How to Know if a Scorpio Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Scorpio Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


It's difficult to know what a Scorpio man thinks or wants as they are so hard to understand in the first instance. They hold dark secrets in their hearts and therefore their intentions can be only revealed with time. Is your Scorpio man using you for sex? How do you know if the Scorpio man you are dating is not trustworthy? What are the signs that a Scorpio man is playing you and taking advantage of you?

Here are a few red flags that you should be able to notice when the Scorpio man is faking his emotions and is not genuinely interested in pursuing you:

1. When a Scorpio ghosts you after intimacy he is playing you

A Scorpio man is known to have deep sexual fantasies. They are also skilled in the art of lovemaking. When a Scorpio man is in love though, they tend to harbor intense emotions too. If a Scorpio man is devoid of emotions, then he would act detached and disinterested. This is when he leaves right after sex and communicates nothing with you. If a Scorpio man is hot and cold, meeting only for satisfying his sexual needs, it's a clear sign your Scorpio man is playing you.

2. When a Scorpio man only wants no strings attached, he is manipulating you

If a Scorpio man is seeking something specifically casual with you, he is not in love with you. In fact he is only looking for casual sex with no commitments involved. This is a relationship that he doesn't care much about since he isn't even exclusive with you.

3. A Scorpio man is playing you when he is lying to you

If a Scorpio guy isn't transparent about his intentions with you, he is lying to you. He is being dishonest with you since he doesn't consider you important enough in his life. He would look for ways to pull the wool over your eyes by gaslighting you. You notice him keeping secrets or brushing most things under the carpet.

4. When a Scorpio man is using you, he'll will be secretive around you

The man born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign is known to hold the deepest and darkest secrets. A Scorpio man is hard to love because of his mysterious nature. They are the rulers of the underworld and this explains the fact that they could take your best kept secrets to the grave. When you notice your Scorpio man refusing to be transparent around you, there could be things about his life that he refuses to share with you since he isn't into you.

5. Scorpio man is playing mind games when he acts unsure about you

If you have been asking a Scorpio man out for the longest time and all he does is give you excuses about his past or whatever, he is only trying to imply that you aren't important to him. He wants you to know that you are better off finding someone else for a serious relationship since he isn't looking forward to settling down with you.

6. When a Scorpio man is self-centered, he is casual about you

It's not surprising for a Scorpio man to be casual around you when he wants to keep the relationship limited to a physical relationship only. He would act as per his convenience expecting you to be there at his beck and call. So, when it's all about him and you fade into nothing when he is with you, it's a clear sign that you don't mean much to him.

7. If a Scorpio man is inexpressive, it's a sign he is not serious about you

When a Scorpio man is detached and cold around you, never telling you whether he wants to pursue you or that he is in a relationship with you, you should know that he is not sincere with you. He wants you to hang around as long as you are sexually involved with him. He keeps his intentions to himself, unwilling to be vulnerable with you so you get the message that he doesn't want you as a romantic partner.

8. A Scorpio man who doesn't call or text is not interested in you

When a Scorpio man is falling for you, he would want to know what's happening in your life. He would want to keep a tab on you, your likes and dislikes, the people in your life, you work and everything under the sun. When a Scorpio man avoids talking to you or doesn't wish to stay in touch consistently with you, he does not feel a connection.

9. When a Scorpio man doesn't introduce you to his family, he is not into you

A Scorpio man dreams about a stable family life. So, when he finds the one for himself, he will make every effort to win her heart. He does have trust issues but once his heart is won over, the Scorpio man will own you with pride. He would introduce you to his friends and family in the hope that he will get along, keeping future prospects in mind. If he doesn't, it’s a sign he isn't sure about building a life with you.

10. If a Scorpio man doesn't speak about a future with you, he won't pursue you

When a Scorpio harbors strong emotions for you, he would go all in. He would share his past stories, present situations and future dreams with you. If he fools around or tends to be unsteady with you, he is in no mood for settling down with you. If he doesn't fully engage in the relationship, it's a sign that your Scorpio man is not into you.

Are Scorpio men players?

The Scorpio male is highly mysterious and sexual. Scorpio men harbor wild fantasies and romance for them is an intense involvement.

They often play hard to get, are difficult to please or even difficult to be with sometimes. So, unless they find someone who deserves them, they would live a single life.

Scorpio men would love being in multiple relationships with no strings or even friends with benefits. They'll keep it simple unless someone has floored them.

How to know if a Scorpio man is lying?

It's hard to understand or even decipher what the Scorpio man wants or desires. It is hard to figure out what he wants since he likes to keep things to himself unless he really wants to open up with those he trusts.

When a Scorpio man is lying, one thing to notice would be the fact that he is avoiding you. He would digress from the issue at hand and go ice cold on you. He would rather stay quiet than speak much about things that reveal the fact that he is keeping things to himself or hiding an important fact from you.

Do Scorpio guys hide their feelings?

Yes Scorpio men and women are known to be the most mysterious among the zodiac signs.

They are quite guarded which not only makes them attractive but also difficult to deal with. It's tough to get a Scorpio man to open up quite easily.

Unless they know that you aren't a threat to them, Scorpios would keep to themselves, being great at minding their own business.

What are the signs that Scorpio man is testing you?

When a Scorpio man is testing you, know that they would ask you questions indirectly. They would throw some caveats at you to check your reaction or the way you think.

They are keen observers so when they ask you sole questions out of the blue or make a deliberate effort to learn about your past, they do have some plans in mind. Romantically, they would get deeply involved into knowing how your past could have been.

Plus, one important thing to bear in mind about Scorpios is the fact that they attack when you are most vulnerable. So, if you have already showcased your weaknesses, that is when they would ask questions or assess your behavior.


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