

How do you know if a Leo man is falling for you?

A Leo man is extremely warm and generous when he is falling in love with someone.

A negative trait in his behavior when he is in love is that he can get extremely jealous. This is part of the dark side of the Leo man. He is territorial and will never be able to share what he sets his eyes upon. He will be demanding of your time, sometimes not caring even if you have other priorities. This is an extreme level of engagement in the relationship which is typical of a Leo man when he gives his heart away to a woman.

His “possession” is his only and any threat will be dealt with an iron hand. He loves showing off the woman of his life. He loves PDA and going out and sweeping his woman off her feet with the sweetest gestures like buying flowers, planning dinners and traveling.

Compatibility with a Leo man

The best love matches of a Leo man are the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. While the fire sign Leo is compatible with other fire signs too, there are higher chances of power struggles in the relationship.

Leo does well with a Libra. Perhaps the best couple there is. Air fans the flames of the fire and fire draws energy through the air. Hence they compliment each other.

Leo and Gemini can have loads of fun in each other’s company. Leos need for undivided attention may be difficult for a Gemini to fulfill but despite the highs and lows this relationship will thrive through the thick and thin.

Aquarius is the silent observer that fuels the thoughts of a Leo who performs and actually converts them into actions. This is a match made in heaven, balancing and keeping each other grounded.


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